1. I just cannot stand the accents of other island people! The mother went too far, not only was the beating overkill but you do not embarrass your daughter in front of the world. She doesn’t realize the psychological damage she inflicted on that child will have long term repercussions and is much worse than the impropriety the daughter committed.
    I am a disciplinarian and would have torn my daughter’s ass but there is a limit and there is a line between discipline that’s beneficial and disastrous.
    If this child commits suicide from the ridicule and embarrassment, would it not be counterproductive?
    The mother is ignorant at best and cruel at worst. I watched and was enraged. If this girl was accorded love from parents and family, chances are, she would have had enough confidence and sense of self to not engage in any depraved acts online.
    Raise your daughters like queens so they don’t act like hoes.

      1. Yes Yep, in today’s world these kids are highly sensitive. They are different from how we use to be. This is not the way to handle Generation Y. The child lacks love. The humiliation and public embarrassment will serve to ruin her for the rest of her life. We got beat worse but only our siblings saw it, not to be ridiculed by the whole world. This is why father’s are important in a child’s life. Deprive her from social media and technology until she learns to respect herself and handle them with a sense of responsibility, but these kids didn’t come here in this time on Earth for this. Wrong approach.

  2. Di little girl say “I am not related to ha”…..Lmaooooo. Di lady say she so vex she don’t know where stop is. Lol. I kaint today. Not today at all.

  3. I agree that the mom took it too far by publicly embarrassing the little girl….she can beat her little ass but why put it on the internet

  4. OK so the mother should not have had it posted on FB, I certainly agree with that. I still stand by my agreement with the child getting whooped. I bet the mother will rather have this embarrassment than have to deal with her daughter pushing a belly. Unlike the woman in this video, I will not dare say the mother is stupid. Maybe she was at her wits end with this child and reacted out of fear and desperation. In any event I wish them well.

  5. On a real tho I did notice the pain on the mother when sheeda sen on di whaappins. She seem like she never know how to deal with the situation but she was hurt, can imagine lots of these people coming from very modest and low tech lives to their kids always being glued to a screen which they dont even know how to operate. Must be scary for some parents and dis mumma ya,,,, me did feel sorry for her and it made me think bout if we nu need to give parents tech/internet/fb workshops

  6. I watched the video before I commented here.
    What is up with parents beating the shit out their kids & posting it for the INTERNET to see. Embarrassing the child?? LOL You just made it easier to be prosecuted! When my mother beat my ASS it was in the house & my father would either hold me or be watching tv. I knew what I did was wrong & I accepted the consequences with that ass beating. I don’t agree with the mother putting that on the Internet. She will soon face the ramifications of that. If the lil girl wah breed NO BEATING is going to stop her from doing so. If that was the case so many women wouldn’t be young mothers. But mi nah lie if my mother did that to me I’d hate her for eternity & tek it up with God later.

  7. Mi seh mi laaaaaauuuuuggggggghhhhh til mi tun foo fool DWMFL!!! Now coo she ah come on ya come class the lady for PROPERLY discliplining her child when time di lily piece ah curtain claat behind ar need re-tacking and hemming..she fine time fe come criticize the lady but yet still CANNOT find the stop button on a computer??? :bingung .. :hammer

    1. I couldnt even watch the video b/c of the accent..mi use 2 get
      Worse beating than that & i now apreciate it b/c it helped
      Made me the person im 2day

  8. I bet that 12 YEAR OLD won’t be posting no more panty pics. I am not sure if I would have whopped that ass because I have never had to beat my child. From my child was small just one look and she knew. Thank god she never called my bluff. lol. I DO however agree that the mother had the right to discipline that girl to that full extent. .

  9. the mother’s statement:

    “I stand firmly by my decision. I would go to jail for that,” she said, adding, I know my daughter will be an example to society,” she told radio listeners, adding that despite the public controversy, she has had the support of her family.
    The mother said the daughter has since apologized for the situation, but that the child’s father, whom she described as a police officer, is yet to contact the family on the issue.
    “I have been having problems with this child since pre-school,” the mother said, adding that the daughter has also complained of having “low esteem”.
    The mother said that the child, the second of four children, had posted sexually implicit photographs on the social website and then her method of disciplining her was to ensure that in the coming months, she would not have to deal with any early pregnancy or even worse her death.

    President of the National Parent/Teacher Association (NPTA) Zena Ramatali has disagreed with the manner in which the mother dealt with the situation, adding “I don’t think that is the way to go. That is not the way to discipline your child. We have to look at the manner of parenting. And we have to look at the way we are using technology.

