1. Nat nat dog shit you live a dem deh place a you owe rent fi mine you f**k man and a blame kizzy fi ur problem tell met say you did owe 6 months rent and when kizzy sent har money to you you teef the gal money nat nat don’t want you sinking pussy gal

    1. Waving hi hello kizzy de chead av yuh a way frm mawnin deh doah…get clean soon yuh hear :nerd

      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. kizzy i know you love give jayx out of town 3sum but please do not mix di ppl bout stinking pussy… :nerd

  3. It look like a nice community. You know dis is like when somebody used to eating garbage all dem life, when you give dme fresh food dem vomit and get sick. When you not used to certain tings you just will never get comfortable in it.

    But who just get up and move dem entire family to a place to turn right back around in less than 4 months. Did she not go to Florida a few times and do some research into the neighborhoods and worked out a cost of living budget of how she would live there? Did she move without even having work lined up? Certain things you can do when you single that you can’t do when you have children. I hope she find her head wherever its at.

  4. how come if she supposedly owed this rent from before why wait till know to put her on blast you let all these months go by and was just happy with know money? and if she’s getting evicted why only cut up furniture instead of the walls or the foundation of the apt not just the furniture that seems personal as if she’s trine tell the person who’s furniture it is f**k you?something is weird

  5. how come if she’s been there all this time not paying rent why not say something before why wait till know when she’s in ny??and how come if she’s mad because she’s getting evicted why not ruin the foundation of the apt like the walls and stuff why only the furniture stuff that seems like a personal threat to who’s stuff that is?? something seems fishy here

  6. Met u really hate Kizzy!!!!! But she has a let of ppl that loves her f**k y’all haters

    1. Dats good for you she and all involved… because mi talk di truth mi hate kizzy? tell har stop tell lie das all mi a say and mi nah stop say it

  7. How u know say Kizzy a lie? Kmt what f**king truth u talking? Well Kizzy not paying back shit so y’all can keep talking! As to Natalie hope she has so much mouth wen we catch her n that’s a fact!

    1. When we who? Kizzy was beaten quite a few times by Cutty P whey do har worse dan dis. I spoke about the papers earlier and that she moved in u can’t dispute that so it confirm who a lie and who a tell truth..Kizzy lying

  8. Met Kizzy don’t have to prove shit to u r nobody else! So you sure a Kizzy? Ok!

    1. no she damn well dont and das why mi free fi seh anything mi want it shudden badda u she nor she

  9. We will all see because Kizzy nah pay back no money n since she sure bout Kizzy tell that bitch to come!

  10. ok i understand its not that long ago but its been months that pinwale said she moved there she’s been rent free all this time and the person never said anything before she moved there with who though she just moved in a place who was it that supposedly helped her with all this moving where did she get money to move i saw someone say she was broke how did she eat how did she move her furniture how did her and her kids get to miami all these things don’t sound like a broke person to me unless the person that put up the paper paid for all these things then i will say ok then and if a community board puts a person in a different apt then they first agreed to there has to be some form of writing saying you would pay this amount until the new place is ready and also why would someone move if this supposedly place isn’t ready move there whole family thats not believable?? i think that this story isn’t 100% it just doesn’t add up met

    1. Kizzy move to fl on the first of february and moved into the apartment the 13 so what u talking about??Where was she living rent free btw?

      1. But you no see say is Kizzy and Her nasty friends run come a try defend KIZZY NOT CLEAN DIRTY LIFE. I HOPE SOME ACTION IS TAKEN, People should not do such evil things to others and get away with it. But Karma is for everyone and that Nasty Kizzy and Her battymon will have their day.

        1. The girl said Kizzy sent money all now dem cannot say how much…If Kizzy indeed sent money she can go court because she must have something to show where she sent the money for the 4 months

    2. HUH? You not adding up. When people say broke in reference to this set of people its never homeless broke. There’s nothing here to figure out.

      RENT due till eviction came into play, now the LEASE BROKEN. Month to month is what is given if accommodation isn’t ready and most time the rental office just don’t bother to extend that courtesy.

      1. But PP she went there feb 1 n moved in on the 13 so what she talking bout she was in girl apartment??

        1. Met, the amount a angle she come pon yah come throw is ridiculous.

          Natalie, mek dem come back a florida come fight you, mek sure a gun club dem reach cause ICE station up inna dat rass.

    1. I think u confused, first u say she dont have nothing to prove and mi tell u say das y mi a go say wha mi want…not mi seh wha mi want u really vex fi real? 🙁

    1. If Kizzy house so dirty I cannot imagine fi har pussy! Why would Met want to suck DUTTY PUSSY. UNUH COULD A BWALL BLOOD KIZZY WORTHLESS NO PUSSYCLWAT AND SHE NASTY.

