American rapper DMX says he lost interest in reggae music after he was rejected by dancehall artiste Sean Paul – when he approached the deejay to be featured on the remix of his 2002 hit ‘Gimme Di Light’.
According to DMX in a recently uploaded video by US hip-hop journalist VLAD, Sean Paul told him that he was not interested in doing a remix for the song. However, weeks later a remix was released featuring Busta Rhymes.
DMX says he considers Sean Paul’s action to be disloyal since he thought they had a friendship, based on the fact that he featured Sean Paul on his Top Shotter record, along with Mr Vegas.
“Reggae lost me; music is music. I respect it as an art form, I respect the people who do it as being talented artistes, I just don’t like the music. (It was) like he had this joint and I just wanted to do a remix to the joint on my own – like make me just blaze that; you know? You don’t have to come out of your pocket or nothing. I just wanna blaze it, the beat is hot. He was like ‘oh mi don’t know if they gonna do a remix’ and he put me on a phone with another lady. I’m like; ‘hold up, when we were in Jamaica you and me were sitting down talking about the song and you gonna do me like that?’ I’m like alright, cool, and two weeks later I hear Busta Rhymes on the remix,” he said.
DMX also claimed that he refused to work with Sean Paul on other projects because of how the situation was dealt with.
“When I was doing my fourth album, he was now like; ‘yo mi have a hot song mi want you to do the remix.’ I was like; ‘no dawg get the … out of here with that bull… you know what am saying? I just wanted to do something – I wasn’t asking you for no money or anything. If I did a … greasy he deserved it and he deserved that one,” he said.
The WEEKEND STAR contacted Sean Paul’s publicist Jerome Hamilton for comment on the video. However, he told The WEEKEND STAR that Sean Paul was locked in recording secession and would not be able to comment.
Sean Paul’s Gimme Di Light went on to peak at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The deejay also released his most recent album Full Frequency in February.


  1. Sean Paul is a bitch for dat bitch move. where is seanpaul career now in 2014 that is y u don’t burn bridges wit ppl neva know what tommorow might bring

      1. plz…DMX will always be relevant since his message is about truth. Sean Paul not so much. Get out of here with that noise.

  2. Although Sean Paul is super wack, I believe he reserves the right to work with who he wants to. If he believes Busta is the person for his remix then that’s ok. It’s strickly business and If DMX had proceeded accordingly maybe he’d be relevant right now. I’m positive X has come across situations where people tell him one thing and did something else and he went on to work with them again, so why single out Sean Paul? Because he believe reggae music is inferior to his genre and reggae artist could use a boost if he’s featured? I hope not cause rap music ain’t shit.

  3. meck DMX move him bum.o, if one lilly situation meck him have reasons feh dislike weh music, him neva like it before. Gwea dutty bwoy.

  4. GM everyone,
    People the point is not that he has the right or not to refuse, of course he does. Wah unu nahn get is that the man seh dem a did fren and him not only lie to him, him guh behind him back and guh do it wid someone else. I believe that if he was upfront wid him and just tell di dyamm truth there would not have been a problem. It it how he went about doing it not that he said no..That is a nasty bitch move, very low. smdh

    1. Yep, you 100% correct. But at dat time SP was the hottest ting suh it could have been an ego trip he was on. Every artiste hab a big rass ego especially when dem at the top. A suh di industry run. It must really have hurt DMX fi him memba all dat detail considering… Sometimes a nuh losing di work wah hurt, is di promise that was unfulfilled, but nuh di said SP tell wi a promise is a comfort to a fool, mebbie him was saying a whole lot more dan wi thought.

    2. Yes. Tinan that is also what Sean Paulsaid Beyonce did to him at the VMAs. Him seh to har if yuh ago perform Baby Boy, I will do it with you. She tell him no a just Crazy in Love she a go do. When im look is some other boy come out and fi him part. Him sej im feel a way, so that was a taste a him own medicine. Watch Bey’s performance of bby boy and u will c what I am talking about.

    3. Well said!! You capture that quite well and that IS the point. He also mentioned that he the fact that he “featured Sean Paul on his Top Shotter record, along with Mr Vegas”.

  5. the fact him cudden be upfront an say no me no waan dweet but instead put smaddy else pan di fone jus shows the kinda person he is..i don’t like Sean Paul as no artist..sometimes ppl think dem reach weh dem a go so dem throw weh sticks..i don’t hear a song from Sean Paul ina yrssssss and not interested…some a dem juss a waste studio time cuz album naw release

  6. I am shocked DMX have any opinions and likes and dislikes left, me even more shocked him remember anyting from him past. DMX is a better rapper than Busta hands down, so it would have been interesting what that collabo would have produced, we will never know.
    I have to confess I had a big crush on DMX back in the day, time is a hell of a ting fi sure.

  7. People who live in glass houses dem Naah fe fling stone..

  8. Wah DMX seh bout Reggae is crap, but if a suh him feel a suh him feel.Mi want know can one person mek anada hate a particular kind of music, just becaz him screw im ovah wid one song? Is not like seh dem did torture him to di beat a reggae!! kmt.

  9. @ Itsme.. There’s was more it the BeyoncĂ© thing.. Jay Z didn’t want them performing it together. Dem say SP tell Bey fi lef dah ugly bwoy deh an come to him….

  10. Sean Paul was very big at that time and had dozens of top acts lining up to work with him .In fact one of those years he was the biggest artiste on the planet .
    Few years before that DMX could do no wrong .He can’t hate the music because of that .Maybe Sean did him wrong,maybe the lable never wanted his music to mix with DMX music as Sean was bubble gum reggae and Busta bubble gum hip hop.

  11. DMX go to hell & tell d devil that I sent you, you damn piece a shit!!!!!! Yuh can dislike 1 genre of music because of 1 individual?? Reggae is not unique to Sean Paul, he did not invented or created that art form, so if he has a choice, & choose not to collaborate with u for any specific reason then, that’s just his choice to do what pleases him. That would be like saying, u hate all whites because our ancestors were enslaved by whites… If he felt Busta voice or whatever d reason of selection was; would be d right fit who are u to say otherwise?? Take that up with him, & not reggae!! Sean Paul is not d only International Reggae Recording Artiste, there’s Shaggy, Junior Gong etc, go look for 1 of d unknowns & do a Colab with dem if u really want to create a marriage or a union between reggae & Hip Hop with ur flavour/style. I understand its not what he did, but d principle, behind it, or lack thereof in this case but to have an aversion to an entire genre of music because you felt someone wronged you, is just low!!!! Don’t bitter about do a Colab with another Reggae Artiste & make a hit bigger & better than Sean Paul & Busta. It is apparent you had some underlying issues with Reggae before; some ppl just feel threatened by things which are out of their element, and because THEY CANT DOMINATE THEY HATE!!!!!

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