14 thoughts on “DOLLY AND DOLLY

  1. Stiff like piece a plywood. Stiff like dead man. Stiff like Twinny face. Stiff like new breast. Dolly yuh doing too much because everyone knows that Kwesiesha is no prize bull. I cringe with embarrassment when I see those videos he puts up on Instagram….. of him just walking back-and-forth in the middle of the street like a damn fool. I would have loved to see a close-up video of Sweets as she danced next to you. Never see har dance yet. Dolly…..yuh can park yah now.

  2. Kmt, this boy live inna my cousin DM trust me , dolly a clown ,she carry him goh shop aready wid the new credit card , him a sell him wear and lef dem on a webite.

  3. Guess him like stiff gal cause we done know her #1 running mate stiff like some good, good cock.

  4. Dolly stiff because the new hips and injected butt is taking its course :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak DOLLY WITH THE FAKE BODY YESSSSSS YUH TOUCH YUH BODY DOLLY YOU NOT FOOLING NOBODY WITH GOOD EYES. I don’t even think Ven want him muchless.Kmt!

  5. @Dolly plus Dolly BABY :mewek2 :mewek2 call the ambulance me pronounce help me life alert : :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :berduka :berduka this .need crowd a people :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  6. 2 evil parents dolly and kwesi.
    2 worthless parents dolly and kwesi.

    Dolly and kewsi go rent an APARTMENT.

    stop waste money on plane ticket and hotel.

    Get out your mother house dolly.!!!

    Kewsi yuh shame sey u and yuh woman a walk around boasy and your children and unno live inna 1 room and a share apt with yuh mother in law and sister in law.

    Dolly go buy your mother a sofa .

    .DOLLY you wicked to yuh mother over 10 years she got that old bad color sofa and you dolly ,sweets a d kewsi rich.

    Dolly you have so much brand a wonder where you store them because that little room you have cannot hold much stuff.

    Dolly you show us everything and everywhere you go .we see all your brands and all your vacations.

    Dolly can you let us see inside of your room please please dolly.

  7. Dolly we wha see you blood class to om! A dat we say. Since you force us to look at your carrot shape body, brands, fillers etc it’s only right that we see you room. Wey Ven Dey? Lollololol

  8. LMAO I know it must sucks for Dolly.. everything her and this man do somebody is gonna bring up VEN

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