    “We are parenting children in the 21st century. They are exposed to Facebook, Twitter and all the sites. We need to help them manage and understand. Whatever you put on the Internet can affect their young lives. We have to show them what are the consequen¬ces, what could come out of exposing the body on Facebook and Twitter,” she added.

    President of the National Parent/Teacher Association (NPTA) Zena Ramatali has disagreed with the manner in which the mother dealt with the situation, adding “I don’t think that is the way to go. That is not the way to discipline your child. We have to look at the manner of parenting. And we have to look at the way we are using technology.

      1. Met, she said the daughter has been giving trouble since pre-school. I suspect there is no love in the home and the child has been lashing out since an early age. She even admitted that the child has low self esteem, of course, her father is not present to reinforce self esteem and confidence in a woman. The beating won’t fix the problem, it only serves to amplify the child’s already existing low self esteem issue. Poor little girl. She needs a father and the love of her mother.

        1. Foxy no dont say that. Some people are born the way they are, u have some people no matter where they are from , their personality and behavior isnt a reflection of their upbringing or their home environment

          1. Met, that’s an interesting topic to be had on a whole new post. I’ve always wondered how one goes from an innocent baby to a murderer or any kind of demon. When my daughter was in preschool she would bang her head on the wall and act crazy and I paid for 1 year of behavioral therapy and she’s the sweetest person I know today. I do think at the time she needed attention and I was busy and she acted out. In my experience, when kids act out at such an early age it’s some deficit in the home. I’m not a medical professional so that’s just my opinion. But Miami Heat a play now so later.

          2. For some yes but take note…many serial killers had normal lives , people born disturbed mi nah se there is no help mi jus a say sometimes it have nothing to do with the environment and there is absolutely no excuse for bad behavior I dont think so.

          3. Bout Miami Heat ah play…come back here!!! Who more important…yuh JMG famly or television/propoganda? :sorry

          4. she clearly stated the child has self esteem issues and has been problematic since very young. knowing that, why would u beat her like a dog and post it for the world to see??? that will help her self esteem? she is certainly seeking attention, maybe spend time with her??? guess that would be far fetched smh

        2. As a female i think it’s the mother’s job to “reinforce” self esteem in her daughter. It wouldn’t hurt if daddy tells her she beautiful, smart, intelligent, talented whether she is or is not. Sometimes kids just need a little reassurance from their parents, it helps. But for real, daddy need to step up to the plate right now.

      2. The 12yr old sister made a video about the ass wooping. Maybe she was the one walking around the kitchen while mom was in action

    1. Thnx Honeybee, not to justify how di whole ting playout but seet deh a dat mi did surmise seh di likkle girl a gi trubble long time. A fed up di poor madda fed up an go all out and di one in a dis video now, no know di ooman from a can a paint an a come class up di ooman as stupid afta di ooman a try seek betterments fi r dawta.

  10. I thing I’m in the minority here lol.

    Perhaps it’s safe to say we all understand the mother’s anger in this situation. The child’s behavior disturbed the family a great deal especially the mom.

    However, I think where the mother went wrong is posting the video on facebook. Mom should’ve dealt with the situation in a different manner. We all know now that the child is a problem child; and as the mother stated, her daughter has “self esteem issues”, so it goes deeper than a “buss ass”.

    She’s disciplining her daughter for doing what we all consider inappropriate, then she (mom) turned around and buss her daughter”s ass, then post it on facebook! How is she setting an example for her daughter? The video has been share over 46,300 times on social networking sites, now how is this child self esteem’s going to get any better? I don’t think its the first time she’s getting a ass whooping, it has not work , so it’s time to go through other channel. It is safe to say she need professional help. Btw, her dad is a cop, he need to help the mom figure out how to help his child before she goes off the deep end!

  11. …the only mistake was posting it on the internet…di buss ass was deserving…….and the other thing ill say is this….maddafukkas talking shit bout low self esteem and parenting skills unnu cyan f**k off go nyam shit and dead a bush……..i have said it before that being poor is a crime……seet deh all now di fadda no appear…….so i can only surmise he is physically and financially unavailable, and by the surrounding no whole heap a money na run……….so which comes to di next part……when yuh f**king poor and bitch ass government officials only quick to jump in when yuh f**k up and not before when yuh really needed dis so-called help and counseling who di f**k is dem to say shit to you now??…………f**king ppl wid money can afford to tek time off to spend time wid di kids and hold dem bloodklaat hand chue thick and thin and steer dem down di right path……when yuh poor and haffi struggle and hustle every day to put food on di table and a roof over dem head yuh no have time fi pee pee cluck wid yuh pickney and correct dem errant ways………..therefore when di time come fi counsel and advise dem di quickest and best way to get to di point is di end of a belt……talk to any ghetto-ite and dem will tell yuh dat shit……

