1. How do You know this man Shot And Killed Marvin? And Tex ? Do you have proof did you see it with your own Two Eyes or Over hear A confession ? If not Please close your mouth and stop making false Accusations because it can lead to a lot of things

  2. Apparantly some of u havent read the rules of JMG so let me quote a particular rule for you. Rule #5 Do not deliberately LIE on someone here or send in any information based on your own personal vendetta.This is clearly the case here. Met kindly remove this innocent man pic from your site as this is obviously a vendetta. Have a blessed day everyone

  3. My prayers are with you Stylo,the truth will prevail. Must be a hater that posted your pic but keep your head up. Facts over fiction wi sey God got this

  4. Psalms 11 vs 19 and this is for whoever posted his pic. An hypocrite with [his] mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered. Amen, God have the final say not man

  5. In Jesus name is pray the Lord shineth his light on this young man. Why some of u suh wicked? Why unu waah prison an innocent man. This guy an all the rest are friends, jus like Marvin he’said not perfect but him nuh kill nuh badi. Why unu post him pic? What if somebody post fi unu pic an talk all weh nuh guh suh? Unu nuh have no conscience but God aguh deal wid unu. The blood of Jesus against unu. Unu a set up di ooman one son life. Why unu suh cruel? What a mighty God we serve, I will continue to pray about this. To the family of both the deceased and wrongfully accused God is in control

  6. How the dawg fi stay a jail an inna Tex shooting unu guh suck unu madda an get facts b4 unu talk. Banks a real yute, badmind a kill unu chu di yute guh chu weh him guh chu an keep him head up a star bwoy an mi naw stop rate da yute deh unu fi gweh. Tex fi talk who shot him up caw him kno wa time it is

  7. More while yuh affi siddung an reason wid a goat caw some hu man being a wicked. A one person comment unda yuh pic an a hate an a the first comment suh hear wa, nuh badi cyah tell mi sey a nuh di person who put up da pic ya write di 1st comment but nuh badi naw gi yuh nuh forward u nuh si dat

  8. Singing Mr Vegas I am blessed, everyday of my life I am blessed. Wen I wake up in the morning and I lay my head to rest every day of my life I am blessed. All mi waah kno is if the person who put up the pic nuh shame? Bad blessing aguh tek yuh caw yuh too wicked an anything yaw send come God aguh tun it bck pan yuh. 7 times fall 7 times rise awoah a jus the blessings now leave di yute mek him prosper caw unu obviously cyah stop God pple dem

  9. Church wi a keep rite ya suh caw sender u need deliverance. Mighty God creator of heaven & earth, cover the wrongfully accused under your blood and keep him safe until the truth is revealed. Show thy enemies who speak ill of him that you are God and you never abandon your sheep. Lord you are the giver of life and hold the knowledge of all things. Let the guilty party bow on their knees and confess their sins to the necessary authorities. If they don’t have a conscience may they grow one before innocent lives are affected by their actions. Let the family of the deceased put their anger aside in order to see the truth, it shall set everyone free in Jesus name I pray. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart & lean not to thy own understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. Amen

  10. Banks and tex a did good fren so a that a lie that , and banks was lock up when tex get shot … a hamma shot tex and marvin

  11. To the person who put up the yute pic weh u did tink? Pple did aguh bash Banks? No dear, pple a nuh ediot. Sensible pple look pan facts dem nuh falla gossip. Anybody who have sense can realize sey a jus chu di yute guh di pawti wid Hamma wen dem jump Hamma mek him name a call. Why Leng dem trouble Hamma? Nuh badi naw talk bout dat but unu fi split justice an call a spade a spade. Maybe dis wouldn’t happen if dem neva trouble di yute mi only sorry a Marvin suffer the consequence. Why dem neva out up Hamma or Leng oic or the other yute dem weh jump Hamma? Suh mi kno is a hater duh dis but God si who u are an him aguh deal wid u fi dis on him own time. As far as weh mi hear from good source Banks guh inna the party an him talk to Marvin an talk to Leng dem suh obviously him neva deh pan nuh side. Look how long unu nuh si him, dat shoulda tell unu sey dis nuh have ntn fi duh wid him but the light that’s within him will shine brighter dan any darkness unu a try send his way. That guy is a changed man from wa unu kno bck inna the days. Mi kno him family dem, him mother an lickle sista an dem a good pple dem nuh condone foolishness. If him wrong dem gi him the wrong an mi hear dem a swear fi him suh mi believe. Dem guh Marvin mother funeral wen shi died couple yrs aguh rite inna a church ova Waterloo a Spn Twn. Marvin like the guy lickle sister fi yrs an dem keep in touch how much donkey yrs till now. The girl sey wen shi bruck har foot last yr a Marvin get somebody fi bring har guh therapy, wait pan har an drop har back home. Unu come offa the yute name caw if the dead coulda talk mi kno him naw call the yute name. Unu is jus a hater but God nuh like ugly

