1. Omg thank you God MET I got so teary eyed as it took me down memory lane with my child, I always talk it if I had my child in JA we both wouldn’t be alive today. They are very carefree there so no once they see they weren’t getting anything from the child they would have just pronounced him dead.

    1. Sometimes we see people and their families being blessed for generations and wonder how dem blessed and lucky so but its things like this. He wanted that child to live and when I saw the umbilical cord coming to life I had to say God is so good..May those doctors be blessed and their generations

    2. Damn lie! Jamaica has damn good doctors! We poor, but not stupid degenerates. You wicked to make such a blanket statement.

      If you ran across a racist, xenophobic, uncaring doctor you would find out say the grass not greener.

      Gwan etana :cool

    3. I had ny first child in Jamaica dung a Jubilee and to God be the glory… Im thankful for the doctors and nurses because if it wasnt for them me n child would not be here… Things happen anywhere at all in the world.

    4. Btw, where you de when interns from across the globe a train a UC? You think the university of the west Indies a devry, Phoenix or Kieser?

      Damn shame when you never took the time to know the country you were born in; said one where you umbilical cord rotted, and where you drew your first birth of life. Kmmft god bless the day whitey mek plane lift up wid unu pon it :thumbup

      God bless Jamaica, all day everyday. Selah.

      National pride is what make America, Canada, France, England & Germany strong… Negro countries full a traitorous souls.

      Hoghead Etana :coffee:

      1. Jamaican doctors are great but many of them in public service dont care and cant afford to care..Jubilee have one a di highest mortality rate maybe in di Caribbean

  2. Felt tears to come to my eye when the baby bawl out

    God is so good

    Children and bringing forth life is such a miracle !

  3. This was truly beautiful to know that the doctors did not give up and they were determine for this baby to live, God is good all the time, bless the doctors, bless everyone in that room, the baby is truly a miracle baby and his parents I know are grateful for the doctors as well… All doctors in every country and region should practice this go as far as you can until you can’t go anymore to save a person(s) life regardless if it is private or general save a life, with money or no money people regardless of their status should get the same treatment you are in the business of saving people’s life so do just that… Such a beautiful blessing is that child.

  4. Welcome to the world little man…. Haha this made me cheese big cheese…… from b4 him come out Jamaica doctor say him dead dem naw try. Dem all give yuh wrong medical treatment

    1. Latty untruths. Doctors saved my sister and her child who had his cord strangling him in the womb. Is many breech babies Jamaica hospitals deal with on a regular. This video is an example of everyday around the world.

  5. Very touching video. Praise God for the outcome. These doctors seem very experienced & confident. I think an experienced Doctor in Jamaica would have done the same. It’s the inexperienced doctors that make majority of the grave mistakes. In addition to UWI quite a few of our doctors were trained in Cuba.

  6. no! i saw a documentary of a man that got burn with acid and in the ER waiting for the longest, the man crying in pain as it eat away his flesh,i could finish watch it, if it was here in american they would have washed him with something right away.i had a friend that was suddenly diagnose with breast cancer,them cut off her breast and a few months later she died,she was young and had 3 young kids,i feel for her as i was saying if she was living in the states she would have gotten treatment and would have live a little long,i would love to go home and enjoy my beautiful country,but the law enforcement and the medical system would have to dramatically improve,its sad.

    1. And many die a foreign from cancer after a mastectomy…cancer killed your friend not the doctor.

      Getting burn with acid don’t have no wash fe wash off…milk is your best bet…

      Wasn’t it kings county hospital the JAMAICAN lady lay dung and dead like dog while security pretend not to see her, medical staff step pass her while she dying and after she dead?

      How easily unu forget. unu and unu people learn fi vote correctly and pay taxes and stop back door dealings so we infrastructures and institutions can improve. Unu full of it :cool

  7. As much as i left jamaica because i was fed up with the health care system i have seen this happen with my own 2 eyes at spanish town hospital.alot of babies born without breathing or a yes the doctors wud try

  8. god is good all the time for working through the doctor to bring back the baby to life, lord we give you all the glory honour and praise.

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