0 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH NOT ME……….

  1. She looks good that was fun of her to get that cake, at least she can take a joke………….unlike some ppl

  2. Nuff Dionne u fava some long time big woman, tek off da $10 synthetic wig deh. The sinting pan tap the cake no ramp fi fava u. Nuh have shape, grace nor flair and ugly no r**s

  3. good day met,metters,peepers nd others……….

    the cake a beat mi bad, den a wah mek dem haffi draw har like dat pon de cake is like de sup’m acutally is a twin size bed spread …:ngakaka :ngakak

  4. Bwoy stay bad Dionne u look like one longtime ancient day big woman…u ugly nuh raas and u clothes like u get dem fram Salvation Army or fram de drop box dem…

  5. yuh love yuh toddler bed plus eeh polyester granny frack….my dear, i love vintage miself but you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overdue for an upgrade…..no ma’am!! :hoax2

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