0 thoughts on “DIANA KING’S NEW TATTOO

  1. Totally GROSS!!
    Diana yu did look good wan time. Look like yu nah diegess di pussy juice an itta tun yu eena loggahead.

    1. ((((( Willieeeee )))))). What gwaan!? Da gal ya seriously confused. Had a great oppty when she ketch ar break an fawm fool wid ar career. Tink seh de carpet munching wudda mek ar bigga. Now she tun Ms Irrelevant. Every time I see her she get grossah. Eeew, yuck. Mind twiss up and confused.

      1. Before dem go gi dem life to God dem mek di devil tek living set ina dem because all dat whey she do none work fi har by now yuh tink she wudda get a grip instead fi grip scatta lef she

  2. She does seem so confused like she’s searching for something. The attempt to resurrect her career by riding the gay agenda was futile. Frankly, it’s better if she relegate herself back to obscurity cos the social media presence does her a disservice.

      1. Foxy yeah u know is ova google mi ahead just a finish read some comments here will tell u wat I find

      2. Oh Foxy so the head represents wisdom and the trunk (Om) is the sound symbol of cosmic reality hmmmmm ok well I guess Diana needs all the help in the wisdom department .

  3. Yeah, Hinduism cum tuh mind wen mi fuss si it. Dem try mankind, dem try oomankind, and now dem a dabble with di many gods…….meantime di choir ah sing “Come to Jesus, come to Jesus, right now.” What a LOST SOUL :sorry

  4. She cerainly is lost and is searching for redemption, with so much lies and confusion she confused… Seek YAHWEH the Most Hi, and his son YESHUA and know you are a descendant of the lost and scattered tribe of Israel, when you know that and keep within the guidance of laws then you are safe and secure within the shadow of the Most HI JAH… SELAH

  5. @yawdy4life so does that mean if a person doesn’tppray n worship Jesus they going to hell? just a question

  6. seriously…….everybody remember di pic of di white jesus pon di wall don’t it…and almost every slave master pic or painting look like a white man dont it??..so you saviour and yuh enslaver look di same………so when smaddy say come to jesus den really saying slavery aint over yet……..lol……………………besides dat….it is a very intricate tattoo and whether it portrays hinduism or not…. it clearly represents something personal to her……i like it……wouldnt put it on misself but its still a good tat……………

  7. @yawdy4life I grew up baptiste went to church 5 days a WK bible study sing in church choir n all dese things but as I got older I learned to connect with God which is a higher spiritual being. I stopped wwith the Jesus politics a long time ago. I can go there on a whole discussion on why I think this but that’s for another day

    1. Hey Anon, the choice is yours and yours only. I choose to serve Jesus Christ and have no intentions of changing that. Mi respect yuh honesty!!!

  8. Despite the exquisite detail of the tat(it must have hurt doing it), I find it quite DISTURBING!!! But that a just me, disturbing bad!!

    1. Hey all –
      She is a great singer. Don’t know about all the tats, but her voice is amazing. Stumbled upon an old cover she did of “Ain’t Nobody” orig by Chaka Khan & Rufus & was really blown away.
      Wish she’s get some more hits out there!!

  9. I like the design part, but I haven’t seen a Ganesha tat that ever look good. The design part kinda cool especially if it was smaller. I don’t think any of the Hindu God look good as a tattoo, not one. No need fi put di tat on, just do your mantras and meditations and that’s enough.

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