26 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH ROBBAS WIN

  1. Good Afternoon Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..

    Twinny looks a hot mess from head to toe,de wig looks way too wiggy.

    Robbas look like a garage sale,the bob fits her face frame nicely thou.

    As for best breast in dancehall I would even put Nana Propa own way ahead/above these two river stone heffas own

  2. And non shall settle beside the other ——————————————————-
    No sah is y the breast dem hate dem one another??????? Is y one is as far from the east is from the west????????? Ohhhh Bob why u no spend time dress Daffeisha Blacks ur child is a representation of u so all when u not around try fix him up n send him a road mi know say Daffy was one a dem pickney deh whey nose always nasty shirt outta him pants shoes lace no tie just UNTIDYYYYYY

    1. Marco Polo mussy gi the surgeon direction cause de titty dem farrrrrrr apart. Remember all Columbus did get lost cause him mix up east and west :hammer

  3. Hey Lady Met you have me looking for rock stone :hammer :salahkamar in New York . You sure those are Breast ???? Anyone read Yankee Michelle caption 3 kids and no breast lift all natural on her Instagram :hammer :nohope :salahkamar

  4. Ok, so when is she going to win for having some class and getting an education? I will clap for her when she win her green card and stop the teefing and scamming. When donkey stop bite har and she can piss out a child through her hermaphrodite hole then yeah, she winning, for now? She stay loosing. KMT. Class no sell a Gucci and Hermes store it seems.

  5. But them nuh look good especially bobber lol worst she nuh have kids come mek mi gi daffy a wine a proper bloodclaat wine

  6. I could see y, when you’ve never given birth and you have a boy body.your breast is usually small to none. So when the dr full them with the silicone it usually give it a better, stiffer firmer look. vs when women who have children their tend to look loose after a year after implants and lift has been done. I’ve seen it over and over. Don’t know why

  7. A must bronze n silver them get kmt.where is princess Apple with the Golden breasts?Unno same one sey them always a follow har so a must Apple win!

    1. this has ntn to do with Apple suh using her as breast reference is VOID cuz her breast job aint A1 either even kerry own luks better than hers

      1. Fair enuff but imma need a 2nD or possibly 3rd opinion.better yet I may have to see n touch them in person.

  8. Why ever post y’all waste bitches gotta call Trisha That girl don’t trouble nobody since she stop walk with her stinking mouth cousin Low Har Nuh cho Trisha Inna her son and her Job and me jus admire her and Brenty Friendship although the batty man Jus Get hype and clean nuh Ras Can’t stand him sometimes but me like dem Mon Every Robbas Post Uno an Draw D girl Inna it

  9. y her breast so far apart and she don’t even have kids she so much in love y her man don’t breed her oh probably she can’t have young girl like that can’t breed yet what happened

  10. Met n everybody mi a beg unu peep over simoneshapestylist insta deh pon a video with the captioned Versace head to toe bisssh …. simone u evilous bad, with a fren like u ppl nuh need enemy….

  11. This girl Robert is ugly in person see her without makeup too and her man daffy luv likes too much that’s why HIM with her for the stolen goods and she look like a man cuz HIM is a bottom man!!

  12. Shape a next one big face and nothing PON her look good apple Mia since pinkyicon hurt him foot Yankee Michelle Jodi couture kim perfection daffy hungry belly blacks none of them batty face or breast look good please as for daffy him a str8 batty mon

  13. Win where ??? In what ????? U mean in a green card ??? In a house ??? Or a degree lmaooooo or some stocks DWL :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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