Dreaming of cars
By far one of the most common dreams are dreams of cars or vehicles. Most folk make the error with these dreams by attempting to interpret the dream from a literal stand point.
I can assure you, that this approach will most certainly give you a misleading interpretation. Just like a house in a dream a car represents for the most part the life of someone. This being the case then let’s looks at a few factors concerning dreaming about cars. The driver seat of the car always represents a place of control. So if you are dreaming that you’re in a car but you’re not in the driver’s seat, then the dream is indicating you are not in control. However, whoever is in the driver seat is the one in control.
If in the dream your car or a car tire is flat, the dream is indicating delay, setback and hindrances in your life or someone’s life. Let’s say you’re driving and you decided you want to slow down or come to a stop but for some reason you are pressing breaks but your vehicle would not stop. This indicates a lack of control or an inability to manage certain affairs in your life. Let’s look at another scenario, let’s say you had a dream and in this dream you are driving but there someone in the front passenger seat with you. Now, whoever is in that passenger seat represents an influence. So let’s say the person in the passenger seat was your enemy, then the dream is indicating that there is someone challenging your position of control.
Another scenario, let’s say you dreamt that you were speeding or driving foolishly, then the dream is indicating a reckless and selfish life. , meaning that you only care about you. Dreaming about a car accidents indicates clashing with others be it verbal or physical. What about having dreams where you are driving a convertible, driving a convertible is suggesting that you are uncovered, exposed or vulnerable. It also suggests that not all your bases are covered, meaning that there is something left unattended in your life.
Dreaming of you reversing in a car, indicates backwardness, not progressing. Dreams where your car has is not working or your car just cut off while driving, this indicates you losing your zeal, motivation which will also be accompanied with stagnation of your life. Dreaming of a red car represents a passionate person, while dreaming of a black car represents, evil, lack, a negative life. Dreams of seeing your car in the repair shop, indicates health issues. What about you having dreams of someone driving your car or something driving a car but they’re not visible, the dream is indicating that you’re being influenced by a spirit, depending on the behavior of this unseen person will determine the type of spirit that’s influencing you.
What about you having dreams where you’re racing with someone, well the dream is indicating that you or the person that you’re racing with is very competitive. Are you having dreams of you driving a Jeep or heavy duty truck? Well, the dream is indicating that you are well prepared and equip to handle whatever difficulty that would appear on your journey of life. Have you ever had a dream where in the dream you were driving but you ran out of gas, such a dream is indicating that you are not prepared or your not paying attention to your resources. Have you had dreams where you saw your car or a car overloaded? Such a dream is indicating that you or that person is weighed down with troubles and problems and as a result it will slow down their progress in life. Dreaming of riding around in a circle, indicates that you are about to or currently experiencing the same situation all over again.
If you are having dreaming of someone or a wrecker towing your car, the dream is indicating that you will receive assistance. Dreaming of a brand new car indicates a change for the better, a better life accompanied with new options and opportunities. On the other hand, dreaming of an old car and depending on how old the car is, represents you being stuck in the past it also indicates that you are irrelevant in terms of where you’re currently at in your life, bottom line you are in need of upgrading yourself. Having dreams where you are positioned in the back seat of a car indicates submitting, if the car belongs to you then the dream is showing you that you are not only out of control but out of your assigned position.
In closing one of the most important things to take note of in a dream concerning cars is; who is sitting in the drivers seat of that car because the driver’s seat always represents a position of control. Therefore if the car in the dream belongs to you and your Mother or friend is driving your car the dream is clearly indicating that they are controlling your life. However, if your husband is driving the family car, then this is a good dream because it indicates he’s in the head position of the family which is where he should be. If the dream is displaying where both of you have your own separate cars but your husband or wife is driving your car then the dream is revealing a controlling spouse.
Written by: Kevin L A Ewing
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  1. Good morning Met it’s been awhile I took a little vacay I checked it all the time but didn’t really blog hope all is well
    So funny Pastor Ewing should have a car dream interpretation because on Saturday night I dreamt that I was sitting in my car which was a fancy car and for some reason I think I got out of my car and then I was confused and anxious driving around looking for my car only to come to the realization that I was already sitting and driving the car I’m anxiously searching for smh I just don’t know what to take from that dream.

    1. Interesting dream Tawkchuet, Like I have mentioned in the above post, the car represents your life the luxury and beauty of the car is revealing the life that God has intended for you to have, which is his original plan for you. However, confusion and anxiety are front line demonic that are sent by the kingdom of darkness to hijack the destiny of their victims.
      In other words the enemy desires to take you off of your God intended destiny and reroute to a life of confusion, frustration and anxiety, always going around in circles aimlessly with no fixed point. You must pray against the spirits of confusion and anxiety and also ask God to consume by his fire all spiritual devices that the enemy has put in place to hijack your destiny, Isaiah 54:17, Isaiah 26:3 and Psalm 119:165 should always be included in your prayer to prevent the forces of darkness from succeeding with their evil in your life.

      1. I just saw this Thank you Pastor Ewing the dream it self left me confused I will be reading and praying for sure God bless and keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Metty,thanks for this, however do you have anything re Patsor Ewing talking about dreams with sex of the opposite sex

        1. That is very serious KK..he and I have been talking about that..Spirit husband thing …it will make a mess of your life

    1. Sexual dream almost always represents evil covenants, meaning for the most part the people that one have sex with in their dreams are evil spirits masquerading as either folks you know or don’t know all in an effort to gain the confidence and trust of the dreamer. Once the dreamer engages in sexual intercourse with the masquerading spirit they are literally agreeing with what spirit represents in its true nature. For example the masquerading spirit could be a spirit of poverty, sickness, mental instability etc.
      Such dreams also mean that you are having sex with a spirit wife or spirit husband. Once this is achieved in the dream the dreamer will begin to experience difficulties in their current relationships to the point in some cases where they loose their sexual drive for their partners. I personally know of cases where men became impotent due to having sex in their dreams. For the record when young men have wet dreams they are actually having sex with demons disguise as beautiful women. The same thing goes for women who have wet dreams. In such cases also the spirit of list is introduced into the dreamer’s life this is why such dreams must be cancelled via prayer when the dreamer awakes so that what has been conceived spiritually via the dream does not manifest itself in the dreamer’s natural life. “But while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares (evil) and went his way” Matthew 13:25

  3. Good Day Minister
    i keep having a repetitive dream where my deceased father tells me he is coming back home. i know from dreaming about the deceased means there is a spirit of set back or blokage operating, however from your teachings, if the dreams are repetative i have to do something about that dream. i am confused as to what i can do about my deceased father coming back home… in my dreams i ALWAYS even tell my family, i told you daddy would conme back, and i will see him with friends and family reunited and having a good time.. please help

  4. i dreamed seeing two unknown persons talking that one of family friend who was very ill at the time is going to die and he did die in reality after

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