  12. Banks would really wicked if him have Notting to do with Marvin thing ,cause Marvin use to take care a him

  13. Talk mi mind , a hamma first violate leng , cause hamma fire shot over leng house and mek police run up in a leng house … hamma think him a the baddest thing tru him shot man in setting and make it lockdown… him also kill the dj yute a Baltimore, him also shot blinie a Nicky stylas grand daughter birthday party… then him shot tex because tex use to sleep with Mara… that’s why when leng see him at clean party leng page him about the shot him fire over him place and why him shot tex … and dem star to fight

  14. “Think him a the baddest thing”??…He MUST be the baddest thing if his name called on so many shootings…Who else in the DMV is hott like that???

  15. A Hamma first violate Leng and shoot after Marvin in front a Leng yard! Ok Leng had EVERY RIGHT fi guh page Hammma. Weh unnu fi ask Hamma seh if him deh ova pon him side wit him fren dem already WEH di f**k him guh pick up himself and guh stand round back a Leng and dem and him know weh him do. Why him neva stay pon him side of the dance? Marvin didn’t even stand up round Leng and dem or even was involve in the fight so weh Hamma really shoot the mon fah? Hamma seen Marvin before clean and before banks reach back inna di states so how all of sudden the mon dead when Banks reach? If Hamma left the party first how him know fi come back a clean and trail Marvin at him Gyal yard? Big pussy Ventee a you give up yuh own cousin address to Hamma to how yuh hate Leng and Marvin and now you drag big pussy Luda who can’t defend himself inna yuh f**kery. Luda, and suck hood Ventee a one a you send Hamma a text fi Mek Hamma know seh Marvin was still at clean. But God nah sleep and him know

  16. I care zero bout who an who a war weh mi care bout a the yute pic weh dem put up a dat mi a talk bout caw muss a waste man duh dat or a waste gyal. Check Banks track record unu tink him careless. Come offa di yute name an unu shouldn’t put up di yute pic. All mi a sey him nuh have nuh reason fi hurt Marvin suh unu fi stop guan like unu waah get di man involve. Link any one a di man dem an mi sure dem aguh tell yuh sey dem kno di dawg nuh inna it suh get unu facts. Evri badi weh did deh a Clean sey dem si di dawg a try part the fight afta Leng an him fren dem jump Hamma. Unu a provide explanation bout why Leng jump Hamma him nuh si him nuff time afta dat suh why jump him deh suh? Hamma free fi guh any weh him waah bout why him guh Stan up deh suh him neva trouble unu a unu guh trouble him

  17. A Marvin an Leng den Stan up suh mi nuh kno a wa duh anonymous bout Marvin neva Stan up wid Leng. U rite wen u sey Marvin neva in deh wen Leng dem jump Hamma. Yaw guh sey Hamma an Leng buck b4 Clean suh why as Banks deh bout unu a instigator. A nuh dat yuh fi ask, ask u fi ask why Leng choose da particular nite deh fi jump Hamma den since dem buck b4 dat unless a try unu a try set up Banks den but it naw guh work. Banks a nuh ediot, why him woulda shoot Maevin den as him reach back nuh him woulda be the suspect. Some a unu nuh tink b4 unu talk. Unu nuu kno how fi duh maths unu brain too basic. Wen unu a talk unu fi come wid facts an stop bait up pple

