THESE ladies need to know that is not everywhere they are going they should wear clothes like this , that expose their ass , yes she a one that is always talking about people hating on her for her natural ass/ body etc , but come on omg !!!!! why everytime you dress for MOST occassion your ass must be expose or you wear a tights she is not the only one that does it …but last night she look so disgusting with her ass all over the place 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 come on ladies, THERE IS A PLACE AND TIME FOR EVERYTHING . Yes I know many gonna say if it was bey’ or riri we wouldnt say anything , but gosh common sense must tell you that you should wear some things better last night .


8 thoughts on “DIS GET UP WAA GET OUT

  1. @Sender if ppl like her actually put on clothes to go to certain functions, what the ppl there going use a entertainment!?

    She was there smiling with ppl and think they smiling with her when there really laughing! Some of the comments from the upper crust too brutal to even repeat!

    Time and place for everything! Dancehall pl need to understand the line between fashion and trash! It’s things like this that make ppl look and treat them a way!

    1. I dont agree when people like jinx tek dancehall people for their entertainment but dancehall people also need to do better. I can only imagine her thinking she was mixing and mingling with upt and them secretly laughing behind her back

      1. It did set a way! Cause upt ppl all a tek pic wid har and guh back and a look pon di pic and a laugh!

        And the older ones there nuh stop skin up dem nose!

  2. The countdown for a bytch to just come to a party totally naked is rapidly approaching. I told you guys ions ago, that the dancehall crowd is full to the brim with narcissistic people who need attention and they realize that negative attention is easier to get than positive attention. Only a whore can come to a party 80% naked and feel comfortable enough to walk around proud and loud and it seems like most of the females are cool with doing it.

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