SENDER’-Popular dancer Craigy Dread tries to dis DJs for not playing his song and subsequently sustained a beating from Dancehall’s new rising star Kappa’s entourage in NYC night club.
Per eyewitness reports, Kappa was performing at the DJ booth after being booked to make an appearance at a 12/22 event when Craigy Dread, also present, became outranged that DJ’s are alledgely not showing his song any love. He threw a beverage at the DJ booth in a jealous range before receiving a beating. There is no update on Craig Dread’s status at this time, but witnesses report he got a serious beat down for his attempt at disrespect. DJ Black Child later posted a picture of his bandaged fist on Instagram indicating as Kappa’s new single “House Pon Di Hill” states, ‘me friend den a bad chargie’.

8 thoughts on “DUS OUT PROMOTION

  1. DJ Black Child needs to relax and take care a him health de time him inna dance a fight SMH these iron balloon DJs need to chill b!

    1. Yes he needs to take care of his health, but this bitch threw a drink in his face. Do you know why he threw liquor on him? You talking about iron balloon djs, you probably one of the money pull-up assholes, who ask for the money back. You obviously don’t know Blackchild.

  2. More evidence of Jamaican niggas acting like bytches… This is the gayest thing I’ve seen for the year. You’re that much into your feelings you fling liquor on a next man over chattings like one big puzzy gal who ah try to style the wife. Too many niggaz growing up with single moms and showing their bytchazzness every chance they get. If a man throws word on the mic wait for him outside and handle your business, don’t be that emotionally overwhelmed that you have to disrupt people’s vibes so you can have a hissy fit.

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