Bwoy metsy mi knoe deh girl yah cassy bless fe years and mi neva know sey she ah one ah jay icon gal…icon fly dung fe har party wey flop and left apple up yah inna rass house by har selfnwid him daughter mean while him ah service cassy…ah him ah buy up cassy name brand clothes that’s why she ah hype up suh.ah atittude stinkka dan apple own ..but mi nah lie jay ah spread out him money pon him woman dem …apple nuh worry cuz yuh ah wife ah yaad …yah washy, and cooky lilly mean while cassy ah collect him money lol…..big up yuh self cassy yub pu***y good like dat

0 thoughts on “DIS IS A MIXUP

  1. Ok wait for it…………. This yah Friday turn right over. Happel nuh worry yuhself. Mek mi just walk on by….

  2. If money did a spend she would move out of the big yard long time weh mother puss dog goat and everybody live

  3. Happel is at work and have no time for us this morning, BUT lunch time is a different time, so lets wait and see

  4. Wat is lassie position? shi get 2 f**k anna hype please Jay nah mek nuh life wid nuh bady but Apple di man love him mb ah wah duh sum gal wah shit pan dem pussy like cow Apple dont hav anytime to wear her spring collections guh ah flop dance yuh maddd she was right where she supposed to be, cu pan har picta wey shi tek shi luk exactly like wat shi is ah batty licker Apple takes beautiful pictures she looks like the the actress Candice!

    1. Lassie have position cause Happel man left gone visit for new pum pum! It just goes to show no matter what she still ah get bun! Idiot…..

    2. @8:58 am yuh a Apple cheerleader relax di gal cassy a get a hype cause jay gave her a reason to…so tek a seat yuh probably a f**k him to or want Fi f**k him. Yea classy coulda look betta clothes put on n curl di hair. But wat Mek apple betta than her, Apple body fake that’s why she look prefect ok…but her man nuh stop f**k woman wid natural body and appearance…Apple Mek everybody know what’s under her clothes…If I was her I go get paid for it she has no class n no morals and her daughter gonna come the same way. Mi nuh mad a cassy mi mad at jadion cause him might give me something…cause him a f**k too many bitches out there.

    3. I guess we can all say HAPPEL is awake… the fact that ur man has to travel so far to b with this lick ass girl says alot – HIM TIAD A U N UR FRENS LICKINGS

      1. But uuhhmmm apple the spring collection and tun up body still nuh hol him steady, so what exactly is your point?

  5. Jadion Richards a walk n f**k too much him have two gal a NJ and a couple a NY a f**k plus others all ova the usa…me know that Fi a fact and don’t care cause mi a one a dem….but dem gal yah need Fi Mek sure dem tell him Fi strap up….The sex is ok but nothing to go crazy for cause him cocky caan stay up long but him have a big cocky. So mi work wid it. Apple need Fi wise up n Mek sure she a save cause u neva know and get herself tested regular cause jay out there bad. And to sender it doesn’t have to be about money n wat him a spend it can be about feelings and jus knowing you r with that person. Apple these bitches out here know u n u don’t know them it isn’t a great feeling cause we a laugh at u pose wid u man in a public n u think we a fan or freinds no baby girl…him a dis yuh bad right under yuh nose n him same freinds jue n the other icon them know cause them see n hear.

    1. it is r deh rite yah suh..yuh a wan a dem nd care zero-th lawd if yuh nuh bizzy tap ere suh plz…..gwaan chue mama wah agen him deh gwaan;n wid mumz

    2. Hear yah now. A must rumor wifey a talk. Weh she really a seh??! Suh if Jay ketch Hep all a unu infected. You know the score but funking same way. Unu cah walk guh a tungle heap and pick up unu ambition. Sick load of filt unu be..

      1. @babygirl mi nuh need Fi talk rumors real talk n yes mi a f**k him n loving it…that’s why Mek him strap up but Apple a wifey home so she having unprotected sex…ambition me have n like I said I am mad at jay not di gal them…cause a him put all a dem in my life n apple life. Auh nuh today mi n jay deh ok so relax b4 u start talk cause ur man r di ppl dem man u a f*k not f**king u alone either n him might be broke as hell n caan afford to mention u n others.

          1. Ah she sed one seh “is not about di money an wat him ah spen…is about di feelings” :ngakak In odda wrerds….di soft hood ah gi har good feelings :ngakak Mi nuh bandmind yuh maam…cah mi nuh hab soft hood patience.

