On May 20th while arriving from Dominican Republic on a Delta Flight, dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum was called out of the line and her passport was examined. U.S immigration detained the artiste for falsely claiming to be a U.S citizen and using a passport belonging to her cousin Keisha White.

Sources say the entertainer whose name is said to be Simsky Kimberly Harrison admitted to authorities that used other names to travel on, gave those names and says she fears for her life. And also that she used multiple names in the U.S

The entertainer says she was trafficked and forced to sell her body in order to pay the men who prostituted her. Harrison said one of the men who controlled her gave her one of the passports(initials K E ) she used to travel on but took it back and she then used her cousin’s passport in order to do a full body contour in the Dominican Republic. Information close to this came out months ago as it was said that the person with Dovey’s link had a falling out with her and took back the documents she was given. The artiste said as a result of her fathers murder she has used the United States to hide from the men who may also want to harm her. More to come

Miss Harrison’s father was killed many years ago because of drug affiliations and the entertainer fear she may meet the same fate if she stays in Jamaica as she is well known.

Sources in the Atlanta Dancehall circles know that Dovey along with other girls used to prostitute themselves but no one was fully aware there was a mastermind . Speculations are that Dovey’s father may have been killed in Philadelphia with a certain group of men by a don who was killed this year in McGreggor Gully.


      1. This is somewhat true. However my brother has been here in the US for 18 years, arrested in Texas and immigration charged him for overstaying and illegal entry: he came on visa, visa was reported stolen. Court case went on for 5 years, immigration had to drop the charges except one, overstaying. My brother filed for asylum after 16 years and was granted asylum. I couldn’t believe, as I looked at his permit, social and green card. God is good. Dovey will be alright. I have learned that every immigration case is different and doesn’t have the same outcome. Chin up Dovey!

  1. Dovwy is playing a dangerous game. With that story and those allegations she haffi go call name….let’s see how this plays out….

    1. But she bold an boasey with all these things she gone Dominican Republic gone do body..den a what kinda threat she fear so fi har life but yet still she gone fly gone do body? If she fear fi har life she should be laying low..kmrt…

  2. This is why we must stay humble. Look how she tek set pon jada and look deh now. Hopefully things work out for her though.

  3. Somebody called out Dovey on here,when Dovey went to Jamaica and said Dovey mek di manager fool her up to travel on the yankee girl passport,and after that Dovey was to perform for Joebadnobitch show and she cancelled,Dovey know not ah soul have har ah prostitute notten but mi woulda find something also to seek asylum,worse me not even have ah pot fi piss inna or ah window to throw it out,I hope everything work out for her and she can come home to her son,because nothing like a loving,caring mother,not ah muma.

  4. Can’t judge her, alot if people travel to the country illegal or even overstay to get their permanent visa..

  5. Pinky don’t feel sorry for Dovey. This happened because she worthless! 3yrs ago Dovey married to a soldier boy fi get her was a group of soldiers that buss some girls! After Dovey married before shi stay and look bout her papers. Shi leave and go ATL cuz shi did a run down hypeness shi neva want any papers! The next 2 girls dem whey the soldier youth dem buss just get dem 10yr and a work and do dem thing!

  6. Sticky pon dovey she should a sort out her self first and the way the miss gwaan mi swear think she have papers lock

  7. I don’t belive this how can she fear for her life but she’s doing shows and a well known entertainer . Did the people that traffic her force her to be an entertainer and do her body too ???? Nice try though!!! And why on earth would you be so vocal on the socials and bring so much attention to urself when your illegal its very strange

  8. Hope di body nuh spoil cause if she lock up who a guh rub down dat what about the after surgery suit dem wear how dis a guh guh now smh ‍♀️

  9. Bwoy dovey wrong move you mek and a hope you humble you self after this gwaan pray your self outa dis prayer work boo

  10. This sticky Pon har because it’s a lot of felonies in one here. Even if her story is true which btw I do not believe, how the hell is she gonna explain why she went to DR on other people name? These illegal people always be doing the most. After surgery, she is suppose to be getting massages so I worry for her health. She betta be bawling out to God for help right about now because it doesn’t look good for her.

  11. Lies! Dicey has been using this girls info to travel for years, she flew to Jamaica and evwrhwjeee Lee
    With it and does not want to return it’

  12. Lies! Dovey has been using this girls info to travel for years, she flew to Jamaica and everywhere that requires a passport l. With it and does not want to return it’

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