Dreaming of unknown people, places and things
Many of us have had the experience of dreaming of people, places and things that were unknown to
us. Unfortunately, as with most of our dreams that we don’t understand we tend to not give serious though to it and as a result we ignore or dismiss them.
Today, we’ll unlock the mystery surrounding such dreams in an attempt to reveal to the dreamer of such dreams what messages are being communicated to them via their dreams.
Have you had dreams of traveling on an unknown journey or being driven by an unknown person? Well, travelling on an unknown journey indicates that the dreamer is involved in an unprofitable endeavor. Meaning, whatever it is that the dreamer is involved in or with there will be no progress, no increase no type or form of advancement, it will amount to nothing more than a dead investment. Being driven by unknown persons to an unknown destination on the other hand would indicate confusion and a non-progressing life. As with all negative dreams, this dream must be challenge upon waking from the dream. Firstly, you must cancel the dream and ask the Holy Spirit to unseat all unknown spiritual and physicals drivers (influencers) in your life and to place you back on course with your God’s intended desire and destiny for your life.
What about having dreams where you see yourself or someone that you know entering a vehicle or aircraft and not knowing the destination. This again indicates that the spirit of confusion has been sent to attack you or currently present in your life but more importantly these forces are always accompanied with the spirit of uncertainty. The evidence of this attack would display in the dreamers behavior, where the dreamer finds it difficult to make decisions especially over simple matters. The dreamer is easily confused especially if they never experienced such behavior before. Another physical sign would be, not being able to recall or memorize simple stuff. For example you’re watching television, the program you’re watching goes into a commercial break. You decide to go to the kitchen for a snack however by the time you got to the kitchen you totally forgot what you came there for. My friend you must cancel and pray against the spirits of confusion and uncertainty and bind the associating spirits of forgetfulness.
Many folks experience dreams of engaging in conversations with unknown folks or unknown folks giving them something in their dreams. For the most part these are not good dreams. In an effort to decipher if your dream of an unknown person is good or bad, you must take into consideration several things such as, what is being given to you in the dream by this unknown person, what is the environment like, meaning is the environment dark or is it well lit? What feelings or emotions you experienced after your dream, were they feelings of fear, overly concern, anxious etc. The bottom line here is simply this unknown person in your dreams are for the most part evil spirits pretending to be good people solely with the intent of polluting your destiny. For example let’s say you had a dream where an unknown person gave you a map in your dream. Well the reality is, if you accepted the map in your dream from this unknown person, you would have indeed accepted the plan of that evil spirit to alter the course or destiny of your life for the negative. In fact you’re being spiritually diverted from your God appointed blessings.
Many people have accepted monies, gifts, books, papers etc. from unknown persons in their dreams not realizing the negative spiritual implications these things carry that will ultimately release devastating manifestation into the dreamer’s life. As I have said so many times before, the principle of our dreams is to reveal the root of our everyday matters, be it matters of the past, present or future. The understanding of a dream is that the dream is spiritual and for the most part should not be taken literally. Instead one must ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who is the revealer of all truth and will also be the one that would determine if the dream is a literal dream or a symbolic dream.
Written By: Kevin L A Ewing
[email protected]
Posted by Kevin Ewing at 12:16 AM


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