  18. Unu cyah put up di dawg an nuh mention di big head baby madda/wife weh run chu di dawg money a party it out an a fly from here to there a every dance weh keep. Shi neva even pay the storage fi the dawg furniture dem mek dem get tek weh dem gal deh a real waste mi nuh kno wa man a duh wid all some a dem an shi end up rite back har mumma yawd every time mi si har mi laugh caw shi a clown. Dem gal deh nuh millitant, idiot gal day shi f**k married man Mark weh cyah gi har nothin suh if the dawg neva f**k har up den him naw guh f**k up Marvin fi no reason. A dem man deh mek da bitch deh weh nuff man pass chu feel like shi a somebody. Dem gyal deh nuh have nuh sense but the dawg fi duh DNA pan di last yute shi gi him caw di street a sey a jacket. Unu tell har come beat mi caw mi nuh dun dash out pan har yet

  19. Dutty gal ventee and luda text hamma say Marvin and len at the party, luda you ago get what a come to you an you suck hood sis ventee … tex first use to f**k ventee then Italian… now hamma start f**k are an video are a suck him hood … hamma u a wicked fi shot tex and kill marvin

  20. A wa duh da bitch ya name Gaye, muss be ‘gay’ fi mek a name like dat. Gyal stop call up Banks name an guh ring out yuh big pussy mumma bitch. If yuh tink yuh bad identify yuhself gyal unu a back biter who Banks eva kill yet bitch? Chu him wipe him hood inna yuh face yaw carry feelings talk weh guh suh but nuh tell nuh lie pan di yute chu u nuh like him

  21. Unu naw pin no murder pan Banks guh suck unu self. A unu man an unu family dweet an unu a try frame di yute but people a nuh fool suh nuh badda try tek nuh heat off unu people dem an try put it pan him

  22. All a 95 man dem woman dem a bitch none a dem nuh mek one. Nuff man pass through dem who nuh ugly a mine man, some a undercover freak an a gwan like them a nerd, some a dem pussy deh pan dem farid. Dem man claim dem have money an dem woman cah dress dem fi Clean. Georgette favour man but shi smart. Har dressing always on point an dem expensive. Shi buy har house an a duh har ting Banks shouldn’t dis she fi da ediot gal deh caw Georgette have him back everybody talk it

  23. Vendetta go struck tru u mumma big pussy weh stink like a ten day cabbage water, banks and hamma left the party and go trail Marvin home … you identify yourself mek mi step in a your head like how leng do hamma at the party … pussy vendetta go hide ur pussy lips

  24. I hope everything Weh Unno ah say U have proof Fi aback it Up Everybody ah try Point this as A setup or Friend Kill Friend But Nobody nuh Know who kill Marvin! Nobody Nuh know who shot Tex and Who kill Rraw Dawg Everybody ash speculate and Ah run Off Dem diarrhea Mouth and nah mek No Sense! Remember the Police have Video and Evidence Security even know so everybody ah Play detective Guh siddung and Stop Mix The wrong ppl in ah Fukery.

  25. PHEW what a busy rass bunch lamb of calvary all these names we have so so many feathers in our caps these people come from nowhere no decent background or upbringing and when they go dung them a carry Jamaica name eena mud, mek dem gwan to rass till orange call we outtt

  26. A wa duh da bitch deh Gaye lol faggot. Gyal mi wi rite yuh off wen mi buck yuh a dat mi a mek yuh kno. Laugh mi a laugh offa yuh still gal can kno sey yaw one waste gal weh a suck off the hood dem inna DMV. Gyal yuh nasty caw yaw store cabbage watere a yuh yawd fi 10 days mi nuh kno wa di f**k dat smell like an mi nuh waah kno neither. Leng a waste man bout like how him step inna Hamma head Leng kno him cyah manage Hamma das why the pussy jump him. Laugh mi a laugh offa him to caw him a fool. Real bad man nuh need gang fi defend dem shit das why a di end of di day mi rate Hamma caw dem man deh roll alone. All wid a bagga man him still f**k unu up imagine if him did come wid kru lol gal stfu