          2. @Met yes mi like it…mi nuh huffi get ride out too long…n he is a sweet heart regardless of wat ppl say….him Mek sure mi happy

        1. Yuh sound fool, if him dick dead in a short space a time wah kind a enjoyment dat. Yuh r 1 of apple groupie on the slow and well want a piece a the pie cause nuh good gal nuh want nuh soft cocky. Bout yuh loving it

          1. METTY A WAH REAL A GWAN IT SOUND LIKE HIS WIFE !!! no sah home girl ….. how yuh mean him bring them inna yuh life are u wife the real one on paper … it sad but it the true WOOOIE MI LOVE SOUND LIKE THE REAL WIFE

        2. Get a grip you slimy slut bucket unu low down like filt, boasting about a shared dick, even if I was screwing summaddy man I would know better than to wear it like a medal of honor. It shows how much you hate yourself phuckin loser dumb animal. Mi talk mi talk if yuh nuh like it phuk off….Unu too kaliss and leggo bout man hood soft and him love cocky suck. Mi hope the next time yuh guh fi suck it, yuh ketch sumting. Ratchet ass hoe. Gwaan cuss mi nah answer.. Yuh nuh worth it…

  6. Welcome apple (anonymous) washy lilly mi knoe cassy bitch and she ah nuh whore ..well she maybe a bitch for f**king ur king lmfao and lacey ann keep ur rass quiet why u don’t talk sey yuh get f**k out round nah school back….lacey ah guess ur pussy nuh up to standard..and way apple cassy look bloodclaaat good guh check out har facebook….

  7. WIFEY doah sign out jus yet weh yuh sey length but no standing strength :tkp
    aarrrmmmm, is it den fair tuh say the oral activity is greater den :nerd

    1. @simplicity him f**k too much that’s why it caan stay up long n him cut too quick or probably mi pussy too great do him pop off quick…but him know how Fi work it though n him luv back shot bad n true me have di real big ass oh god it drive him crazy. Mi nah go lie pon him…him Neva go down pon me but him luv get suck off though.

    1. mek dem cum vent inna de raining frideh a beg unno doah chubble dem mek dem cuss out dem wan anedah while dem can suh wi can a insight pon de wat a gwaan lmaooo

  8. So wat if di man fly out fi promote him dance dem Apple dont know dese flies so why should she be worried first who can look like Apple di flies cann run nuh competition with Apple shi jSCORNED dem!!!

    1. fliers and forbbiden fruit a yuh stick tuh writing she as shi nd a next ting yuh stya tawk’n about yuh luks yuh nah ntn else fi contribute tuh de story at hand mumz?Q?Q?

      1. Stop it and guh hold several seats because that young girl look good nothing nuh wrong wid har. Tell Happle fi invest in a Hook on Phonics. Somebody having a wicked migraine today… Wooiiiieeee!!

        1. she ask who can luk like de forbidden fruit den smaddy really waan lyk like apple wen clothes nd fake luks is all unno have it sad

    2. Apple looks was bought so anybody can look suh….mi deh wid her man Fi ova 2 yrs so something tun up wid me….100% team natural apple go get big ass cause jay have an ass fetishes n she want to keep him…mine real n bigger than apple so wat bitch…role out n stop bring in looks…In jadion eyes looks seem not to be a problem cause him a f**k pon apple rite.

    1. Tam Tam, don’t go nowhere, tan right ya suh and welcome to JMG ma’am!!!…suh please to tell us why Apple is bunning the great Jay icon that she so in love wid and provide so much for her??? :nerd

      1. No Apple, Bun…….not a word I am not believing. Most of the dudes I know that tried to holla always said that not even dance she give them when JEscapeee is away, she is quick to turn up nose and say she is married, with no ring to show, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

  9. Morning to all, let run eyen quick cause mi a run late, but that girl up top look natural and better than Happhell, so the defense secretary late, yuh hear wifey claim her stake on the Icon, hood big, can’t last long, and all these things. Quite alarming amount of females :mewek ina Apple sauce come defend yuh position, Jay have a lot of extra curricular activity going on with the lame hood.

    1. Scoot over Mello, cause me and mi fry dumplin and tea park right yasso as well and i nots moving needer..nopes :thanks2

  10. is what do Apple defense secretary this morning, yuh dumb, dumber, or you plain fool, fool, or what, how yuh mean who can look better than Apple, wooooiiii, the girl up a top mi seh, first of all jancrow nuh draw him brakes in her head side, I can bet her batty and breast nuh fake like the first lady, so miss secretary your damage control weak, if Apple was all a that, president fowl AKA J icon aka mr, big limp biscuit cock wudden affi a stray and look fi live chicken to stimulate and weak up the dead.

