Donald Trump gave Kenya Moore a pretty unique designation before he fired her from the upcoming season of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
According to The Daily Mail, The Donald labeled her as “the most evil woman I’ve ever met in my life” just moments before dismissing her from the competition.
A source close to production said that the real-estate mogul was absolutely appalled by her behavior during her time on the set. Supposedly, Kenya frequently requested special treatment and insisted on using her own glam squad to prep her for filming. Kenya’s team would often take over on the set, and she also asked for extra time off.
When Donald got fed up, a source said that he made a spectacle of cutting her from the show, claiming,”Kenya was fired and it was really one of the most brutal firings ever seen on ‘The Apprentice.’”
One co-star who may agree with Donald is Vivica A. Fox. There are rumors that Kenya got into it with the Two Can Play That Game actress after pulling a really nasty prank on her, and that may have been the final straw for Donald.
“She stole Vivica Fox’s cell phone and posted a message on Twitter complaining about the menopause pretending it was from Viv,” the source claimed. When Vivica found out that Kenya hacked her account, she went off. A source said, “It was World War III on that set. Vivica cursed her out so bad that the entire set was speechless, even Kenya.”
The tipster added, “That’s not forgetting her rows with Brandi and Keisha. Mr Trump had truly had enough of her by the time it was time to fire her.”
What set Vivica off about the fake Twitter update, though? Kenya allegedly tweeted from her account, “This menopause id (sic) killing me I cant think straight, Im acting a damn fool half the time 50 just isn’t sexy.” The actress quickly took it down when she caught the embarrassing post.


  1. Kenya wasted the best of her years, now she’s alone, childless and bitter. Her beauty is dwarfed by her mean spirited personality.

  2. Oh please Donald Trump is a known racist I don’t follow up on anything he has to say, this man was just taking up for that Sterling couple weeks ago. I actually like Kenya’s tv personality somebody has to be the villain.

    1. …until you are at the end of a bitter person prank, or you have to work with them on a daily basis and they are continually ruining a perfectly good day..

  3. I’m sure the Donald send for Kenya to come on his show, him know how she stay it doe and should not come as a surprise to him.A ratings him a look fi people watch him show wen it air

    1. Yea then there are ratings, and then there are other employees working conditions.. One person doesn’t make a show, you need a

  4. Kenya a now u naah go get no man, di whole a di rich man dem hear how Trump describe uuuuuu. Mettty u caan get a clip a Vivica a cuss har out, dat suppose to be velllly entertaining cuz Ms Fox can get very hood

    Serve dat bitter bitch rite

      1. When is Kenya gonna learn that you never win when you play dirty…isn’t that what she said? :hammer

      2. Met u know seh Kenya hood to enuh….a ruffings Detroit she come from weh she harself seh she haffi fight almost daily.She just misunderstood, Lol…Mi like har, she hold har own

          1. I do, I like the “underdogs”….the ones usually ppl go against, she follows no one and have a mind of her own.Now wat she did to Porsha was wrong and she deserve it (har hair strong doe)…yea man mi like har, she have “balls”

  5. Hi Metty! Kenya go mess with the wrong one posha uses her to mop the floor, Vivia will use her to sweep di floor. Kenya is a menace she is very devious don’t want to c a Nxt sista reached to the top, but kenya memba GOD don’t like ugly. Wat goes up will a must come down.

  6. Trump looking for early viewers. He leaked the story. Kenya still my girl. She plays by her own rules. FOH to these racist MFs.

    1. Agree. It is all about ratings and Kenya will be back again like Amorosa(?) on the Original Apprentice. I think Kenya knows to to make herself a villain and is all for show.

    2. I like kenya too…she makes RHOA more interesting. She have har dutty ways yes but she nuh worse dan d rest of d ladies especially nene weh think har shit can mek patty

      1. Nene is a real cool chick very down to earth and she is actually very shy. she don’t really care for the limelight but if that is wha hollywood wants that is what she will give them. kenya face full a potholes and she is an old washed up pass around donkey. and a hateful and vindictive donkey at that

        1. NeNe doesn’t care for the lime light, really now. Miss I’m Rich Bitch loves the limelight let’s not get carried away here. NeNe face also has potholes it’s caused by years of heavy makeup use. Please to tell us who pass around Kenya because from what I see all a Kenya man dem invisible thus far lol.

    1. Portia or porsha (not sure) would have whipped her ass. People who start alot of stuff and run their mouths like Kenya usually can’t fight. They try to intimidate people and when someone react they get confused. They call the police and press charges.

  7. That ogre Donald Trump certainly knows how to boost ratings. Nothing he does -notice my focus isn’t even on Kenya – can get me to watch or endorse anything with his name attached. No di way him do up mi good good president. Still have up dat troll fi dat. U know seh when the Sterling story jus jus break mi seh to a co-worker seh him an Trump in di same haters league. As fi miss Kenya, Po ting she’s one sick puppy.
    Met & Metters Good evening.

  8. I dont doubt that this woman is vain, but Donald Trump him need fi tek off fi him wig and have a seat pan it like a chair cushion, him is a racist as Anonymous said up top, when Obama won, him pass all kind a remarks, mi nuh memba the words fi words and I dont want fi seh smaddy seh when dem dont seh, but him nuh like black ppl neither, Sterling might be more vocal than him, and him might be the lesser of 2 evils, but him nuh nice, mi know that much…..

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