  27. Gaye mi is a feisty piece a boy u nuh waah try mi caw mi wi buck yuh a road an bax dung yuh blooclawt yer dat gyal ting bad pple inna nuh one bagga chattin wid nuh big pussy gal feel like yuh man can defend it. Mi bax dung dat to an him affi hold dat an Walk weh. Him nuh bad like not even mi woman suh mi wouldn’t even come fi unu, tink mi nuh kno a who unu bout Gaye u an Leng a informer gal

  28. Hamma mi can’t wait till Spanish town man hold you and put a dozen bullet in a u head , you a f**king fren killer fe kill Marvin and f**king shot tex , the man dem have them kids and you f**king the kids dem life up without them father … hammer u a murderer blood is on your shoulder

  29. Who sey surveillance was there den run it den nuh suh name can stop call. If surveillance did deh deh dem boy deh woulda pick up who fi get pick up areadi

  30. HotHead how U Know Who get pick Up already and Who Dem ah investigate? From sat/Sun people ah get investigate and everybody who name call Dun reach dung ah station already di whole ah Unno just Fool fool and nah nuh sense! Police a watch and read every word and every name and a match every picture. Use ya brain this ah Nuh drugs it’s a Murder and police deh Pon it just remember the usually have 48 Hours fi solve a Crime and start investigation so FYI Dem Start The Process already .

  31. Vendetta a you mumma a suck off the off the DMV hood dem , pussy text mi ur info so mi can put a fat shot in a you big head … mi man a big shotta fr mobay so pussy gwaan talk off ur pussy face … cabbage water under ur mumma big pussy a smell up the dmv …hamma a pussy… cause leng bust up him pussy face weh Mara sit in a … why him never f**king go fe leng no but him trail Marvin home an shot the man from back … coward like a vendetta lol

  32. Pussy face vendetta who u can bax dun , mi we just tek mi man gun and dun u bumbocloth bitch … batty boy u nuh feisty like mi so go f**k ur batty man dem … u can never step to mi man cause u would a pick up 6 shot… i wish when leng step in a hamma head him did dead like a aunty foul dem … leng step in a hamma head by him self and bust it up like a dog … hamma tek kick up and bax dun … bout u a bite the man

  33. Gaye yaw joker suh mi not even a waste time pan yuh bout yuh man come from Mobay lol yuh confirm exactly who mi kno yuh be but nuh worry yuhself, mi aguh leave it deh suh. Chat yuh chat to much yuh nuh si man draw yuh out das why mi nuh look pan gyal like unu caw unu nuh have nuh head. Unu luv mix up suh till unu jus waah ketch on to something fi start labba unu mouth. Guan talk up weh yuh man Leng duh caw everybody kno sey a jump dem jump him waste man alone look credit fi wa dem nuh duh. Tek yuh man gun come fimi caw mi a wait pan yuh. Yaw nuh real girl bait yaw bait up di man but a dat fi reach him to caw him a cratches

  34. Gaye yuh cyah dis my madda caw shi an your mumma a nuh the same ting but mouth mek fi chat anything still. Me fi text u my info a you fi send yours caw yuh bad. Muss ur mumma pussy cabbage wata unda why yuh how smell but mi nuh too talky talky but watch waah guh guan. A you fi feisty bout mi nuh feisty like yuh nothin nuh wrong if mi nuh feisty like yuh but mi naw question if mi a more serious bwoy fi an a dat count a the end a the day don’t?

  35. A joke dis, Wish Marvin coulda cum talk fi himself. Can’t trust no of these bitches, a bad mine mek Dem kill di yute, him frenn Dem set him up,hamma sorry him kill Marvin, but him nuh sorry yet, wait your time is close, you is a wicked boy, use to sleep pan Marvin floor, you rob the man and him leave you alone, the man tek care a you and yuh gal, and yuh tun round kill him, rip Marvin nuf a Dem ago follow you just watch and wait, BBC judgment day

  36. $25000 reward for the arrest of Banks for re entering the United States after deportation. ICE warrant.