  11. Den smaddy neva seh Jay dick was useless and him bullets shoot quick and him can neva recharge. How him can manage suh much ooman pan di icu dick?

  12. Apple, I know u have the latest smart phone, please mi a beg, when u are commenting use the auto correct for everything and not just the name brand items, thanks we are all trying very hard to understand you 🙂

  13. that man only look gal wey him feel would carry coke in there cunt hole for him. he’s very cheap anyways and hard to look at wid him bleach out face. aids and other diseases isn’t no joke. happle cyah keep his broke down cock and his bleach out face. #Yuck

  14. cassey a ochi scandal bag long time. cassey yuh memba when u did f**k diamond man the boy weh wet up rhino fi popcaan yes that boy me a talk diamond man and diamond come a ochi from town a floor yuh in front a the whole place. bitch have several seat cause you just a next bird. :hn

  15. Bitches stop hate cause if jadion look you’ll…All who a chat shit would jump…n me surely nuh carry drugs n don’t know how him Mek money…I leave that up to Apple to know these things…If u notice I Neva talk bout money n him spending infact he ain’t mean or selfish….but I am mad bout him n f**king so many bitches…I’ve cocky isn’t everything, someone to talk to n trust is the key…@pro don’t dis jay cause u don’t know him leave that to who know him…

    1. Trust? You really say ‘someone you can Trust??
      GTFOH with that shit! You forget say you are admitting to F**king someone else’s (so called) man and complaining that you vex with him for being out there with so much gyal!..So who is it exactly that you have ‘to TRUST’?
      When amongst or inviting yourself to interact with sensible people, just stick to the facts (you loan a fake girl’ Man, who is bleached out and, by your own admission, has a Dead ‘ood), but don’t insult our intelligence!
      The foundation you have for trust is not shakey, it can and will never even be built – accept the truth and if not, at least don’t try or expect Big people to be fooled, or wear Rose TINTED glasses with you!

  16. Yes @wify big up u status, is you name wife, the first choice. The love u nuh true, defend opp, hope you know weh that mean.lol :kimpoi

  17. Mi not even a pick up mi dawta from school today, right yasso mi a stay.The Friday steamy like a sauna.

      1. A who breed me? Not anybody fi you. Fel, come come fell inna mi battyhole & teck yuh teet & scrape out di shit. Mi neva have no intention fi pick up mi dawta today cause mi feel caalis today.Today mi feel fi meck di school bus drop ar up fi block. Suh wha happen to dat? The post is not about me, suh don’t bring it here. Fel a wah yuh a look, knowings? Fel, gwaan & leave mi.Mi neva did ago answer cause I hate when the ole skerm like unnuh run eeen pon di post dem & a try get a faawud offa ppl weh nuhbaddy nuh know. Hey gyal guh bite suppn & gweh!

  18. But wait a smile icon a smile inna the middle pic? And Out a all a Di pic them weh him and happle tek I Neva see that man smile yet. Him eva a look down or him face screw.

  19. Yes, wifey didn’t make this up because I used to be in her shoes till I got tired of Jay. Jay don’t give a f**k about apple. He knows I’m in a relationship and still talk bout calling him whenever I’m ready….Smh Jay is one of those who will never change

    1. Talk di tings my girl…dem seh a rumors me a come wid…but they jus don’t know…I am jus rolling wid it fi now cause mi a nuh wife a yard n mi still get more time wid him than apple 2yrs n going strong.

  20. Dwl but honestly my uncle from Cali is f**king apple and him always a ask fi picture me all watch the video weh him ask her fi send wid apple a play wid her pussy n a lick it off apple is very freaky and her pussy fat wid two bump pon it

  21. A wah dis father …. Wifey and burna man run in tuh day. If jadion and jue nuh business with them baby mamas then why dem nuh lef? any gyal who a willingly fuxx another gyal man and hype about it on jmg nuh tek dem life seriously.

  22. Uno hear, Apple pussy fat wid 2 bump pan, la! la what a la la……hey O I wonder what is this. :matabelo :mewek

    1. bammy doe falla dem oo..smaddy want di man bad because dem TINK di man have money NUFF________________________________________


    1. @all smile boo I got this:
      U jus state jay is ur man too…so u jus tag ur self away u a hoe jus like us…lol u contradict ur self my girl…jus because a woman f**k another woman man doesn’t make her a hoe…get ur dictionary and look up the meaning b4 u bark….n stop lie n hype ur self u too dutty bout with u all di time really. ..get a clue or jus hold ur spot n stop cut di line…At least me tell di truth n nah look stripes a dat u want yuh nah get it go drop a sleep n don’t wake up…u jus got flat line..