    1. It’s this damn shit why you have black women in the Bahamas being shitted on and the prison population predominantly black. You know one of the major difference between a good household and a ghetto ass house, the fact that one understands that kids are not just left to fend for themselves or fed and left alone like animals. Children must be raised if you wish for them to amount to anything. A part of being raised is being loved, for when one is loved they develop a level of confidence and self esteem that prevents them from doing the shit the little girl did.

      It’s idiotic of you to denounce the fact that she has low self esteem when her very mother highlighted this fact. Yes, poor people have to work and poor fathers are absentee fathers and this creates a recipe for failure. Truth is, if you can’t afford children, don’t have them. They require work, effort, time and love.

      Kicking the child’s ass is tantamount to placing a bandaid on a gun shot wound. You don’t seek to rectify a problem after the fact. You raise your child with love and attention so at 12 years old they don’t have to seek it online.

      To this day my child doesn’t know what Rhianna looks like and doesn’t know that a BET or MTV even exists. I raise mine and protect and shelter her. When she has a strong solid foundation and a good sense of self them she can survive out there.
      I won’t pretend it’s easy for parents that have to work out of the home. I won’t pretend that even if you are home that you are always in the mood or mindset to play with and shower your child with attention. It is by no means easy. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet but by God, it must be done.

      Kicking your daughter’s ass especially by a father is setting her up to expect beatings from a man. Try the reverse, love and empower her and see if you’ll ever have to kick her ass..

      This is that damn black mentality that’s screwed ya’ll up. It’s backward, harmful and antiquated. Try taking a page out the white man’s book and then you’ll see why his son’s go to Harvard and Yale and yours go to Rikers and GP.

  12. Watch eh. When children want to shame you and have no respect for you or themselves as parents it’s our responsibility to do something! Whappen to all yuh so? All yuh get too Americanized! I give her right to beat her like drum. I bet she won’t come with no belly! All yuh lucky! Your child is not your friend. That’s what’s wrong with society. What’s wrong with the cut arse we get growing up? I doh business. The child post up naked or semi naked pics and yes she supposed to let that go down! C’mon people

    1. I don’t think anyone here was against her beating her. The problem is humiliating her by posting it on Facebook. The problems transcends her taking her clothes off. Some children are weak and easily led astray and will do things to be considered cool, things that can be detrimental so yes, she deserves an ass kicking of course. However, when you have children, many times the way you raise them will set the course for the things they expect of themselves. One major problem here is the absentee father. Too many black men are missing from their children’s lives. A lot of black parents in anger call their children derogatory names and this affects the child/children. A situation is never as one dimensional as it appears.

    2. I’ve known girls who were beat like animals by their parents because they were wild teenagers, all that beating didn’t make them change their ways, they all became parents as teens. So beating a child because of inappropriate behavior wont hinder them from becoming parents at young age.

  13. Iccan’t stand to hear Trini African Haitian Barbados ppl speak dat shit urk my nerves anyways my opinion on this is when a father is absent from the home it creates frustration n stress in thesingle mother n turn letting out frustration on da poor child which in turns ccreats a broken home its a cycle

  14. Spare the rod; and spoil the child. My dear mother gi mi some flogging deh and mi lub r
    mi lub r mi lub r so ’til. Mama tank u. ‘Cause u neva flog mi because u have man problem, u never flog mi because wi did hungry an u a displace u anger. U flog mi because I dud rude things and u pointed out why u were disciplining us just like the mother to her daughter.

  15. Mi agree wid everything foxy said…I do beleive in scolding a child but I think the mom went way too far…if this child has been giving trouble since pre school has anyone stop to find out why is this child giving trouble? Maybe she was molested or wasn’t shown enough love as a child…yu haffi start train dem from early ….this was way too much…yu can see seh di poor child use to di beating because from she put on di first lick a gone me gone…dem lick deh wuda haffi ketch mi while running….she cud have ban her from the computer..take away her phone or something…dat to me was abuse…when people a scold dem kids dem nuh beat dem suh long…dat was definitely overkill…

  16. The mother did nothing wrong a FB she want to pose nude for? Tear that ass up I would have wey the belt first then trash that ass shit. Kmt

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