1. Its mot that he hates black’s its that he don’t want their big ding fong competing for and corrupting his women Dem… At age 85 whey him really need Dem fa..jus company an a likkle stroke one a month.

  2. Damage control by his PR (public relations) Rep. What a likkle bitch fool…I guess she doesn’t watch or read the news.

    1. I guess your imagination is being limited. The new girlfriend is going to milk him….she is no fool. Sterling is very very generous.

  3. All the slave masters had a history of sleeping with the slaves, both men and women. The problem is, she won’t get half as much out of him as her white or even Hispanic counterpart.

  4. Good Afternoon Met & Metters.
    Image is everything, if mi laugh any harder mi aguh drop dung. Him ’til a racist. Mr Sterling ur a day late and several bucks short. A wonder homuch im gi har fi a pose wid him.

  5. I don’t think this is damage control for him, I think he genuinely like the company of black women. But what does it speak of her……guess she is not her brother’s keeper.

  6. Poor thing, looks like she spent her last pennies putting in that weave. She doesn’t care what he thinks of black’s just like the other girl…sell them soul.

  7. Money is really power how low can one go no pride or dignity all the money in the world an him still not growing old gracefully is a ole jessibel dat nice girl choose to get tangle with the devil him self all for the love of money & fame .smh

    1. Maybe she is just tired of encountering black men who hate black women… I guess she feels it’s ok for Sterling to hate black men since nuff a dem hate black women anyway.

  8. Donald yuh coulda pose wid all di young black girls all oba di world…. yuh is still ah BIGOT!! Cah dis wrinkled-dried-up-prune jus nuh get it seh jet black hair pon ah 80 something old-fart nah cut it. Donald yuh nah BINGO….

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