  24. Jay try to talk to me before he even told me he had a place in Brooklyn and Bronx he wanted to take me to jamaica with him but I already have my man and I will never be second to anyone. I met him at a party in jersey

  25. Hi,
    I fcuked Jadion before, I’m friends with some of apples closest friends or EX friends
    Whatever they are to her. His di*k is very big & long I actually liked it, it’s comfortable.
    We went to his place in Brooklyn a few times and he has been to my place a few times. It really was just a sexual thing nothing crazy as I had my man too, and I really didn’t WANT JAY lol. Just that my man was being annoying so you gotta call for back up. I didn’t approve of the bleaching it looks terrible but nonetheless he is a very nice guy .. We actually went to a few parties together. Lorna’s, Albany Manor, Kerryels etc. in his drop too BMW! & one time I was in there and his friend thought it was apple bout “WAH gwan mumz” like I don’t look like her though but whateverz. Been in the Audi multiple times. He’s actually crazy over my vagina but mi stop give it to him because I get bored quick!

        1. We need back up because I swear something wrong here. Because dem see a man a party from Sunday to Sunday dem feel is a good reason fi dash out dem body…we need back up oo :travel

  26. Boring limp biscuit cpr n raise d dead cocky but dem ICANT here no mek it a wonda f him n apple hear d real reviews…Dem man yah a go 2 hard fe prove say dem a gallis n dem caan grind good n dem caan wuk sweet:) u naah stab up d meat icant….

  27. Lol@ wifey yessss! One thing, he is a nice guy..very discreet if he knows u have a man. All when apple was bragging about her car dis and her car dat, jay used to come pick me up in the same car..dwl…he’s not a good husband at all but he’s the perfect side piece. And yes, his Dick is big and long but.he kinda tired..

      1. Metttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt these people I tell yuh. Mi haffi ask if a rumor because tory a get dash out from all angle and believe somebody did get it and a try fi give Happle headache suh dem a add and subtract…

          1. @met it’s not bout money…for me him treat me good n very sweet n of course a mi man…mi nuh dem wid nobody else bout him…but guess wat it ago hard fi him or apple to figure out who it is cause him have too much n me putting this out there Mek all him gal dem come forward n a put claim pon him…I have accomplished wat I set out to prove…wat him caan seh now cause dem talk certain tings.

          2. so u did tink a u a number 2?
            How you feel? Tell me how you feel!
            Oh, it’s raining, all around me
            I can feel it, it’s a latter rain
            Ride on Jesus, please send more rain
            Until we are wet, until we are soaked
            In the latter rain
            It’s raining, all around me
            I can feel it, it’s a lot of rain
            Ride on Jesus, please send more rain
            Until we are wet, until we are soaked
            In the latter rain
            It’s raining, come on!
            Oh, i’s raining, all around me
            I can feel it, it’s a lot of rain
            Ride on Jesus, please send more rain
            Until we are wet, until we are soaked
            Until we are wet, until we are soaked
            Yes Lord it is ere :travel

        1. @babygirl pls go sit down…go try di cock n see fi yuh self like we all said the dick big but tired…nobody nah try hurt Apple head Jay doing it himself…n mi still a ride it no need to lie bout something you have already.

          1. Bitch phuk off mi nuh mix up and mingle wid dutty bungle. Him nuh need my clean mouth, you already have fi yuh a clean off him hood. No thank you guh share it with yuh frens.

  28. Hi hi hi anymore confessions apple u hear there might b more unu form a line n come talk up d tings i dont wanna wait in vain d ladies dem a bump up apple pum pum:)

  29. TAMBAREENnnnnnn Met bwoy d mix up sweet inna d pink wall congregation tidday mek a spin me roll n wait right yasso cos it velly nice unu hurry up n come d community cocky riders a roll out n it a rain all aroun we memba proceed wit caution it slippery when wet:)

  30. Me nah lie d comments dem dramatic nuh fuk but d sender sound rass confuse u say u know d girl long time so y u never ask r instead a met? How met fi know u jus a typical secret hater dah story yah nuh cut nuh dash with a pic way tek from 2012

      1. People tink dem a number 2 and end up wid a card whey have no digit :hammer
        some get it soft some get it tired…some seh it long n comfortable some seh it long and tired
        it deh right yasso nuff like curry

        1. Wat yuh seh met, what a piece a stray cock have different personalities fi di different hole dem… Yasso sweet caan done!

