Met what a way dwayne Wilson aka bleach out boy lock up him one time woman kandy hype 2 weeks she spen a Rikers Island restraining order and all she can’t even call his name so she on her page throwing words. One thing with them tables they always turn she always calling police on people now she get a taste of her own medicine from har own man sad .


  1. A him 2 woman dat look how she dun Simone and diss up Simone kids Simone you are a big idiot for even talking to her No gyal can’t Style up my kids and me be frenz with her yuh mad Simone yuh slow bad both of y’all teaming up is not going to hurt Dwayne him still a f**k pussy and gyal still a suck him cocky only thing him miss candy for is to piss in her face

  2. Old clothes government candy we all know yuh a run up inna poochie cause you have no friend or family yuh family dem hate yuh a clothes yuh a look fi borrow from poochie cause yuh can’t borrow no more from your sister yuh Sister lock yuh up she dun with you yuh a one wicked evil gyal Guh get a work yuh nuh have shit a live fa not even yuh kids yuh big and worthless yuh son hate yuh Simone take my foolish advice don’t let that b**** get too close to you she can keep friends for too long she going to disgrace you on social media and talked up a bunch of s*** that’s what she live for social media arguments she is a low life feed her with a long spoon don’t invite her to your home don’t let her know anything about you remember I told you what she don’t know when you and har Fallout She Will build up lies on you if she can do it to her family what will she do to you she can’t go to her aunt’s house she can’t go to her grandmother’s house she can’t go to her sister’s house she can’t even go to her mother’s house none of her family don’t talk to her all of them despise her not to mention what she did to friend be careful Simone

  3. Who would even want to associate yourself with candy I’m on her Facebook page every day she’s an argument with somebody that girl is a menace to society sorry for her no Donald Trump is in yuh better go and find a job cuz just now your housing is going to get cut

  4. No no Dwayne is not Wicked she told life on him and got him arrested so this time he’s not being a fool she threatened him and he has to be smart and do the right thing and put it to the law lock up Back har rass

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