Please rename you event Tina WetPet!
Why? Why? Why? ( In my nettie frm color purple voice) why tina nuh put har wheelchair inna park? Weh she ago? She ah keep bare as you dare? Mi need fie have a serious talk wid har? Mi nuh seh handicap ppl nuh entitle to have ah likkle fun but god damn it man….I hope she gie di fellow handicappers discount if dem show dem medicaid card or handicap parking stickers at di door! You really need to have several seatbelted seat Tina…look at ur flyers? Look at your face big uuman…yuh face look like when yuh ah wring out ole rag….it doh look good! Who keep fooling yuh? How yuh fie put ur self wid normal ppl…clearly you are an invalid! You are disabled…You look like you ah feel whole heap ah pain….tek ah break nuh…get some sleep…yuh done out and ur body is tired…how you ago keep bare as you dare and yuh cyaan show ur belly madam? Ah bare wrap up tie up fling round and drape yuh put on fie hide yuh self…and now yuh ago bare as yuh dare….mi ago come and tek in di sights caah mi sure mi ago feel like ah circus mi deh dah night deh! Tina why you look like you was in a very terrible accident and never get no medical attention….you fava when an ole 1988 toyota carolla car crash and wan repair but di mechanic have ah hard time ah find di parts dem caah you baawn so long ago…and yuh really have di nerve fie compare ur self to young green pretty tight hole girls.. you wish, you ah dream…You really need piece ah line stick fie help hold you up caah yuh look like yuh ah fall dung! Please change the name of ur dance cuz dat is false advertisement and mi feel like sue yuh right now! Mi soooo wan fight ur dreams and aspirations big uuman!

0 thoughts on “DIS MUS BE SIKES

  1. Seems like di ole handicap medicaid recipient crash car body ole ooman ah gi yuh pare headache and sleepless nights..try yuh best nuh have heart attack cause ah pare frettin Ms. Wet Pet ah gi yuh…unu young gal haffe get ole one day suh jus pray seh gnu can age and grow gracefully with age as some ah wi weh ole but very sexy, yuh hear mi green seed?? :bola

      1. Yawdy, yuh tink dem nice?! Di ole ooman ah mek dis young gal fret baad!! Ripe banana ah gi green plantain ah run fe ar monaaaaaaaayyyyyyy :hammer

    1. Yawdy, mi seh the extent weh some ah dem eediat gal ya guh tuh fe bring dem animosity and red yeye self to the club fe watch the next ooman and then complain :hammer

    2. yu nuh see seh a fool wi a deal with? Before she go learn fi wipe har self properly she a style di ooman.

  2. Sender, please keep in mind that when you hang around circus you might evenually become part of the circus…………stay away

  3. No man tinaaaaaaaaaa you really a keep bare as you dare .? Tina you too out of order stop now . Tina you is a handicap why fool you self. Love angella batty jaws them drop down she of to were batty pad she stay bad no rass me hear twinny give to ar rass the other night the devil have ar man angella you dead you f**k with people too much . Stay home with the dead man him need you company him don’t like mello Tina can’t even walk har foot turn side way Tina no more surgery please don’t give away no more mone

  4. Metty GOOD AFTERNOON! A mi good good bloggers! Pot Wata gut AMY a horse shape PRINNY oonu stay home a don’t want to vomit.POT wata gut go do something both u veins dem u skinn tan baddddddddddddd mi seh no wonder u wear di spider web outfit cause it blends in with u veins. Lawd u stay baddddddd u a u horse fren no sah a beg oonu stay hommmmmmme! Two a oonu stay badddddd a lava party velllllllllly badddddddddd had to leave oonu sick mi. Pot wata gut I was going to step to u a tell it to u face but I didn’t want to b the one to cause a problem a lava party but I will velllly soon.

  5. Big long time, mek then name already, “AH-SHO-WAH,S” vs Yung gal weh ah try mek them name “AH-SHO-WAH”s.. ….. den breed a chop dung yah mi did haffi go nigerian pon dem…..

  6. Yes metty baby. That exactly what it means. Altho it spell like this Ashewo. Mi did haffi put in the patwah twist

  7. Who Eva HATING on TINA need if come out to the boat ride…. A doctor will be available to fix unnu pussy and mek sure unnu bring unnu Medicaid care and mek sure it nuh expire!!!

  8. Shaddy an not shabby f**k you all a wino is a set a shit house dod eat dog you must a eat out Tina . Tina stay badddddddddd like them.truck wey tune over an cannot repair .frist of all Tina is a f**king handicap ar whole generation off spring she fe go pay attention to ar battyman son an stop eat pussy nasty johncrow

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