Rochelle So Pretty Excellent
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Good morning my lovely people. I just want to know what are your plans for the summer?? and what would you like to do differently for this summer????. I think this summer is going to be mad fun. No one wants to be hot black and fat the less wait the better..


  1. mI SEH MET U TEK DI WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MOUTH…WAH OMAN GET OFFENDED WAH DAY YAH BECAUSE MI GO SEH ……………..she is dark so that colour will def. fit her ….di oman only have a problem wid di word Dark ……………mi wah know a wah do dem ppl yah

  2. Fi real Real. Most a them no realize that when we man checking on beauty, the complexion nuh really matter. You have millions of sexy and hot ladies out there with dark skin. Last thing most of us men want is a bleachers or di so called toner dem.

    Ethiopians are classic for this., The hottest ones are usually the very dark skin ladies with no excessive testosterone – meaning, the ones that grow VERY LITTLE HAIR on em bodies. There are many here in Jamaica, usually dem body silky soft. You have some exotic ones that have really nice hair, weh mi can hold on to when mi a wuurrk!

  3. Lisa fray come off a mi friend roro name nasty gal !! today is Sunday gu wash yo dutty draws dem weh u have curl up inna ur mom basement

  4. Ms. Rochelle, for you it should read “hot, black, fat and illiterate….the proper grammar is weight, not wait…you big dummy :cd

  5. But at least if u a cuss summady check spell ur words correctly before yo start throw shade..”wait” instead of “weight ” … Smh

  6. Social media is going to be the downfall of a lot of people. Pls pls pls, people!!!… spend some of that time you spend on facebook,….spend it in a library or a class or some other area of education. Learn grammar, punctuation and most of all…SPELLING.

    Real Talk 😡

  7. The less ‘WAIT’ the better. What the f**k she trying to say or spell. Tell you about some of these uneducated wonna be dancehall celebs. could never represent me as a partner. ‘WEIGHT’

  8. I guess she was rampingruff inna toilet when class a gwan…Galanga bakka school yuh fool fool like mountain goat without Di horn..

  9. Rochelle shape bad man now that she drop the little weight u really can see her tuff man legs them.

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