A man is under arrest after police say he was caught at John F. Kennedy International Airport trying to smuggle drugs.

Authorities say Romario Lewis, a Jamaican citizen, arrived at JFK from Kingston on April 16 and presented himself for inspection.

During the examination of Lewis’ suitcase, authorities say he exhibited numerous signs of nervousness.

CBP officers conducted a physical search of Lewis and discovered two packages in the subject’s groin area.
romario second brief
The two packages contained a white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine.

An approximate weight of 1 pound of cocaine was seized, with an estimated street value of more than $19,000 according to DEA statistics.

CBP officers placed Lewis under arrest and turned him over to Homeland Security Investigations.

He now faces federal narcotics smuggling charges and will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
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  1. Good try yute betta tuck i mean luck next crime i mean time……….at least a money him a pree not like the rest killing off each other a yawd

  2. Romario shape up di cocaine like pad and siddung pon it..lol..Him seed bag neva a hat him? Aw well, nah support nobody a deal inna drugs, lucky is not an Asian country dem ketch you in, at lease you will live.

  3. I don’t blame him trying to make a living instead of robbing and killing people. It’s too bad that he got caught if he wasn’t nervous they wouldn’t of checked him because from the story that’s what theyt noticed and it prompt them to check him. sad but hey I don’t blame you.

  4. GM Metty, can we get more info on him? mek mi seee if is di young man mi kno not more dan 21 who going college up dere in the North East cause mi in shock

  5. YOww most a unu weh a comment a gwaan lke seh unu wouldn’t do the same thing…unu lef him alone and go SUM

    1. Return to sender!

      No, many ppl would not do this, there are still tons of us who live by principles and a strong moral code, and wi ain’t going nowhere. Mi know it bun unno fi know seh wi still on di planet and wi nuh tun it ova to unno low lives. We will be here all when unno a blaze and tink unno run tings wid unno wickidniss wi nah guh no weh..abayyyyyyy.

  6. Some of us can say that no we wouldn’t do it because we can go out there and work even if the pay is not enough OK that’s good and dandy but there is some that can not hold that low paying job if they wanted too because of many situations, some may not knoq how to do anything else but what he got caught doing, we never know how a person is living their life and we can never judge a person who decides to go the route he did we are not in his shoes or any other person and I wouldn’t judge him because I couldn’t never say at my worse and lowest what would do. I can’t JIDGE anyone for anything that they do because I’m not in their shoes. I live a honest and decent life and I work hard, I’m a single mother of two and I’ve been doing this on my own for a long time and I’ve been up ups and downs some downs that you would want to just give up but by the grace of God he answered my prayers. I won’t judge him and despite what he got caught for I wish him the best..

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