  31. @Met, if u sing dah rain sang deh again, me nah cum back oba here!!!! me laff to tears***.. JESUS IF U NUH BUSY STAP ERE.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. it flooding rite yasso…wifey tink she a number 2 and find out she have one bag a mate :hammer
      it look like daddy roy need fi mek a personal formula fi mr ikanibleach

      1. di formula fi put ikanibleach buddy ina one accord…….. everybaddie have sumting differnt to say …no middle range ..it need fi median out

  32. Mi couldn’t wait fi reach home, traffic heavy and the rain didn’t make it better, so me just bathe and eat mi dinna, Met mi present at the table O lord, mi aguh read from weh mi leff off, then mi comment, this a nuh mixup,this is blemo, mixup and blenda O, Mi gone read yere now.

  33. No, sah them a gwan badddd over little dutty foot Jaidon from round a back road, uno pussy aguh dead leff some uno, such much of uno coming out the wood work like termite, nasty non ambition set of varmit, uno is no better than Apple, as a matter of fact uno worse, because is uno a f**k offa she and hide like scape goat without an identity, all you wifey him love nuh true, but you have no name, so what is your claim to fame, I would advice you go to the nearest clinic for a STD test, the bump pan the pussy nuh sound too good. Uno want put ina one mackerel barrel and roll off to the sea of forgetfulness and no return, set of crab louse.

    Yes me a #2 well ambitious from a great home so say wat u may…memba I choose to stay #2 n can depart at anytime…wid no string attached…I don’t have to go clinic cause mi straight a foreign n have real health insurance n yes bitch don’t get it twisted I knew he had bitches out there but him always a deny it. Yes him luv this because I am noting like Apple I am the person to calm him n remind him of who he was b4 he met her…don’t need fame if so be the case I would advertise mi self more….why fix was not broke..me and jadion good how we is for yrs n when I choose to end it we will all know. Good nite MET

    1. ___________________________________________________________________________________
      no dis topic haffi stay pan di front page

    2. You actually sound like you are in love with him. You may deny it, and come back and say something, but you are in love with him, it comes through in your words.

    3. u no seh is woman like u weh sick mi stomach.. Its cuz of women like u men dont want to take the time to date and wife a good woman anymore. becuz a skettel big hole women like u weh nuh have no pride no ambition n no common sense why men nuh waah go thru the process again becuz unno whore love to dash ouyt u hole an di man nuh really haffi do much work to get it. unno mek mi SICK. and u deh hear a defend u whoreness. U think when u turn old n grey jay icon ago still mind u an f**k u ?? Mi hope seh u have a good job an a place of ur own U R A B****….a SKUM… and nothing more n mi hope seh u collect all di STDs him have to offer u. Garbage disposal. FIRST N LAST COMMENT.

  35. look here likkle so call wifey, as you call you self, you never try style me as bitch, no you didn’t gal weh can’t even piss str8888, yuh a young gal and have to play bait and tackle wid a hood weh need line stick fi hold it ina u hole and you same one come say is a big duffle bag without ammunition him carry so don’t come pissed up u heel with me, I am not the one with the man stress, is you, you don’t have a number in this game, as far as we hear and see, peel out head side Apple hold her permanent post, suh hold a quiet space in time. When it come to little black boy Jaidon, I can write a book about him, is not who you think you know is who knows you, I knows Jadion more than the whole a uno,ina mi bashment granny voice, and that includes the first lady Apple. I don’t want tek it there, suh guh suck out yuh mouth, mi can tell u him muma, puppa, brother by first and last name down to the school weh him go, so again guh suck out you mouth, man floor cloth. what leff you a get

          1. @met
            I am rolling rite now u got that rite me living in style n have my own place n my hot ride…mi tell u seh mi a press button n my mission is accomplished…The only words that girl have in her mouth is oh pls…she caan draw mi out r shame no way my ting sort out @sketel bam….poor apple yuh hate her bad n mi nah run down permanent post, like mi say I not worried bout something mi have already…This is an equal opportunity so everyone is welcome n is who last the longest…a baby Mek jadion deh wid apple n I refuse fi breed in order fi hold a man do the math them deh soon 4yrs n jadore is gonna be 3 and a nine months fi carry baby so what dat mean few month after dem meet she breed n trap him…mi nuh need no baby n for ur info how u know mi a young gal dwl.

