0 thoughts on “DOESNT THIS HURT?

  1. the poor child look like one the the rooster figurine dem….. i hope the school call CHILDREN SERVICES. thats damaging the childs neck>

    1. ROOSTER FIGURINE! :sup2: grung to rass.

      This isn’t Jamaica and there are schools that will send her home for that hazard. Some years back a child made it to the news because of the wood bead puncturing her skin when she fell.

  2. If she’s going to a school in Jamaica, I cannot think of any school, that will accept her, with that hairstyle. This looks awful, as well as, uncomfortable. Smh.

  3. Too distracting for school to. Every child will be looking at her head instead of the teacher. The school should send home a letter to the parent.

    1. 😀 😀 yu and yardie tan de 😀 de mumma or who eva do that is a engineer cause me a try figure out how dem put in dem bubbles de.

  4. The topic heading have me weak with laughter . BACK TO SCHOOL BEHIND THE SCHOOL . They miss the parade or carnival season finish poor child . U now how kids can be cruel they will call har bubbles or skittle in school :hammer :salahkamar :nohope

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