The time u spend come a Jamaica a kill up yo self over man weh nuh want yo… Yo take the money n enjoy yo self with yo kids, u nuh see yo babyfather nah look pan yo a terry him want n Dayne nuh want yo a BBC jus the money.. Yo need to fix up yo damn body n belly before u can own man…. Michelle find a man fi yo self n leave ppl man cause u nuh look good from day one….lol…. Michelle u n Kiki alright enuh clowns… But it bun mi fi see u come Ja a stress over man weh nuh want to get ur own man…..



  1. This bitch need fi stop tek the government money that she’s getting for her kids & mind man that don’t want her.. Michelle stop shoplifting in Montreal Canada ! And run to Jamaica you look like a f***g clown bitch what a big joke !! HE DONT WANT YOUR UGLY ASS BITCH

  2. Hello sad bitch get the f**k outta here wid u sad self and lowe
    Michelle alone, u sound like a sad ex or u di give d man bad f**k so him nah use u

  3. This gal always talking about her baby father come to find out ah ppl man bitch go find a life u ugly fat bitch !!! Nobody in Canada want to claim that !!

  4. Well i am michelle n for all u bitches weh a try get a pussyhole stripe off a me bitch wrong one first of all i dont do social media war i deal wid a bitch with a bloodclattt knife so putting me on here acting like u know me aint shit cause u should know wen i know who u are me a go sign my bloodclatt name inna ur face n bitch put u man name mek me tek n mine him too cause u seems to feel big a do this so call back door war lmao…. ok two thing u mention raffique n dayne well k for one raffiqie a my ex but my baby daddy for life n me nuh give a f**k bout fi him bloodclattt who so ever k she or u cant chat to me nuh time a day k wen me come we both know what time it is i dont give a f**k man a man pussy fi f**k n if a him u a wish fah n so what him a galist at least me no him nuh gay sorry boo boo kitty bout ur stale pussy or batyy weh milage run down pon u stinking clit a walk miles behind u after u turn the bloodclattt corner nuh worry bout my fat belly or body come forward mek i f**g drop it pon u n bruk u pussyhole neck bitch plz i aint got time fi this i like up n personal but as for dayne u all can gwan chat a the right one unuh a f**k with so if u was one a him old boot weh get fling out congrats bitch call n remind him u outta door a wait still lmao poor thing n since u claims to a worry for me n know weh me a do n nuh do a montreal y u dont let me visit the store u own pussyhole u dumb bitch u cant chat to me so this shade u a dash jus dont mean f**k all to me n who it want offend f**k unuh stinking madda n go wake up unuh dead n gone stinking relative n mek them help unuh life weh nah go nuh weh lil pussyhole lesbian duty bitch a mines u want or raffique or dayne gwan fi it but u cant stop me a bloodclatttt n if u know me u know u dead wen i find u so duty cockroach stay inna the dark like insect u are …..
    …wen i catch u see i can de who i am cause me bad like dat ye

  5. badmind active eehh… kingston 13 guh suck out yuh mada.. And stop watch out the woman life. You could a all a suffa and still a watch out ppl life your bbc life sad to bloodclat.. Must me a sadamite fi deh pan r man…. Lol a wah you n r a f**k the same man…. No matter what Michelle babyfada nah stop love her… And the woman have up r bbc money a wah a wah suh make her life a hurt u suh… Kmt unuh stfu yah man.

  6. She tricked u too bitch? Wat money??? Welfare money or children benifits money….lmfao..she living off of the government’s money…so u SHUT THE F**K UP….

  7. Dwrl so u married fi get man n pickney n mine dem too dont n have one a court good luck wen she catch u we know who u are boo boo she coming laval cockroach u dead this time donna a kill u lmao

  8. Who cares if she spending her welfare money or family allowance on her man.that’s her business.girls pay for cocky all the time.big up michelle!!! Pay for the buddy ya!

  9. Bare joke ! This is sad she had to fly to Jamaica to find man fi bread her. Nobody ah Montreal want that stink gal look how she look like sponge bob square pants what away she ah use the government money fi fly back and forth to Jamaica your so sad Michelle foster your daughters are beautiful but ur son looks like I don’t even no what fi seh no comment! Stop walk a thief it don’t look good and stop mine man that don’t want you pls look in the mirror go do something with ur self what your not pregnant again So u can get more money from the government your a sad bitch poor yuh !! Dwl

  10. Y’all sad or better yet bitch u sad cause while u deh ya a try class mi good up sister inlaw she a laugh after u lil nastiness bitch…weh u think did a pop off eeh bitch tek 50 bus back n go reborn again u start f**k too early n dun out u nasty pusdyhole u stop watch out michelle business a my blood fi life dat n mi will kill a gal fi har so go f**k u madda back way n mek she explain why every man u go to beat u n leff dwrl michyboo big up uself a attention them a look dont lower ur standards fi nuh gal jus let me know when u ready fi deal wid a gal u dun know no pussy test n violate u know how we do link me up asap blood a blood f**k a trying to be hype bitch cause if she bad she wouldnt be in the dark but i glad u know a who jus mek me deal wid the nasty duty trash bag gal…grrrrr we know n we coming!!!!!!mi back my sis anytime…..

  11. Woooieeee this is what’s going on Michelle Foster low life what a shame your sad #WasteGal #LEAVETHEPPLDEMMAN STOP SEND YOUR BARRELS WITH YOUR CHEAP ASS CLOTHES !!

  12. Ms steel mek sure u ready fi brown come court time i swear on everything
    …here comes his wittness bitch dwrl u fool nuh f**k….

  13. Girl dem lucky beg u some ya cause my family abroad deh in the system n a get gov money n a next to nothing my sister get n she cant travel plus a five kids she have but ppl love chat n mek trouble n futher more do what u want ya my girl u must a beg her or tek up space inna dem house lol girl big up up if u want pay fi cocky or man a dash cocky on u so what at least u no nuh gal nah suck u like them bitches ya kmt ignore the hood rat dem attention dem want n u nah lose a night redt over dem….go see weh them itch up n a peep every min to see if u ago comment dwrl this ya a joke i dont blame u laugh yah…lol

  14. Stop send Down the barrel dem to Jamaica with all of the stolen clothes and the bag of cheap things them him nuh want dem cheap clothes… And go fix yuh body and stop bread and post all day on Facebook “Bout oh I luv my kids ” Bitch wake up ! Your just sad

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