Suck h**d Dodi you walk a talk bout a you Ryan wa an look how you look a him family party eee b** an him not even give you something fi drink b**h. you look bad a the man party Dodi, Ryan talk a bag a ting bout you say a him h**d you come s**k fi 1000 dollar all you dog face family a talk up r mouth. Ryan can’t do me ntn me nuh ask you that Dodi Ryan just a give you a hype knw b**h not even Ryan fren them like you nuh see that an him family them gal me nuh ask you wen me see you it nuh go nice. you a talk bout my belly a f**k me f**k him that’s my me have a belly.


a suck you a suck him an wen him go party a night time you see you can’t tek a pic wid him an you say a ur man eeee b**h. Dodi you a 19 an you look like 30 to o long you a f**k an a suck h**d no man girl you want a life, ur mom deh a UK an you look so eee b**h you not even make ur mother an grandmother see something somebody good out a you. gal you make Ryan a dog you out so Kevin Allen a wa just true you going a X5 you ting you a wife eee gal the X5 soon gone, an wa you a go do? a them ting deh red you eye all that wa you have pan u food stop where? long time b**h wen you a come come good an wen you a tek people man you fi good good. me never see you look like


  1. Tired of these confused young women. If you want something to fight for, fight for higher wages. Fight for free education and government paid after school care. Matter of fact, fight for the social and political improvement of Jamaica. The F@ck you mean you want to war another woman over some worthless man? #Clowns

  2. Dodi look like she have a cute face from the side.

    But looking from what mi can see di pawty nuh look like it keep no weh fi dress up. Nuh asphalt dem deh pon, fck a dress up fi unno low grade pawty.kmt. Meck shi gwan suck hard hood and use protection, her fertility nuh fi just dash to anyone, and Ryan don’t sound like no damn catch. You want har fi a breed like you at 19, fi wah? If shi want fck fi her own pleasure, her business, but at 19 no baby round here; school haffi guh, career haffi build and maybe she prefer to be married first. Seems like Dodi hab more sense dan you. Gwan protect your fertility, Dodi, plan your future wisely, and keeping wearing what you hab. When so many a borrow and teef you confidently wear your own nuh matta how it look, dats a sign of good character. Dream big!

    I doan know none a dem.

  3. Smh…. She again?? Well Mr/mrs. Anonymous mi na pick up fi whosoever weh post this, infact I dnt knw the person. Bt trust mi Dodi is a f**king home wreker yer. N shi caa live suh!!!! Shi tek pple man too rass much. Plus shi fi knw r space, knw when fi call n when fi collect yuh dividends if ya gt
    Bt pan a serious note still, shi pass being a b**ch trust mi.

  4. Yea this dog love tek people man an gwan like the man a fi r an shinelle u fa make every man know bout u say u suck hood no girl you fi stop it man an she nave look good fi true an she a every man GAL

  5. A wa just true a him keep British saturday you suck him hood an him not even cute him have a dog face an wa like him hot kmt girl good look a live them boy deh nuh want no body an him not even have nuh ting some gal just love run down hype…

  6. She look like a girl weh mi know but a nuh shinelle mi know as, she used to go queens high school ? cause mi a go shock if a really di person mi now, dem couldn’t post a propa picture wh show the whole face

  7. Star girl Shinelle tek yuh man nuh true? When unuh a go stop war other women and start fight these worthless men?

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