30 thoughts on “DOLLY DEM SEH RETURN O

  1. Dolly stole that pitc from heart it . A swear you girls sick living in the hood not the hamptons yet post all these riches .

  2. So sad that these wannabes front this hard. Her man look everybody on ig.. So sad n she a defend him. Gal you can do better. I’ve been telling you this forever. Kwesi is a clown and a user he will never do right by you

  3. Dolly is a user also that’s why she don’t have friends she know that man is not that in to her fully dolly please stop embarrassing unno self he is always in people DM

  4. DWL we buss Dolly bubble let it be known it’s not her picture so she remove it quickly. Me love nice pictures but dolly you claim it’s yours no sa you living a stright fantasy life .

  5. Then unnu no see say a two mad ppl dem be, the man a hop n skip like a acrobat n Kwesi wats wit u licking ur lips then wiping them with u hand is that a thing now a days???? N Dolly man ding dong how dare u thief the ppl dem picture n a give credit bout man buy unnu, gots to STAP a 2017 man ding dong look up this word DELUSIONAL

  6. Dwfl really Dolly why u go tief pine Crest picture and making it into your personal lied story. Hype turn you people on tief and liers. Lie so till you believe you own lie. You and sweets couture is two real handicap with fake hype. Only thing no man cannot stick to sweets because the real woman always find out and run her away and she a coward and cannot fight so she run. Dolly Kwesi do not want you not even with a long pole he just accepting you taking care of him. You females so dumb. Dolly you are busted. Go take several seats Hun u start out the 2017 really bad. Bye girl…. Busted

  7. Eh dutty pussy dolly stop post pon instagram fronting like seh di nigga do shit for you nasty dolly weh live ah ya madda yard you the one doing all the spending the bloodclat man don’t do do shit for you dat pic look fsmilar doh di man neva buy you nothing fi ya christmas ya man deh ah everybody dm ah beg likkle f**k cah him seh ya pussy big and crawny feel like him ah drop inna one big hole di man neva buy u nothing ya man clown that’s y him neva big u up pon him instagram cause him nuh bloodclat see u na want u u nuh seh u ah ya big hole sister cross big pussy gal stop shop ah aliexpress diss is a new year stop mek kwesi turn u into a bloodclat man clown met i tell u the truth and this is from di bloodclat source that boy don’t want dolly she ah call down di man fi come f**k her cemetery hole dutty dolly u know who di f*k diss is don’t come draw me out every week di gal carry dutty kwesi go ah Restaurant and club and an gwan like seh di man ah spoil u nasty gal go have several seats and sit ya ass down any gal weh disrespect dem muma fi sum dutty crosses man ah real idiot dolly tell di people seh ya mumma want u out of fi har house ya don’t think seh ya too bloodclat old and careless fi ya age dolly when last ya pay attention to ya likkle son til di likkle bwoy turn round and tell people seh him hate u ya sister talk about you like a dowg nasty big hole gal go suck ya mumma and go sit di f**k down

  8. Dolly remember last year wen u carry kwesi go vegas and u buy d ticket and spend fi di hotel fi him him never carry u no where bitch ah u proppa spend up ya money bare lie you ah try fool di people wid him tell everybody u pay for everything gal ya nah learn ya lesson wid kwesi every week ya haffi give him money met dat likkle beggy beggy batty man love beg woman for money and wen ya run him bloodclat him vex that’s why mi fren ven left him bloodclat she nuh want no bruk pocket nigga round she dolly stop fooling everybody pon social media everyday you beg kwesi to stay wit u how much time di nigga run u and diss u and ya still ah beg u nah have no shame nor class ah so u desperate fi man fi ah young gal y you affi all ah beg man fi stay wit u ya poor madda not even a dollar u give her towards her likkle rent u just ah tek up bare space inna di ooman house u ah f**king low life how come u deh pon instagram ah brag and boast say d man want u and rate u and u so happy stop sell people dreams dolly memba di other day wen u did ah call down kwesi phone and ah cry and him tell u fi f**k off ya ball seh u ah go kill yaself desperate man cocky clown gal ya can’t chat to mi nasty big hole big pussy dolly aka battery dolly so u desperate fi man 3 gal mi no fi ah fact ah give u ah run fi ya man well di people dem man

  9. Not even a Christmas gift dolly man buy har son :hoax2 :hoax2 you post everything So don’t come with any excuses….. :alay :alay :kr Bitches like you are REAL LIFE BUMBS!! instagram trick a lot of these folks that’s looking at these individuals thinking they live a good life, when it fact they Don’t!!! :siul

  10. OMG, so everybody know that’s her man, he just didn’t buy her gift. I cant, man beg pussy that what they do…don’t get head lighted or think your special.

  11. Man Cocky Dolly come back and explain so is you the one Dolly say have bad Scent in the Vagina area pOn insta

  12. Least she fixed her sweet pepper nose 2017 this gal still have room in her madda house or should I say apt big man mascot

  13. Searched google and this didn’t pop up the pic is real but clearly she bought this for herself that boy is broke on another note do she have any other sheet besides this white one?

  14. Met a whey u deh, dolly and even going at it on Instagram…. Mi know smaddy soon send in it.. It too sweet

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