One nuh deh a Jamaica but she deh a Ochi and di pluralize water…….constant lotion and dem tings dere


  1. “Gas Station arthritis? what di rass… Ma’am, did you mean to say “Gestational Arthritis?”
    If I laugh today!!

    1. Bwoy lurker mi diss did ah goh call aunty Met fi decode di meccij fi mi, so tonks fi di help. But can u help mi out likkle furdah….. what is ‘pluralized water’?

      Help out a sista please and tonks

      1. Dwl… ah tink pipe water cause the gastroenteritis so she have to buy pasteurized water. Poor ting dem

        1. Glad you cleared that up… because I was really trying to figure out what the water had to do with Gestational arthritis but GASTROENTERITIS definitely makes more sense in the described situation. lol

  2. Woiii this men mi laugh and leggo a big fart. My constant lotion to the voicenoters dem mi belly

  3. No sah dis is history, met a where dem people ya come from? A gully bop and madusa off springs?

    Water need pluralized it a cause gastAtiion and arthritis in the belly. I send my constant lotion for the condolences.
    No man dem people ya need to go work a circus are lock up in a museum on display.

  4. But Kacka Fart, Wah the boxscover this? :ngakak I almost drop a dutty, I send my Constant Lotion to you? HEY! Somebody come tie me up cause me head a spin. :ngakak

  5. Louding up your friends mistake or inability is entertainment these days ?

    The Ochi thing can easily explain as Freudian slip .If a person is used to only talking to people from Jamaica and saying they don’t live where they used to live any more ,example Kingston,they then are speaking to the person from overseas who injected Jamaica into the conversation and their head,so the person is sure that they are saying Kingston for example but are actually saying something else in this case Jamaica .

    1. Listen, we do not want any interpretation. It is a joke ting and it is very very funny, so don’t try spoil it. You could spoil a wet dream. Go away please!

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