Mi did tink Seh Di war was fi mek ppl cum a viva party but this look real 2 p**ycloth
Sad bl**th story di inna New York City afta mi tink Seh viva lef natty cuz shi dis Di youth pon fb n Ave ppl chat Seh man a ooooman clown Dwl but dat sum bwoi mus get becus dem act like dem no use to lil p**y. Everibodie inna dancehall know Seh viva dancehall mattress n pillow so why she inna big bbc war with SUKU ova him.look pon har party pictur all a viva man dem cum out from Bronx queens n Brooklyn gi support har. SUKU Yu a big bl***h fool fi deh with natty 2 afta yuh c how viva deal with him liikke a kids meal pon fb . Mi deh pon viva snap n fb n ig n dat gal deh no hide nothin only thin lef is fi she put out a sex tape.Suku u nuh c natty a viva child she even beat him batty pon snap smfh. fix up uno life cuz mi no see natty claim uno but if mi ave fi pic who win is Di dancehall mattress n pillow viva . She violate Di man him Til deh wit deh cho bbc Dis need Christ


  1. I had a moment, so I attempted to translate…

    I THINK the sender is saying:

    I thought the war was just to make people attend Viva party but it look legitimate after all.

    What a tragic tale in NYC!!

    I thought that Viva and Natty separated because she disrespected the man on facebook as well as on the road. People have speculated that the man is a woman clown; but that is the treatment Natty must get because he is behaving as if he has never had a woman before.

    Everyone in the dancehall scene knows that Viva is harlot so why is she in an altercation with Suku over Natty? If you look at her party pictures, all of Viva gentlemen friends were in attendance. They travelled from Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn to show her appreciation.

    Suku, you are absolutely clueless to be with Natty after you see how Viva manhandled him on social media. I follow Viva on Snapchat and several other social media accounts and she does not hide anything, the only thing left for her to do is put out a sex tape. Don’t you see that Natty is actually Viva’s child?! She has flogged and defrocked him on Snapchat.

    Get your priorities in order because Natty doesn’t acknowledge either of you but if I have to say who is leading it would be Viva. Her flippancy towards Natty knows no bounds.

  2. Lol I like the translation .. Wouldn’t it be nice if any time we were to visit this site , we could read well constructed sentences and grammatically correct paragraphs …. Cho blood clat dat is why dumb ass dancehall ppl can’t frighten me

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