Dreams and their understandings pt.11-Dreaming of houses
In today’s teaching on dreams and their understandings, we will focus on dreams that involve houses. Dreaming of a house is very common in dreams, and a house in a dream usually represents the life of someone. What is even more interesting; each part of the house speaks to a specific area of the dreamers life.
Now let’s seek the scriptures to prove a house represents a person and their life. In the book of Matthew 12:43,44 it reads, “When the unclean spirit is gone out of a MAN, he walks through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none. Then he says, I will return into my HOUSE from whence I came out; and when he is come, he finds it empty, swept and garnished.” Additional scriptures would be Acts 16:31 house in this case representing family, and also 1 Chronicles 17:5.
So as you would have read a house in a dream is clearly speaking to the dreamer’s life or that of the life of someone. Also a new house can represent a new life or a new way of life and an old house usually speaks of things concerning the past, especially if you dream about a house that you lived in when you were young. This is certainly symbolizing things from your past that is probably influencing your life presently and that is somehow preventing you from excelling or progressing presently. Former residence such as your childhood home, a former apartment etc will be symbolic of star starting over or being setback in life.
Now that we have establish that the house represents the person and their life, lets now explore the different areas of the house that speaks specifically to certain areas of the person’s life. The bedroom of the house, being a private part of the house always speaks of things, which are private and or intimate. This part of the house is off limits particularly to those that do not live in the house. So if you dream of someone in your bedroom, it would generally mean someone invading or intruding into your privacy. It can also mean someone trying to enter your relationship with your spouse of significant other. These dreams ought to be taken very seriously because it is certainly a warning dream to the dream of things pending in the spirit to be manifested naturally. This also calls for much prayer to begin dismantling this pending evil. Bedroom can also mean a place of rest, especially if you’re in bed.
Bathroom: a place of cleansing confession, repentance and or disposal. If you dream that you were in a bathroom, then the dream is attempting to convey to the dreamer that there is something in the dreamer’s life that they need to confess, repent or dispose of. In most cases it would mean that they need to release something that they have been holding on to that is doing more harm than good or confess something that would release them from guilt, shame or just being uncomfortable about a certain situation.
Basement: a basement being located underneath the home speaks of things being hidden or discarded. Hidden as in hidden sin such as adultery, pornography, hurt etc.
Living room and the Den speak of things that are current or presently going on, for this is a place where the family discusses matters. Also it speaks of realization and the ability to be comfortable in one’s element.
Front porch: speak of things that are exposed or open to the public, lacking privacy, things being revealed.
Kitchen: is a place of preparation, planning, passion and toiling. A kitchen is where one prepares food, clean dishes or store food. So to the dreamer it symbolizes the dreamer preparing for something. For those who have a passion for cooking, it speaks to having a passion for certain things. However because it is a place to store food it could also mean studying the word and storing it in one’s heart.
Roof: dreaming of a roof can represent covering and protection of the mind and thoughts. It is the same if you dream about the ceiling of a home; it is speaking directly to the mind and thoughts of the person.For instance let’s say you had a dream of mole on your ceiling or black birds on your roof, remember the color black represents things that are negative. In this case it speaks of evil thoughts attempting or are presently invading your mind.
Foundation: dreaming of a foundation of a home represents generational, ancestral and bloodline matters such as generational curses or blessings. For instance let’s say you had a dream where you saw snakes resting on the foundation of a home, this could mean a generation curses particularly that of witchcraft. Or let’s say you had a dream where you saw clear water on the foundation of a home this would represent generational blessings.
Stairs in a house is interesting, because going up a staircase represents promotion or elevation and going down a staircase would mean the opposite which would be demotion.
If you dream about your yard or a yard it would represent territory and dominion.
Again, these are general interpretations and one must depend solely on the aid of the Holy Spirit, because he is responsible for leading us into all truth.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
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