  11. Met what a way u know the truth, you been living in the apartment with Kizzy an her family? As they run in with Kizzy name you happy. It look like you a carry belly fi Kizzy

    1. It look like u eye twist..THE PAPERS ARE HERE AS PROOF..I wouldn’t even patronize u pan di belly carrying at all because I know u dont believe those words there………

  12. Met the hate is realllll! That’s y God nah stop bless Kizzy no matter what! Met go wash yuh pussy n come off a Kizzy name cuz she’s not Losing a night sleep! Goodnight

  13. Oh bwoy, Kizzy groupies are going hard fi har ehhh Met?
    A wat so hard fi understand. She thought she coulda move and keep up the hype life off a di bitch up up clothes sem weh she stay far and make. She should have just ggwaan sew and saved for a while come up with a little money and buy a little house FL in a har big daughter name. But dem too hype and fool, them claim say them want live big but them ambition small.

    1. :ngakak all kizzy had to do was start making some pieces and mek a whole heap and start sell..she went there without a plan and florida u can’t run up and down like up north..1800 is not easy to be paid by one person and fi nuh have a good work and kids mek it worse

    2. And FL people is NOT like NY PEOPLE! They are very lay back, They prefer go flea market go buy cheap clothes fi dance than pay KIZZY NOT CLEAN MONEY FI HER BITCH UP CLOTHES. DWPCL. NASTY WORTHLESS KIZZY YOU NEED A RASSCLWAT BOX.

  14. Have u ever notice how dese rectobates head straight to dem puxxy as a argument start a wha u only speak puxxy then watch the man whey Kizzy good hole give har to no unnu is worse than worm shit real scumbags KMFT

  15. That paper don’t say nothing about Kizzy, is Kizzy name on it ? You just going by what the stinking bitch Natalie says, any send in anything about Kizzy you ready fi start on the gal , yu guh hard when it comes to Kizzy mi nah lie

      1. :tkp Illegal people cannot rent apartment in FL, This Girl Kizzy is very wicked to herself, Her man is legal, why he didnt get the apartment in HIS NAME? LOL

  16. One question por favor, what gated community in Miami will allow a person to be in rent arrears for 6 months??? Kizzy why would you stay 3 additional months knowing that this person owes past due rent??? Going by what you said @cho….she owed 6mo. Then Kizzy sent the money and Nat Nat kept it!! Mail had to have been going there showing that the management is moving to evict…..why would kizzy stick around and only leave when they put her out? @Cho por favor tell me how it really went down?

    1. After certain days passed for the due date of your rent, They put a notice on Your door, when it is going into your second month you done get 2 more notice, They dont wait for the 3rd month :nerd If the property was owned by a private owner then I would see maybe Nasty Kizzzy has a point, Put these apartment complex dont play :thumbup KIZZY Is a liar and she is going to get that ass beat trust me.

  17. Metty where going, come back here let mi ask you something :nerd ask kizzy jealous overzulika? :travel

    1. Den how me wudda know dat and mi doe know dem like that? Mi think dem woulda cool now because a years so..let me ask u..Kizzy jealous a Zulika??

  18. Natalie you selector man nat nat tell Simone say you pussy stinking kizzy need fi call uppa the hospital wey you wok mek dem fire you

    1. All uno can talk bout a suck and p-ssy..U si why kizzy ina problem not even uno vocabulary have anything ina it

    2. Kizzy right now u would suck a puxxy fi live some whey u full a shit like crab unnu toooo fuxxing wutliss all a Kizzy money go inna cutty ranks pass down buddy pay di ppl dem mudda suckersssssssss

  19. kizzy please to change the obeah man, cause as you can see, it is not working out for you,stop put di girl name in your shoes, that ia not nice darling…. :hoax2

  20. as mi say before kizzy can not fight fi save har life!!!!! next thing the ppl have up dem good legal gun, so please to tell lizard twin kizzy and di rest of roaches to bring it, ppl dem will be in CENTRAL VILLAGE, JAMAICA AND NYC THIS SUMMER!!

  21. Shi really love har Jon Jon shi want to give him the best in life! di idiat gal nat even ah think about har kids like dat, shi have skill an shi mek man tun har inna duppy bat lady wen yuh have a man you mus nat mek dem get use to mining causz you’re going to have to keep it up,him nuh betta dan you mamba dat him mek you cum hard an you mek him cum hard den yuh affi tun roun pay him breed feed wash cook all in the name of cum know yuh worth lady ijs!!

  22. Kizzy is a sad case and a Big lied gyal she lie lie lie all when you chatch are red handed she still lie right in your face old EVIL

  23. Kizzy and har frenz dem need fi go beat up dem hand pon a mop and broom the time dem tek a type **ckry!!! Dash out the nasty gal file yes

  24. sinking pu@sy kizzy no klean and har sister Georgette, member you do not know your rightful father, you mumma sell you papers to drugs mam waste gal!!!! di time you tek ah style di ppl dem, you need to go look fi your father and help you mumma come off ah crack!!!!!!!!!!!! stop let you mumma walk and beg!!!!!! you wukless!!!

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