  39. Da person ya name anonymous a real joker. Pple move on long time suh idk wa Banks duh yuh mek yuh deh pan him name suh. Yaw guan like Marvin a saint. Him walk an rob pple, him jus a come from prison suh mi nuh kno a wa duh u. Banks neva get deported either, get yuh facts straight but it’s nice wen pple believe one ting, it show yuh dem true colors. Don’t know why yaw temp mi fi dis Marvin eno. No respect the living an dead mi nuh waah resort to dat but yuh brite

  40. Met u need to take this pic down. Let the sender provide evidence. He’s innocent, dis nuh fair. U need to find the real killer and stop wrongfully accusing this guy

  41. To the person who put this up and I have my suspicions, go find the real killer. Girl wen yaw call pple name jus memba sey a drugs yuh sell suh a dat yuh fi guh tell police bout. Marvin shoulda can talk yes caw him woulda clear the guy name. How would u feel if someone wrongfully accused Marvin of something he wasn’t guilty of. Girl get yuh facts, real facts an come back again

  42. ICE nuh pay warrant fi arrest yuh naw trick nuh badi anonymous. Death is inevitable, don’t mess up innocent pple life because yuh angry. Marvin a convict who was released early, he wasn’t a saint. Marvin sister who put up the post Marvin tell mi sey yaw prisoner yuhself. Yuh beloved bredda chat sey yaw jail bud. U an him a same ting an Marvin instigate nuff murder a karma reach him an it aguh reach yuh to. U si wen yuh serve God an put him b4 man an material tings u affi prosper. The pple dem ova Marvin now, it’s a part of life. One have to die so another can be born. It’s not easy losing loved ones but u can’t fight the inevitable. U should try to move on also caw revenge on the wrong person not gonna solve things

  43. Suh Banks neva married to big head Desiree? The time shi tek a party out the man money shi shoulda tek it an file him papers. She born here so if she did have sense instead of a walk an tek the man dem like church collection shi woulda mek him reach back here legally. Man fi pick up woman who have dem back an can hold dem up wen things go down but she clearly serve no purpose in this man life. The only positive thing is probably the daughter she gave him caw we all know the son belongs to Mark.

  44. I don’t understand the papers wife Desiree. What were u doing this entire time for him except sleeping with him and wasting his money? I don’t see her purpose because the only use she serve which is the only reason he married her she still didn’t pull through so what is her purpose? Nuff gyal tink dem a con man but a she a the real con artiste. So har wid har 4 eye a guan like shi nuh have nuh sense

  45. But look at it now, most people come on here and defend Banks but none one person come on and say the child is his own lol no sa. That look strange. U would tink one of Banks family members or friends would come on and say the child is his unless they have doubts themselves. Desiree aka pretty plus tax, all now I can’t figure out why she call herself that maybe I need glasses too. As Banks get lock up she wasted no time to start f**k Mark, she neva want Banks is him things did red har eye mek shi tek Georgette man an breed fi him an him still couldn’t take caw him get a next child a Jamaica. Desiree said her last child was born premature, 7 months, I wasn’t surprised that’s what she claimed because she want to throw the child on the people them son. Mark is a married man with half dozen kids so he didn’t want the child so she did the next best thing. She was sleeping with Mark then run to Jamaica as Banks reach down there then f**k him an throw the child on him. Every minute u hear that little boy in Jamaica, she trying too hard

  46. Desiree is no saint so her name must call. She an Georgette was friend and she was hanging out with the girl an taking her man under the quiet. Banks did live with the baby mother that live in Phillidelphia now every minute that girl used to beat up Desiree and Georgette. All them a guan dem tek the girl man an the girl leave them go have him and them didn’t get any better treatment that’s why unu fi leave people man alone u think u win for a minute but it don’t worth a lifetime of misery

    1. Judging by the Type of Women banks like him no have no decency about him either.That baby mother unuh a talk bout a Philly is no baddi either.. Durtty nasty sadamite Tiana is confused. She no know if she wah man or woman. She teck all adi man dem a Philly till she tunn to the woman . Dat gal front no have no parshall. All 2 people ina family she sleep wid. I swear she was molested as a child why she behave so Prostituish. Everytime me see har me stumucck sick. And the sad part about it is she don’t care she,she will not change her ways. Sad to say she a raise 2 daughters and dem have to see a different partner around them every month.

