12 thoughts on “DOLLY NEW MAN AKEEM

  1. A long time ppl noh talk bout dolly , soh dats y shi a dou tings fi get notice , shi cah lef ven an d other gal dem man kwesi

  2. Kwesi an dolly nuhh lef sender you get dis one wrong lol but why ppl keep giving dolly man every min. Last week dexta daps dis week a Akeem sender why you trying to get kwesi mad dwl

  3. Ven go look ah life wid yuh old tired rotten ole sumbody please buy ven ah super glue fi har big hole an mouth cah she nuh stop f**k suck dung Brooklyn Bronx Manhattan queens and cah hold no man ven nuh true yuh f**k suck yuh battyman fren dem oooo

  4. You Anonymous #9 hot fi Ven, eeh? Di topic is about Dolly and somebody else. How Ven factor inna dis?

  5. Mi see Kwesi fi di first time ever in Island Taste a week ago today….not sure whether he was alone or not…but Dolly Neva di deh….Daffy was there too…them look just as fishy in person as they do on pink wall. Lmao
    Daffy have the wild look in his eyes …suspect as hell :cystg

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