So a this yah man them sey mad in love with likkle_miss_dainty and she no want him only a wacth the p*#*y man can so fool after you no promoter and she no keep man fe long you no in her league you dont see her baby father’s them a top league think them girl ago want you lol.


4 thoughts on “DIS NAH GO STOP DI MAN

  1. Dwl mi an di letters empty yuh bloodclaat day b4 yessiday wid di f**y weh yuh run een wid an yuh run back again lol… Di furry pumpum ago mad yuh Betta yuh send een yuh self Mek we pick dwl… Poor yuh!!!

  2. I’m so confused are we talking about this girl that looks 12? What going on with this pedophile story? She has a baby father? His old is she? Just lost…

  3. This attack on this lady need to stop I know her very well and i know for sure it’s all a lie the person who we think is found this has a personal vibes against and let now bringing other people in it which have Notting to do with it which is unfair she is not a child just to make it clear she is in her 30s but that still don’t mean she should be abused in this way. Their is many people who is upset by this so please the person who is running this site please look in to it before posting any more of the emails being sent to you thank you.

  4. Kmt, ppl luv to chat whaa gwarn in the
    hype world industry cahh, just leave the girl alone and let her live her life…

    infact keep talking bout her becahh you just ah mek her even more famous!

    Plus shes ah nice looking gyal…
    Wifey Material…

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