11 thoughts on “DO THE WAVE

  1. Morning, Met.

    Absolutely, no reason fi this girl to think it was okay to expose those 2 knapsacks in that bandu top.

  2. This is what I don’t understand…

    she’s not ugly at all…
    .her skin look clean…..her body (from what I see) nuh look too bad….the hair fit har EXCEPT it did waan fix up and fluff up fi nuh mek it look suh dead …..

    Suh why she feel like she need to dress like dat to look good. A likkle spanx (look like she have a likkle belly) and a nice likkle dress would look really nice on her. Why dem love follow ppl suh. Style is not for every body (pun intended). She can look betta man

  3. Good morning Cita….addi sekon time mi see you suggest Spanx fi compress and hide big gut. Suh is a wah? Yu a promote “buyers remorse”?

    1. But this is the 3rd week straight ping’s fabrics aDvertising them having sale out plus from ever since Pablo’s cheap cheap!No Sista I ain’t Buying the cloth run out or too dear excuse,she borderline Wutliss Cutliss!

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