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  1. Bossy dutty dolly you a one a dem !
    Ppl love to defend their careless lifestyle
    She needs to move out both her and the sister !

  2. Out a him 5000’friends that not even 10 percent like but him love ack like him a FB king who is dougie kidding stop sleep with young boy for like. Check your self too you will wreck your self too although the theif part right but pot can’t cuss kettle him best friend Paula a theif too and him late husband greedy a theif oop no papers sorry

  3. Captain blue book royalty!! Lol

    Lmao. The above individual cracks me up…because he always seem to find a reason to mention that he’s a naturalized citizen. Relax. Homie and stop trying to berate green card holders, undocumented individuals and other naturalized citizens such as myself. Trust me, citizen or not with access to certain benefits – it’s never a guarantee that you will use them to mold yourself into a productive member of society. More power to those who do…but let’s continue to encourage / motivate those who don’t…

    Instead of criticizing those you know personally about their flaws and potentially counterproductive behaviors publicly – speak to the individual directly and “share information” about the benefits of which you speak.

    One love

    1. If mi like you comment one more time!! I can’t stand people with diarrhea of the mouth. Always spewing s*@t but never want to help clean it up.

    2. Dougie is insecure and will do/say just about anything to get others’ attention (hence his bleaching addiction). How can someone of his calibre advise others on self-destruction? KISSTEET. Dougie fe memba di days wen him an Kemar British used to share makeup in a Q-Club bathroom. Sekkle yuself Dougie Washover.

  4. This is off the subject but I recall when GE Dwight but a post about something he didn’t like about Jamaicans and someone said well aren’t you Jamaican and he said no… Can anyone confirm if GE Dwight is truly Jamaican or not or just a want to be???

  5. Dougie what the hell you have but fake clothes. I still live in a u granny house with u mother, aunty and cousins. Yes u can travel cause u work fi delta and u pays no bills at home.
    You sit on fb and copy people status then post it as your own plus have of who u throwing subs about start with u.
    Leave the little licky licky boys them a jamaica alone. Mek them grow on peace.
    Nuff a who a comment and press like you chat them like wow

  6. Douglas Robinson – Tell di people dem seh you have di MONSTER and di medication mek yuh a get suh fat and ya hand dem skinny soh – di likkle bwoy find the di medication In yuh bag and google it, and yuh tell him seh yuh sick but you undictectable – Dougie stop killing do likkle bwoy dem a Jamaica fi cheap china closthes – Dougie yuh pick up di likkle- bwoy dem weh a whipe car glass fi money and f**k dem fi clothes – Douglas Robinson blood deh pon yuh shoulda – dougie bring some prep medication a Jamaica guh give the kids before f** dem – a Kim Possible spill a di tea – from Canada to Jamaica , dutty batty bwoy kim wid di cocky a grow pon top har pussie, she fren di battymon dem and still a tell dem business after she watch dem fukkk – mi done yaah mon –

  7. But hold on Dougie always chat bout he ready fi a girlfriend etc… Now the cat is coming out the bag he goes to Jamaica to sex the boys but his sick is he truly sick… Sad then though but if he loves himself he should be true to himself and come out the closet and be proud to be a gay guy with a sickness and own up to it, just like his friend GQ Dwight… They were all in LA for Bready’s last party it was GQ Dwight and Dougie and two other guys and my friend asked one of the guys if they were all gay, since he was seen with him, but him himself act gay and he tells her that yes they are all gay, I was like wow but he doesn’t act like he is wow Dougie be proud and come out the closet…

  8. Wow,he has a point but I agree with anon up top.Real frenz uplift real frenz in real life not via social media subs.
    I think he forget something in the midst of him gloating and throwing shade.He forget to say God Bless America that gave him his blue book.

  9. But y this AIDS infected boy get up everyday like he accomplish something in America , dougie do u own a house ? Do u have savings? All you got is the free health insurance you receive because of your desease lets talk facts all you do is model in fake clothes , you f**k the boy dem and give dem buddy pass nigga declare what you have. A deep batty hole that’s it . Move out your granny house and go rent a place

  10. Dear Dougie: The time you are throwing words disguised as life lessons you need to look at the young boys life you have destroyed. You use your China connection to get all these Fake clothes and shoes to trick these young boys for them to sleep with you. You trick boys in America and Jamaica because you give this impression that you are somebody great and well grounded and everyone else is wasting time. How the f**k you are gonna talk shit when your ex-lover and bestie Bready was a known thief and scammer and you lock up in your room for three days crying over him. Remember we know the same people.Remember you use to do all sort of dirty deeds for Bready. Remember you hide all sort of things for him.You was in mourning over the buddy of a known thief and waster. How many young boys you trick and f**k them off. How many fake clothes and shoes you sell? How many times you have lied to these young boys that you prey upon to get some f**k. It kills me everytime you throw words at real women and refuse to call names yet you live a dirty life of Sodom. Dougie you need to look at your secret life and your mouth that GQ say stink like shit. Stop acting like you so better than everyone. You buy thiefing clothes. You buy store credit. But have the nerve to act like you decent.Stop walk and con the little boys from Jamaica and America. You are a big stink mouth FISH that love to throw words on woman.Remember the dancer boy from Jamaica you trick that you have connection at embassy to get him Visa and job at Delta. Remember you hear bout the big hood and it drive you crazy. You know we know your real story. Nothing is wrong with the message. You just cannot be the messenger.One of the biggest bottom in the fish world. You need to repent.

  11. Boy, if me love Dougie one more time!!!!! Dougie, If you did love woman, I woulda give you a kiss, truss me 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  12. hahaha at the above comments . dem do up dougie bad . betta him humble himself and tan so back . ppl fi chill wid the self righteous preaching when dem life mucky

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