President-elect Donald Trump on Monday threatened to end the US thaw with Cuba unless Havana makes concessions on human rights and opening up its economy.

“If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the US as a whole, I will terminate deal,” Trump said on Twitter.

Trump’s hard line came just a day after his senior advisors promised to strike a “better deal” with the communist-ruled island after former leader Fidel Castro’s death, without stating how this might affect the historic rapprochement begun under US President Barack Obama.

While prominent Republicans have blasted Castro as a murderous tyrant since his death Friday, no one close to Trump had directly threatened to end the political opening announced in 2014 by Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro — until Trump’s Monday morning tweet.


His team has said the outgoing Democratic administration made too many concessions to Havana — notably by easing the 1962 US economic embargo — without receiving enough concessions in areas like human rights, democracy and the move toward a free-market economy.

“We’ve got to have a better deal,” Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, said on Fox News Sunday.

Trump has only briefly addressed the Cuban revolutionary’s demise, in an inelegant tweet early Saturday: “Fidel Castro is dead!”


  1. Unno better warn Mr.Trump…. Please unno warn him. Fidel Castro is dead but the Cuban pride is well alive & the Cubans living in Cuba aren’t going to take any bullying. History might just repeat itself.

    1. But a jus few weeks ago dem turn back U.S aid and a never Cuba beg U.S fi nuh deal nor does chumpup know what the deal is. Those Cubans in Florida want the embargo to continue that is all they want

      1. Met, the Cubans in Florida fail to understand that most Cubans living in Cuba don’t give a rats ass about the damn embargo. It’s a one way obsession.

        Trump and those Cuban-Americans who were celebrating Fidel’s death are idiots if they think that Cuba is going to become America’s puppet for a second time. Cubans especially in Havana don’t even too like tourists. Them pride set a way, them nuh too inna di licky licky mentality business.

        People were afraid that Hillary would create World War III, but if Trump go trouble Cuba it will definitely be the start of the end for America. A lot of people forget that Russia and Cuba still a deal behind doors.

      2. Morning Ooooui.

        I’ve limited myself and U.S. news, a likkoe local and online news me do cause me can guage the foolery.

        White cubans can kiss Fidel’s dead backside! And chump outcome me want see in a hurry.

  2. Mi doubt dem ago miss it …Unu want the medical patent dem an dem tell Obama Fi go Weh now Unu come wid dis .-all a Unu a Di same fool

  3. This man Trump really think Cuba ago back down him make a big mistake Fidel dead yes but his brother not no punk . Trump want to build buiness in Cuba that’s why him hype but if you bad enter at your own risk cause United Nations will not agree with your antics.

  4. “Unless Havana makes concessions on human rights and opening up its economy”… THERE IS NOTHING DUNCE ABOUT THAT, Trump want to invest in Cuba build new roads hospitals etc which will have many businesses opportunities for the Cuban people. CUBA is stuck in 1970s, if u go Cuba it come in like you gone back in time, whether that is good or not I do not know only a Cuban can tell that… There is much room for growth in Cuba which will give the Cubans plenty of jobs and a better infrastructure in their cities… A Dat Mi Seh )))))))

    1. Its dunce because Trump cannot tell anyone what to do in their country especially Cuba when dem in Guantanamo bay waterboarding. He is a dunce bout concession pan dem economy :ngakak

      1. And Cuba is stuck in the 1950ties not 70ties so before u come mek yourself be a true chumpup representative please R-E-A-D. Cuba is not begging U.S aid, it is the U.S who wants to go into Cuba and get their hands on their new cancer drug

        1. Met the other day I saw that Cuba has not cashed not one of the checks USA pays them for Guantanamo rent all these years :ngakak :ngakak so them think Cuba is an easy nut to crack

          1. Di man seh illegal occupation of them land and den turn round only waa pay $4085 a month fi big naval base :travel

  5. He’s not telling them what to do, he’s giving the details of the trade deal. It’s a deal. Both sides have to agree. No one is forced to do anything.

  6. Cuba NUH waan no deal wid Chump and him Merika. Cuba live widout di crablouse dem fi 50 years and plan fi di so fi even more. Cuba nuh need Chump fi fix nuttn ah Cuba, Chump have nuff tings fi fix ah Merika. Cuba is an Independent nation…Merika nuh pull nuh strings dereso. Chump please tuh make Nerika great again and guh fix di pipeline ah Flint…..

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