          2. den if u have u own place and u hot ride u supposed to have a hot man fi back dat up… why mr ikanikolic?

          3. one more ting wifey…if mr ikanikalic leave him wife wid a child why u tink a pickney why him staying wid apple? I hope u dont believe that…life is about making the best of your life, so if you want to take part of your life and compete with a female who does not know anything about you……..just to see who stays with the man longer…you are in for a bumpy ride

          4. @met him and his wife left b4 Apple and him trick her like many Jamaican man do fi get sort out in a foreign…If baby come a so it will Mek the papers come betta come on Met u know the deal….I have mi hot man along with all these tings n he made it possible…Jadion Richards of course n I am the smart one in this n I am very comfortable for now 1 man to mi ting…n who say Apple don’t know or heard of me wat can she do…only stack her claim n play her part as babymother she ain’t stupid she knows wat she have so she will deal with anything jay bring her way…When him touch overseas mi roll wid my boo at his expense…While him on face time wid dem n she pouring out heart bout love u babes I’m chilling and enjoying my trip cause Apple caan travel…enough said mi nah talk no more him still nah leave dis all when mi put our shit out there.

          5. Good morning, how u mean him nah leave? Uno not together so mi nuh understand why u say that? He has a woman and as you have seen, there are many others so my best advise to you since you’re claiming youth is; enjoy the ride, you dont have a number so please dont think for a minute you’re number two. It is funny how you females feel some sort of power running into other people’s relationships, that is nothing to feel powerful about .

          6. @met I Neva run in on gal relationship…u women need Fi wise up don’t hate the next woman hate the that brought that woman in the pixture…I did look jadion a him look me…and the rest was history he had many opportunities to end it n he didn’t….I need not to prove shit me good babes n happy with my life of luxury from Apple so call man…This topic could go on for ages so I’m gonna leave it now..

        1. *flatlined***
          This shit done turnt all the way up
          *** Fyah wife**
          Met mi can’t log in again … Fix deh fi me

          1. @wifey my question to you why u calling yourself side chick cause I want to know ho could u be so comfortable and now the soft pipe a shear from America to over sea

  36. And let me tell you more thing, likkle leavings of a real woman, and that would be me, all when me go in second, in no time status up grade to first place, because I don’t know how to play hide a nd seek, me bright like stadium bulb, so nuh boy can’t put me ina no corner, affi a nuh me name little Jack corner, uno claim say uno pussy good, and is an invisible role in the movie uno star, hot gal have to represent, gal mi Skethel can big up my chess and tell a boy say not even my friend them suppose to see him with a next gal, down to my friend them my man have hide side gal from, much less me. Me think I am worth more than a next bitch, so I don’t play midnight bride, affta mi nuh married to count Draculla fi me nuh get no exposure to daylight and every kind of light, gal guh hold a serious meds and look ina u life, cause it dark and murky like ole dungeon, and don’t try hib up u self, when u done know say a pot scapings u get and no ratings

  37. @Wifey u can’t be a mature woman, and in the illusive dream, when you mature, is you call the shots and run boy head, you are not in control, you deh way behind in this game, meaning you have to full of man control, mi not playing no sloppy seconds, I would go to her yard and call him out and she and every body have to know I am in charge, when me come bout mate have to hide, a me Budjue sing that song for, no boy can’t put no flour bag over my face, Wifey u state u name, so u suppose to state u claims.

        1. he’s not DIVORCED a she look good ana mad happle fact …….. all the pic happle a tek why him still a hold on to his wife fact jay icon love that girl met tell her no Divorced can’t say more

  38. .. Umm I don’t want Jay .. Strap up 100%!
    My front nah guh dead lef me..
    I’m gorgeous and petite! Nothing fake real everything
    But I just liked him for his personality cool guy that’s my nigga tho ..

  39. met and meters good morning this here story have me a hide in a my work lace bathroom first it sweet and read it I believe I take more washroom break yesterday than any other day

  40. @wifey 6:21 am, since you always travel wid him, can wi assume that it was you who was behind the scene taking the pictures of him and cassie.
    Dem seh baby modda have 2 bumps pon har front, How many bumps deh pon yur mouth?

