1. Him & karian sang been dehh & Moe been know bout it & been a war the girl. Idk why she a war everybody weh she think the man like when is the man she fi go war.

  2. The description just fit karian & me know Moe did want inna things with her a while back cause people did a lick out gainst Moe actions towards her. And knowing di hubby him nahh stop dehh with who him want deh with no matter wehh moe gwaan wid behind di scenes. But met mi think a miami moe thing dehh with her huzzzzii

  3. junior skeng is one of the nastiest husband a live and him ugly wife can gwan and this duppy looking man look everybody a florida nasty shit house and Movado deh wid everybody whats new

  4. Long time story this man
    Here This a spread from the last time Mi GUh a the Gully Gud yard Mi not even remember the Canada gyal name but Mi know her name start with a Y

  5. Lilly why did you prepare to come here and talk to yourself? I have moved 15 of your comments to the trash because you have changed your name and have been steadily holding conversation with yourself. Is a bus u looking, mi si di play from the first email u sent. Its not going to work here

    1. Was i right or was i right??Remember I told you that a Day would come when a sender a go be the only one talking to themselves on their own post.saaaaddddddd with 7d

  6. Met a wAh you a chat bout Long time Mavado a hide the girl from all the way back Skeng always a chat the catty up the yard Mavado have a thing fi the bad gyal them cause all a the story them mi hear wah happen between the two a them there is chemistry catty name yoanda long time Moe fi gwan bout her business

  7. To di anonymous blogger weh comment bout Jr Skeng. You are 100% correck! Him nuh stop fuq pon him wife from 19 how long. There is no way she doesn’t know but a so dem wi put up wid anyting fi seh dem have man. Skeng all look ooman fi Mavado so mi believe di sender. Anyway, if a Karian fi true mi hope she know seh har career still nah go way. Hi Met! Anonymous @ 3:58 pm please pour more tea!

  8. Laawd God know long mi a wait pon this fi come out mi have two cousin that a friends with his kids and them always a chat the new girl Yoanda a nuh suh the girl name spell man Yolanda the kids them si it spell them si them like her better and a the same brown gyal them want be there stepmada!! Mi si a bare mix up behind all a this WRITE MORE

  9. Sender NO BODY CARES!!! Mavado stop taking ur calls make u here trying to make yourself known? Get ur entire life together Ma!!!!!

    1. That is Jr Skeng his manager write that but you no worry your file soon rinse. You married right you no stop f**k pon your ugly wife for true and yes you look Mavado waste gal them also. U on pink wall a chat? Let’s chat!

  10. A dis page alone this nuh big pon it big pon every other page suh a wammp.. Skeng all turn down a interview for on stage them wanted david fi come talk up

  11. Mek Skeng and him donkey wife move dem bloodclat a jealous him jealous ova di singa and a try look a buss off a the singa. But the god too blind fi see that him self, man all skeng do a put bare f**y inna the god head bout him manager jullian Mek him fire him, all skeng want a the money. Dem a fren from long time suh di artist can’t see that But JAH know mi see the gyal and is a Indian gyal from Canada and bloodclaaat the gyal is a eye turna pretty like f**g money mi woulda bun mi wife to….moe nuh have nothing pon her uno can chat all uno want. can’t compare inna no way and mi done chat.

    1. Sad like di two dozen dead yard whey a keep unda u. You came here looking for a bus and was told several times that this is not the place. Mi gi yuh hint mi talk direct and you are still here. If yuh life dead go dig it up or dash water pan it and try mek it sprout.

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