Ginight met
Wanda Me Never Know Seh Ntn Could Come Between This Bond ! What Happen ? for 2 people That Were Inlove Unu Move On Quick ! Kd_di_don look Really happy though !


5 thoughts on “DIS A MODERN LOVE OO

  1. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals but this KD girl is annoying as f**k. In every picture she is holding up front like she have a dick. If you’re a lesbian that’s your business but this gender identity crisis she seems to be having is ridiculous.

  2. Kd is ugly and annoying she look like she want to be a mannnn soooooo bad and still throw words like a bitch

  3. Me did a wonderrr how diz no reach yah yet…. Yes!! A di sameting me say when me see both a post other ppl.. Me say a couldn’t dem juss madly “in love”.. Matter of fact they both posting to get each others attention so that made me second guess if they really “move on” as they’re trying to make it seem..

  4. None out a kd too gallllll dem no mek one kmt wonderdoll swear she all that n she’s ugly as hell thank god for weave n makeup n kd new chick ugly as hell both yall ugly n shape like square

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