  41. you have to that wifey is smart to not come straight forward wid she a jaydian because if not she woulda deh inna di hot seat and haffi ah falsify/defend herself like apple and a war off di rest ah matey dem….but come on @wifey talk di rest ah di story fi wi

  42. @wifey so what has jadian done for you since you two have been togeher?ah him ah gi you dem lavish lifestyle deh or nah?
    p.s.come to think of it about the comment where you said that jaydian and apples were together for 4 years and their daughter is 3 years old plus it took 9 months to carry the baby…..that means she got pregnant for him within 3 months Damn!!!! that was quick

  43. @wifey so what has jadian done for you since you two have been togeher?ah him ah gi you dem lavish lifestyle deh or nah?
    p.s.come to think of it about the comment where you said that jaydian and apples were together for 4 years and their daughter is 3 years old plus it took 9 months to carry the baby…..that means she got pregnant for him within 3 months Damn!!!! that was quick

  44. Him cocky nice & bigggggg!!!!
    Mi love it now mi kinda feel fi go fcuk him fi old times sake
    DWRCL I’m not though. I never ex

  45. no to bloodclot dis sweeta dan overnight rice and peas. Seriously women. Jay unuh a fight over so. I saw dat boy at a party and him dont look appealing at all. Him is a turn off. So @wifey d cock soft more time, him live wid happle, u claim him personality mek u stay.Y did u think u was his only concubine? dwrcl. Then u say u not young, u have ur place and all dese tings. So is d lime light ur after? Enquirings minds would like to know, Bcuz right now yuh pussy waan wash wish ambition soap. Next thing u r every mans perfect side bitch. So ur right him will never leave u or forsake u like Jesus. Dis post need whole heap more ppl (inna mi best dung town voice)

  46. Him cocky nice & bigggggg!!!!
    Mi love it now mi kinda feel fi go fcuk him fi old times sake
    DWRCL I’m not though. I never experienced his Dick dying on me though
    Lol & I can confirm he love backshots but lawdddd it did hot hahaha
    Jay is that kinda nigga I would use for a threesome he da side nigga

  47. @Wifey
    please stop contradict your self, if you didn’t want fame you wouldn’t come and right all this shit.
    Jadion and I are good friends, I know what time he leaves his house in the day and I can reach him anytime, so lets see all the ways you sound like an idiot
    The man have a bag of woman he’s f**king, true but you get quality time??????????my quality time and your quality time is very different, lmao
    You claim he’s been with Apple 4 yrs, wrong he lied to you try 6 and counting, if you don’t believe go ask his ex wife or one a ya matie that really know your man
    You n I both know Jadion can talk very well, and is that he use on alot of you because is not money
    So how does it feel to lay in bed with the man on vacation as you claim and watch him call down his baby mother, and tell her how much he miss her and love her.
    So you’ve let the world know, you’re another one of Jadion anonymous f**ks, do you feel acomplished.
    It amazes me how much self esteem some of you lack., being from a good home surely says nothing about your character. you still sound dumb as shit

  48. Wifey is in love with Jadion and she knows she is in deeper than she probably intended to go. Wifey, just make sure you do not waste your young years chasing a dream. There is a man out there who will love you with his complete being, mind, body, and spirit; you may be missing out on him right this very moment because you are so focused on loving someone who you are getting crumbs from, and I mean this in the emotional and spiritual way. Go seek your own kingdom where you can sit on your own throne reigning as the Queen next to your King, right now you playing the position of court jester in Apple’s kingdom. #love and light
    For the sake of full disclosure, I am not affiliated in any way with any of the players mentioned in this story. I am simply an online participant on this forum.

  49. Apple jay a sex a big ooman a Cali.she did deh rehab stand right next to a watch you she say jay tell her to come down there and she Neva know say you was gonna be there them say a Bready cousin one big ooman.when him did go la fi Bready party ah she and him did a flex..mi soon get the lady name

  50. Sketel bam ……yu a kill mi wid laffter….”…nuh married to Count Dracula..!!” MAD tings…DWRCLLLLL!!!

  51. Wifey….is eeda yu get two fudge stick wi sum sella tape..***hint (splint)*** or beg RunnerMan exchange a bakkle of di Moet fi a blue pill.
    Also fi Wifey….mi nah knock yu ting cause nuff a di Ooman outa road a comfortably play matey. Mi juss wanna know, If di man nah spen and di buddy is Erectus Limpasaurus, is it friendship and cuddling that makes you happy?

