Hi Met,
Earlier this year you did run a story pon Shabba Kartel weh did go ah JA and was living in a house belonging to someone else and posing up like ah fi him house pon Facebook and Instagram. Since the post he has passed away (you also put up his passing on your site).
Anyway look pon dem pics yah…
You have Chin his woman (she is known and describes herself as his common law wife) weh him did live wid and have pickney wid (I heard he passed away in her arms) then you have Krystal putting up tings pon Facebook about the love of her life and bare pictures….You also have Linda inna JA who mi believe did inna tings but she nuh count cah she deh too far. Smaddy tell mi if ah bun him really did ah give inna him sick state and how dem two woman put up wid it?? Notice when man give bun dem always count and rely pon dat one woman??? It not even look like di bun did under cover cah Krystal ah go hard pon him page, mek it worse di people dem who ah like and ah comment bout sorry for your loss mi notice tell Chin (him baby madda/common law wife) di same ting so ah bare hypocrite bun supporters dem both have as Facebook friend and inna di Dancehall industry. From what mi see people all ah mention donations fi run ah funeral fi Chin and the youths dem so what happen to Krystal???
Funeral is next week by the way….
Krystal is the one kissing him up, Chin has the blonde hair and is in black. Linda ah di next gal ah JA.


  1. Rest in peace my friend. I so much rate chin kartel, regardless of the ups n down n break up. She was there throughout, even when he was miserable. Note, they weren’t together when he was in his last days but she stood by him. But when man a look woman them must look ppl who would stood by them tru sickness. This gal Krispy turn her back on him throughout n when he pass she a put up pic. Met mi hate har. I was observe her from him sick not even a pic she up even to say get well soon. She just a post party pic n showing she don’t care. Met mi har. Mi use to like see them until him sick mi see har tru colour. Wicked gal. Ppl a done har, Kriissy if me see a road me personally would tell you a wicked. And the hypocrite them a like the post after she was there for him. She put up pic bout she go night night, I watch the video n didn’t see har. She mussi did shame or them lock har out. Krissy mi hate you. She did even a trow word too. Gal Gway u eer say, in a mi Richie feelings voice. She don’t even know nothing funeral or taking no part, she get cut out right tru. A wicked gal, kriissy u must member it’s called sickness, we all have to pass this road. U should a tek a plane straight away and attend to you man. But instead who a party and in ja with ur man. My friend shabby even like some of her pics while in his last stage and even comment and the gal ignore him. Gal gweh but u put up rip, and here were u all along. Met mi hate fi that. Chin kartel big up u dam self, he died in the arms of the one he love. Big up chin kartel,

  2. Sender…him dead and gone leaving behind grieving women. What is yu point? Three women got loved by a man who has now passed on in life, they may never get that again in this life…WHAT THAT HAVE TO DO WITH YOU AT THIS POINT?
    US here reading JMG may not been aware of anything that YOU brought to light while the man was alive…AGAIN, WHAT IS YU POINT? You a look fi shame one or all of the women involve…stfu!

  3. Why must man be able to do all kinds of shit to women and yet you still want them to play fool fool gyal. So you think chin and krystol should ah both hitch up beside him wen him did sick GTFOH. Chin is the baby mother it’s in her best interest to help her baby daddy. The sender has issues.

  4. RIP, but cheating men are the result of women hating each other disrespecting & lowering their standards. If you love someone you try your best not to put them in embarrassing situation & clearly thats what he did by flaunting with multiple women. kudos to the baby mother for her sincerity, because he obviously put her thru alot. She posted on her FB page on Aug 25 that she went to see him at the hospital & how he shouted at her, she says she’s soft & calm & don’t like being put down, in her own words she typed “ur looking better so ur woman can come do the rest from Jamaica” smh what a life stay strong lady for your kids.

  5. Big up Chin every time, we know Chin is cut from a different standard. I also heard that the new one took flight once the sickness was established, the hard looking one nah count lol

  6. Ummmm. The first comment, was sport on. But the sender your shaddie. Any woman then took Shabba knew what he was like. He never played stookie, 90% of the time they knew what they where getting into. It’s only Chin he went back and forth with. They were not perfect like everyone else but she did really well by looking after him after everything they went through. Now let the man rest in peace. His not even in his resting place yet and your sending Inn story!!! Shabba never hid what he was up to so sender BYE FELECIAAAAAA

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