      Judging by the Type of Women banks like him no have no decency about him either.That baby mother unuh a talk bout a Philly is no baddi either.. Durtty nasty sadamite Tiana is confused. She no know if she wah man or woman. She teck all adi man dem a Philly till she tunn to the woman . Dat gal front no have no parshall. All 2 people ina family she sleep wid. I swear she was molested as a child why she behave so Prostituish. Everytime me see har me stumucck sick. And the sad part about it is she don’t care she,she will not change her ways. Sad to say she a raise 2 daughters and dem have to see a different partner around them every month.

  47. so like how unuh know all the details go tell the police no bring it to pink wall that nah make no sense justice nah serve on pink wall. not saying ppl fi put them self in danger and snitch but same like how unuh can type on pink wall go type on police wall

  48. I need to get in touch with the family of the guy that died. It is very important. It’s about the guy in this photo I know him and I know where he is hiding and wish to share this info with the relevant people. Family if you are reading this please direct me on how i can get in touch with you. I want to share this information before he realizes and change location. I have the address as well as contact number for his current burner phone

  49. Da pussy ya a f**k a waste gal weh a sell him out a NY but a dat the f**ka fi get. My woman show mi the 100 an mi a pree everything an a seh eee a dat a gwan. Rite now a bagga people know him location ova Yonkers an a wait fi run in pan him dat a nuh secret. Is a big titty shape bad beard up woman him live wid and shi always a wear wig. One a mi nigga use to f**k it and style her neatly. Man fi lowe out street gal them a crosses. Woman wicked but pussy like them ya fi feel it. How yuh fi jus come a foreign an kill yuh friend, joke thing. Mi hear is a waste man still but if a did my family drop out den yuh know the schweppes

  50. Banks have a type. A peer sketel him like and then treat them like them a wife. Wonder what his mother is like because boys usually go for the type that stay like them mother. I know him have a sister in New York who whore down the place. She bleach out white white and she wear nice things but she a duh the things them to get them that’s why I don’t badmimd people for what them have cause you don’t know how them come by it. She look like Banks, she tough like man but she nice looking and put herself together. She go both ways atleast that’s what I heard that she into man and woman and her self esteem very low. Look like Banks don’t have any woman around him to show him what a good woman is mi actually feel sorry for him

  51. Yes Smh everything you say is true about Banks sister she in Jamaica right now. Everything about her fake. Banks have another sister from Compound but she live in foreign now. She is Jamaica now still. Her name not in the streets or anything although she can sneaking with her thing. She post the guy picture on her page that them said Banks kill. Look like him is her friend like that. She sound hurt by her post but wonder what she said to her brother about what he did. Hope the police go get her side of the story cause she probably know something that will be helpful. Compound people seh she and one of him friend good good deh in Jamaica that’s why she come so regular but she always deny seh them deh. She shouldn’t even look deh suh cause him caah tame him f**k everything that move and him love the sketel them. She don’t seem like him type cause him love the thick freaky gal them and she a slimmas and seem decent so I wonder if a love him love she or something about her him like that much. Is him friend sister so that might give her the upper hand but mi hear sey shi have womb cancer and caah breed. Him have kids in America but them look big him dont post them regular still so maybe him dont want any more which would give her another upper hand. Him have a girl that come from foreign regular and them deh for many years now and him don’t breed her so him must know what him plan is. It might not be true but anything people say if it don’t near so then it go so. It look suspicious still fi she pass 30 and still don’t have any. As Banks reach a foreign him name call but i hear him and him friends used to go hard before he was deported the first time. Him turn party yute in Jamaica now and the girl them seh him cum quick but them love him though so idk is what bout him. Guess is the hype. You have TC him get deported too and have a patch over one of him eye like him a pirate him seh people blind him. Him act fool but I hear he is the trigger man when them was in foreign. Banks best friend get deported too name Nico, all of them live at Compound. The people them chat him seh him mouth stink bad and all him do is lock up in the house and play game everyday. Chat deh pan all a them and them hype u si. Them put up Shawn the other day seh him have aids. I dont believe him have any aids but to how him a run him body red it not impossible either. Them call Banks mother Mayor in her community. She mash up now and stop fix up herself the people them seh them smell Her but she wasn’t like that so maybe her kids them stressing her. Is a nice lady though she very feisty but everybody understand that’s how she stay. Banks baby mother in Jamaica now name Marsha she take the girl husband and going through the same stress if not more. She a long time tekka gal from Waltham i couldn’t believe when Banks breed har. Him look like him don’t like use condom cause a regular belly dash weh for him. I will be following this post