  52. Wifey sound like a big time fool! A claim man weh nah claim u!! Damn idiot.. N if u were so comfortable with your position why u Neva hold ur corner as #6 n not run in pon the wall quick fi spread di man business. U a look recognition but nah get none. Apple is not di idiot a di whore dem pon di side weh wish dem coulda take her place n walk in her shoes. Dem can only borrow, f**k n hide wid di man when she can parade him around proudly as she pleases. That’s the problem we a blame Apple when in my opinion the gal nah do nothing wrong but show her love for her baby father openly that is what she is suppose to do. It’s the dutty bleach out bwoy weh wrong fi a have gal even a pass dem place n a write how dem a f**k n suck him limp dick. Side bitch dem fi no dem place n hold dem corner di man dem a Mek dem get too bright. Bout she want to be #2 bitch please which gal really want to be #2 when u were so quick n proud to run in for your 5 minutes of fame to tell u were f**king big bleach face. U need fi worry bout disease u nah c how much gal run in but the moral to the story is we all know Apple no one knows about u so take a pill n drop a sleep one of many bleach face pussy rag dolls. Cyan tek dem hype dunce big hole gal weh a desperately fight fi position even if a 1 wk out the month. Easy breezy nasty whore dem .. Dats why da man dem will Neva do no better uno Mek it too easy! Smh

    1. it true them make it easy when them think r see little money walk and a run the pussy i have some pic i got out and off my man phone n ipad n did ago sent them in but a god a save that old b*tchs a cali bout forever young your hair pussy but he to be blame that y METTY nuh get them if my man miss ur over 50yr old pop down body some a dem live with man ana send nxt man pic hey let me stop happle not a fan of ur but i can related but if some of this is true jay icon do better

  53. I’m in disbelief I can’t believe in relationship this world gone to rass !! How much women these men want and why these women value and self worth for themselves and for others has been demolished !! My lord

  54. Metty mi dont like the lime light that why me nuh sent them out god know ……………. wait metty dont laugh a year ago miss forever young call me n i ask who is this never mind your man is f**king this bitch name n number … me who is u hang up block so me start look miss forever young cant tell home what to do but i can ……. i don’t know if it still going on but i tell one more call to my phone r his n miss Met will be seeing your pic ………… it sad when them know u n you dont know them

    1. I hope is not Yvonne Bubbla fr. L.A you talking cause that’s her motto “forever young” She could never ah send her old gray collapsing crotches to your man phone…But that old foot love mine young bwoy
      The old foot bitches in L.A whore more than the young gal dem

  55. I still can’t get over the fact that they r arguing over the guy that used to work in Peppa’s chicken spot on Flatbush. This was prior to Peppa getting his own spot when he used to have a space in the Fish Market!
    I’m literally LMAO as I am typing… They’re acting as if he’s a CELEBRITY! This can’t b real. Is it? I mean he used to look 10 times better then. He was slimmer…not using bleach…attractive. He just needed a likkle clothes and a likkle fixing up.

  56. dog shit them mi nuh know a witch woman them come from the man them a dog but these hoe make it so easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i will not be like u one day i will not teach my child to be like u can’t some a dem say f**k a gal f**k my man so me ago f**k a next gal man noooooooooooo two wrong don’t make it right not in my book sorry and u don’t have to like my comment r what i said but it not ok me nuh in a the the happle and i don’t believe some of these comment I really don’t ……………… but it an ongoing thing that why STD N HIV wining CAUSE SOME OF THESE WOMAN LIVE IN A DRERM WORLD AND PUT THEM HEAD ON BLOCK FI THEM MAN NOT SORRY HELL NO

  57. Dis one likkle post wid Cassy …is like dem roach-bomb nasty people apartment Dem come out uuda different name and status and dus ah talk an talk fi oba 24 hrs now. Nuh wonda pumpum price gone dung fi some ah dem :mahongintip Mi neva see ah prouder set…yuh woulda tink Nobel Peace Prize ah gi out.

    1. Alla dis sake ah man…can you believe this Yawdy? They really don’t know their self worth. They don’t even give a man the opportunity to get to know them and want them…mi SEH!!! :hammer

  58. Sound very legit I always wonder how this likkle country girl cassy bless get so hype and start wear nice clothes.. Keep him cassy him helping you out ALOT!

  59. So, after all these days, this thread only boil down to the fact that happle and her man may need to buy health and life insurance and thank obama that pre-existing STDs won’t prevent them from getting treatment through dem policy.
    All this over the hood of a former meat seasoner, pot scrubber, tun scammer. Low ambition much? Ladies? lololol A happle bleaching, surgeries and scamma couture mek onu feel fi compete fi de near dead hood? :sup2: :gila: GRAB SOME PRIDE YAAD WOMEN, GRAB SOME PRIDE.

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