0 thoughts on “DI SENDER WANTZ TO KNOW………….

  1. I’m not condoning a woman being called a whore, but “whore” is usually used to describe a woman, right??? So senda, where is di confusion or di surprise. Dougie is gurl loooooong time. A weh you hear boooouuutttt (ina mi Tivoli voice) Big up yuh whoring sea creature self Dougie. Yuh ina di right business Cause Versace was your kinda ppl and he was a very rich and famoud designer. YOU GO GUUUUUURLL. Dwl. Lmao. Ha ha ha deadmentssss

    1. okkkkkkkkaaaaay! If me did blind and somebody a read fi me-me would a think a simplicity or tawechuet …didn’t know yu get dung so…lol

      ride yep! ride.

  2. Good morning Met and all!!!

    So how dem nuh send come show yuh say him gone ah Dubai too? Whoring much?

    1. Batty and pussy money strong ova dere. Di African dem spend much on luxuries like dese. Dem a follow Kenya and Porcha. Dwl. Heading there to find a rich tycoon. But all who a run go ova dere need not forget dem batty and pussy tightners cause right now is di tightest hole a collect di most…..front or back.

        1. Shani yuh maddddd. U cannot use dat str888 line under any of Dougie topics. Him might be offended. Curve up di ting mayyyne

    2. Yes. If you don’t have construction trade or hotel hospitality skills and live pon bag juice budget yu nah nu business ova de. These bag juice, coco cola, moet budgets go to dubai fi sell front, back or commode services. Me hear sey dem do dogs too.

      1. Phantom, before mi hop back pin mi Harley Davidson and ride off into the sunset again…please to clarify what you mean by dogs….do you mean dogs as in your homie or dogs as in.. :anjing: :anjing: <<<this four legged animal right chere???? Yuh know summon, lemme warm up mi bike and tek it fe ah spin roun di block :tkp :tkp :tkp

        1. woof, woof, four legged pedigree fi de mongrels dem. The “D” in Dubai means DEBAUCHERY or DEVIANTS.

  3. Dats what I’m saying. Not saying ppl can go weh dem feel like but dis nuh look right sah. Mi see one of him bench and batty buddy him put up say him deh Dubai too. Smady weh know is what dem selling in Dubai coz mi did think ah China yuh get di cheap tings dem fi sell ppl double and triple di price??

    1. Him r not going dere to buy, him sell him wares in Dubai n collect, then go China wid di money n buy n come back n sell fi ten times wht him buy if for

      Simple Maths Dubai = sellings, China = buyings = USA sellings X 10 fi soothe him worn out batty

  4. The way a person dresses pretty much signifies who they are. The tight tiger strips pants wearing person should never be mistaken for a man. So yes, “ho” is an accurate description.
    Isn’t it sad? They dress, talk and even refer to themselves as women. All the gay white men I know, I’ve yet to see any of them cross dressing and identity confused like these dancehall Jamaican men.
    Who the hell told them this is cute or fashionable? I find it pitiful! The sad part is, I think these hoodrats try to appear classy but achieve the very opposite.

    1. head down low, battam cock up :tai: …if you ketch my drift ( peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu )<>> :metal:

  5. He’s on the down low.. Ha ha.. Dougie,,mi kno yuh deh yah a read… How u doing? Ina mi Wendy Williams voice… :cool :cool

  6. Dougie go take off the FAKE Versace from China. Stop sendin your pic to get life. Nobody cares!

  7. Uno going to leave platipums alone unuh, lol not even her batty peers she nuh tell she gay, she ina one piece a denial wid her self :malu2 :mewek :matabelo dazed and confused.

  8. Sherece u bexxx…Dougie sey him have first class sucking and batty f*king too..Unu toilet and showa muss Stinkk..unu leakyyyy BADDd

    1. Dem mussy have a velly velly LOOOOOOOOOOOOOcal market in dubai to di choice meat whey a go deh fi sell :travel

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