Thank yuh fi all di medal dem and di big up dem whey Jamaica get….Thank yuh fi di likkle money whey yuh dash ina di music and di likkle donation dem whey yuh mek here an dere ..Thank yuh sir and di skrippah dem thank yuh tuh because dem seh when yuh drop ina di club dem wedda Kingston or Mobay all a di patrons get put out and lef yuh one and dem in deh………doing di tings pan yuh $200,000 a night tab……….. Mi dus waa tell yuh seh money cyah tuh much because yuh and di mint whey mek it a nuh family suh it mus can done…………….. a yours sir but it a spend hawd hawd……pan hoes whey doe even have pole insurance..Mek we skip dat still cause dem cyah seh a bay man tuh yuh ting ………..an we sure are glad foh dat *Trini voice*
Mr Bolt mi hear seh……………………di way yuh drunk whey night dem haffi carry yuh out a di club.. Yuh drink and gwaan bad suh till yuh long leg dem cudden carry yuh long body . Is wha kind a life yuh have suh doe dat yuh feel fi get up a night time……..go club………….get stoned drunk and den go home..Mine yuhself! Tuh much black men out there come into likkle money and squander it out like fools then look so stupid because yuh had it all before and wasted it. Nuh athlete supposed to a drink suh and no young man widout a wife and real family problem nuh supposed to a tek up to liquor suh……….Das why when yuh seh yuh clean whey day yuh neva see seh yuh pants nah represent clean status ………drunk and disorderly a talk before yuh……..


  1. see one next hot story here
    IT’S GOING DOWN!! Foxy Brown And Ashanti Are FIGHTING On Instagram . . . Foxy Claims Ashanti Is F*CKING ALL HER EXES!!!
    Foxy Brown and Ashanti are having a WAR OF WORDS – over Ashanti’s SHENANIGANS with Foxy’s exes. Foxy claims that Ashanti f*cked Rick Ross . . . and was trying to do the same with Foxy’s ex-fiance Spragga Benz.
    After Ashanti’s tea was spilled

      1. foxy brown know why she arguing over him.. dem say em lef nothing nogo so.. foxy brown nuh so delusional

  2. A $25 million USD Trevor Berbick did get when him fight Mike Tyson. Nuh metion how much more money him mek. An him end up back a Portland an dead a pauper, homeless a fight wis him nephew ova family house and the nephew stab him and kill him. Mi fada always tell wi dis story and say any amount a money can done

      1. Parasitic fambly membaz and hangers on will bring u to dutty. Why u tink some rich ppl leggo some fambly when dem meck it, dem know seh if dem keep giving one day it muss done. When di money done di said ppl tun round teck u fi laughing stock and chat how u did hab and weh u deh, dem will neva chat seh a dem help bruck u done. Also memba u meck 25 mil, IRS a teck 40-50% a it, u have manager fi pay to, so mebbie by time u dun, you will end up wid all 10 mil.

    1. tru dat
      does anyone know if usain own any businesses ?
      apartments ? etc
      is his family well set up
      if not , this would be a damn shame fi trick n whore it out

  3. The man worth ova 100 million USD , 200000.00 JMD /114.50 = $1746.00 USD = Monkey Money that. Mek the man enjoy himself , f**k the pussy them yah Bolt and drink up the expensive liquor( YOLO) , as long as yuh naw lose nuh race.

  4. BIGMAN u sound very illiterate n dumb – me see ppl wid more money dan him go bankrupt so sit u f**king ass dwn

  5. a one girl bolt date weh mean him well and is the first gf weh him did buss big kiss pon on tv all these other chick is about the life style and money dem no mean him no gud and tru him have all the money inna the world him nuh too care but him na go young fi ever

  6. According to forbes.com bolt mek 20.3 million ina 2012 and 23.2 million in a 2013 so him mek 43.5 million in two years plus the rest a year dem so him should be close to 100 million by now.

  7. bolt have shares in KLE group. hence fiction, famous, tracks and record…spend most of his money on himself then. as long as he keeps wearing puma he’s making enough to spend 2 grand a night. one track meet in open season as the fastest man alive, just being there is maybe 250 gran. if him run is more..yute is fearly young plus if u notice he works just as hard in training. U EARNED IT BOLT

  8. Bolt mek money can’t done digicel puma various other sponsors advertisements appearances KLE group with all the hot clubs in jamica and when him run plus him nuh waste money him have him house his family and friends good manager good him not even affiliate buy cars he has been given many cars from different sponsors and even a house his bank account full him nuh really floss if him spend 200000 that’s 2000 US dollar nothing to him he don’t even have all the bling and crazy stuff like others who make far less than him stop watch the man him young and need to enjoy what he works hard for cuz he can’t take it with him and with all of that drinking guess what he’s still training I see many different post from various people with him in the gym yesterday and today

    1. over and again we have indeed seen examples of many athletes who money CAN BE DONE. Usain better take heed have fun yes but I do hope he has a truck load of rainy day money stashed away.

  9. Notice ad soon as these athletes n entertainer start make money them woman get lighter n lighter what ever happen to the girl he start off with before him get bus

  10. He worked hard for his money he should enjoy it…i enjoy going to the strip club and 200,000 ain’t shit if it was 2,000,000 then I’ll understand the concern. Having money is one thing but being wealthy is better. Wealth allows you to enjoy your money and that’s what he is doing…not concern at all me more concern bout Floyd than bolt when it comes to spending.

  11. All is well untill he gets injured and is no longer of good use to all tge sponsors like digicel n puma as mentioned earlier in these comments so yea him fi enjoy but more importantly invest n save his money..plle need to get oyta the yolo mentality cuz unu cya seh yolo wen unu bruk

  12. ppl with more money than bolt guh bruk already but what unno not understanding is that half the time bolt guh out him don’t pay and when him pay is a discounted rate.
    even if bolt spend 1 million jamaica dollars a day that is just 3 million US$ fi the year and d man mek 20 plus million for the year.
    So do the maths and we know that bolt not spending anywhere close to that daily.

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