  52. People a post ya suh same way mi a add my much. From dem ketch Hamma the place silent suh mi waah know if them really a look fi Banks. Mi waah know all who tink Banks in deh fi real. Is a wicked boy still suh more while imma life sometime yuh nuh get ketch fi wa yuh duh but a wen yuh nuh duh ketch yuh a jus part a the game. Everytime Banks get lock up an immigration have him them let him go. The people them sey him a informer and him sell out him friend them all the while fi save himself and him a gwan like him a thug when him a fool. Banks need to fix him front teeth with the money him rob and think people don’t know. Destruction going to take him in time. One day him aguh get caught up is not everyday a Christmas. Hope him put the money to use this time him going to need it. Him clown out himself a Jamaica a wear fake gucci better him put on a nike an call it a day. Anywhere him is a enjoy life now everybody slip up after a time so him time going to come

  53. Stylo Banks a wonder if your mother and father is proud of you. I wonder if your half dozen kids look up to you as a father. Atleast everybody know Hamma a wicked but da boy ya sneaking. Him hide and a go on with so many things but God see him. Mi live fi see people who used to defend him a lick out against him now cause everything a make sense. A birdie pinch mi an tell mi sey him an Hamma did deh pan same when them catch him and is Banks call them cause him want to get rid of Hamma so him can eat all a the food. Him tell people that Hamma never do anything for him when him in Jamaica and him come a merica wid him crosses self and bring down destruction on the yute. Hamma was there good a make money and no matter what him ok and never get caught up with the law them way here but as Banks come look. Open your eyes people a Banks a the poison. Him come across like the type a person who use people fi get what him want him don’t love people. Him have a friend who tell my friend that If you can help Banks you and him good and if you cant help him then him dont deal with you. Where them get him from. Some people jus born crosses them can’t change.

  54. WHAT A JOKE :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
    The Jamaican Dancehall Community never cease to amaze me…at the beginning of this thread, APRIL 2017, Banks never did it, he never killed nobody, a gud yute….fast forward to today Banks murder him friend them :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  55. Anonymous that’s what pink wall is all about, controversy. Like it or leave it but I hear this is internal so you know exactly what you are saying, carry on

  56. The topic beside his pic is clearly suggesting he murdered his friend so how you gonna say in the beginning he is a good yute now he did it? There are alot of controversial reactions to this post. Some said he did and others said he didn’t. If somebody thought he did it in the beginning and new information has been brought to light that now makes them believe otherwise and vice versa that’s their opinion and they are entitled to change it. Nobody has to agree but this page was created and have been operating for years for this very purpose. It’s human nature to operate based on what we believe to be true

  57. People opinion doesn’t make it a fact and everybody innocent until proven guilty except in Jamaican culture, everybody guilty until proven innocent such a shame. Whoever is responsible regardless of who it is I just hope they reap what they sow whether it be Hamma Banks Leng or anybody else name that’s calling but until then anybody who have real information kindly share it. Every lead is important don’t think you know too little to share. Sometimes it’s the smallest details that counts The most. While this is not The best place to share information for more than one reasons, we don’t know who is The admin for pink wall and how confidential this person is it’s still a medium that can be used to get in touch with the relevant people. The family are still interested in pursuing Banks guilty or not they believe he was at the scene of the crime and would like to have dialogue with him urgently. There are people with information who is trying to reach out to them whether the reward is real or not they have information they want to pass on deliberately to the family. Marvin’s family will not rest until this case is settled which is understandable because they have to live with the loss of their loved one everyday. I would want justice too and I am volunteering my assistance as best as I can to ensure it is served

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