Me just want to double with people on pinkwall or people over the world. No kadian this from Lionel town young street dung a vere, weh use to dance go go. No she this. Me just sit watch a video with her and one next girl a cuss out Debbie Jackto from Lionel, me say me couldn’t believe me ears dem.. Kadian me, you and the world know say you should not be the one fi come pon social media and a cuss Debbie. Look how much a Debbie dem clothes you wear a big yard Debbie come from weh feed you. Me say me never see nutten bun me so. Ã try you a try fi done Debbie but you cah dun Debbie the world know dat. You and u family a menace to vere people and the police. Unu a the only thief a vere. A police shoot you 2 theifing brother them all now them cah find micheal body, you figot say u brother use to carry you mother go over moneymusk sugar factor go theif sugar and rum, the whole Lionel use to tek it fi joke when them see u muma a come from factory with the bag a sugar pon her head.. Unu a DUTTY people no body no rate unu so me no know how Debbie come a England come mix up with you.. You a the biggest informa in the uk.. And u a tell Debbie say she a informa oh please. Kadian u figot say a Debbie yard grow the whole a we. Feed we and clothes we. You daddy jhonny a the only man me ever see spit in a you mother eula face regular you memba when u mother use to fuck miss Laura man weh name god and u daddy deh wid miss Esther eeh facts me a give you because it look like u no remember or a true you a pretend say you come from Kingstown 13 hshahahs if I laugh a dead today.. No me and u go Watsonton primary school and busta secondary, while Debbie goes to vere technical.. Ugly dutty informa kadine weh mek dem send back you sister Rose a ja. A she send fi you and you get bad mind and inform pon her. You member say a u send rubber a prison rubber from Bradford, then police move you to new castle and u do u informing work and now them send u a bram. You know the man from Manchester weh Oliver get him ting pon consignment and true him no wah pay the man him set up the man police suck him off a 8 years the man get. You a the biggest informa going thts why you husband can sell drugs so and get weh with it.. Me watch all you video weh you say someone theif you gucci jacket weh u pay 200 for. Stupid dunce gal real gucci don’t sell for 200. A bare fake you wear me and u know that. You don’t have nothing real.. Everything weh u a chat bout Debbie bet you cah do dat pon face because the whole Debbie family deh pon fb go mek a video bout Debbie pon fb no if u bad.. You figot say you link weak Debbie link strong. U just full a nuff talk a nothing behind it.. Me cah get how u on fb a hype and u daddy deh a ja hungry him no have no electricity and him blind who you can talk to a must people weh no know you.. Memba me and u use to chat when u deh a Bradford and when chin see me and u she no parr with da gal deh a police she work with, u no see me slite u from then…. Come off a Debbie name and go cuss munchie well done u pon video and all now u cah reply.. Waste gal.. Old theif and liad

2 thoughts on “DIS A FROM LIONEL TOWN

  1. it look like all a the informa dem live a bram..every weh else lock dung only bram still a keep..and now I see why, that’s where all informers go to die. Tracy Gotti Hi.

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