Doneisha the ppl dem seh dem affi wonda if a you really deh behind W killing caa you nuh seem like smaddy weh a grieve , plus memba him use to beat yuh suh maybe yuh did waa start live your life freely after all because yuh know seh if him did still deh bout yuh couldn’t a keep up wah yaa keep up outta road now.


  1. How yuh mean gal lib yuh life.. New man tuh yuh good oooo… All if a you kill him.. a fi di beatens dohhh look an doh moan a bumbo.

  2. Leave the woman and let her live her best life….

    You cant determine how long someone should grieve……everyone grieves in different ways. There is no timeline in getting over the death of someone esp one that you share a child with.

    The mere fact that her son will NEVER know his dad is grieve enough for this young lady..

    Verbal and physical assault is a serious issue… sender causally stating that “him use to beat her” like its amusing is so distasteful……

    Travel, shop n enjoy your life Doneisha.

  3. Any woman that’s in an abusive relationship always has thoughts of…leaving …starting a new life ….being happy again….getting out….running away …..sometimes even wishing that their partner was dead. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll actually kill them or that they are responsible for their deaths. How long him dead now again??? If woman leff har man today an feel happy and brand new tomorrow….much less if him gone forever. Please. I’m sure she has mourned his death….but a him dead….not she. Life goes on. It’s not like she lost her child or her mother. Smh. Mek Doniesha breathe man…. cause it was many of them…..soooooo….are the others still grieving or mourning??

  4. Cuz she a shop a Gucci she a live life? Donesha u park the knock off Gucci slippaz dem now :travel

  5. She better be careful we know a Waldie money she a spend all.of a sudden and a hype pon Julene but memba man outta road a watch….mi like the new vehicle.

    Anno everything yuh fi post pon social media!!!

  6. Another thing she supposed to hype pon Julene. Julene neva make use of har time so she can’t blame a soul. If she wanted business when she was with him she could have gotten it but the gyal just don’t have no ambition.

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