Dem seh is a mike……..mi wudda love be di seam a di pants fi verify
Is That a Yardstick in Idris Elba’s Pants? (Because It Can’t Be His You-Know-What…Right?)
Well, there’s just no way to go around this, so we’re just going to say it—holy moly, look at Idris Elba’s bulge!
Paparazzi photos of the 41-year-old British actor have been circulating the Internet today, and while it’s always a treat to see photos of this hot piece of eye candy, today’s serving was extra distracting (emphasis on the D).
While strutting a tailored blue suit with what we’re assuming are the tightest pants in America, eyes are quickly drawn to Elba’s crotch, because there’s something going on there and it’s absolutely insane.
Now, it’s no surprise that sometimes a celeb’s bulge makes an appearance for the cameras. Take Jon Hamm, for example. It’s almost like the guy refuses to restrain his member. But even Hamm’s meat needs to take a backseat to whatever’s going on in Elba’s pants right now.
Granted, what is being revealed in the picture may not be what we’re all thinking it is (because is that even humanly possible?), but we’re not here to crush dreams. So even if it is something else—a baton, a Beats by Dre pill, a pet snake, a tree trunk—we’re just going to invite you to join us in imagining that what’s happening in there is, well, you know.
Happy Sunday.
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  1. I would tackle would take awhile to take it all the first couple of times but try we would n win we must lmaooo mi liokeeee

    1. chuet u see di size him a walk wid?????????????????????? it is not erect so take that into consideration where your like is concerned :nerd

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak That is a very skill tailor. Not one thing in his pocket…i know that shift and I love it.

        1. PP all u tuh ? no wonder u and di one chuet can laugh pan yah………PP u love dat? dat sumting a marrow finder mi love :travel
          my marrow nuh lost and will never lost …and all mi see dat di way mi tear choo dat parking lot like a tsunami

          1. lolol, Met,love makes the “marrow” grow fonder!
            Yep! yu too short! deadingggggggg
            Chuet yu a fellow member of the “long john” club..lol………

  2. Mi kinda deh pon di shy side……but ef mi neva di committed tuh mi jenkleman mi woulda be delighted fi di opportunity fi tame dah tiger deh :ngakak :ngakak

  3. Yes all a unno whey velly brave and waa try dat dere ting dere up dere suh..unno know a dem buddy deh hafi lift up and put it? It cannot find its way pan it own :nerd

    1. A lie Met I have a Ex n Met him a pack like that n him no need fi hold it especially if he’s super turned on that shit would even curve on the end when dude put it on me all the next day mi feel the throbbing I mean I’m walking and I can feel the drum beat between my legs ahhhhhhhh I loved that man

      1. Yes expert tell mi tell mi…………….is warn mi did a warn all who waa try but u waa come bruck out di people dem fi have big hood hopes and go tek di big cockey dem………………..chuet u is velly bad!! chuet!!!!!!! u is velly velly bad

  4. Heeeey ( inna mi african voice) ……..no sir…..IDRIS LONGCOCKY ELBA …………..RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…….HIM CAN KEEP TWO OMAN CAUSE HIM HAVE FI TWO

  5. On a serious note it is nice to have a big dick man but not on a long term basis caws when yuh not in d mood and dem decide seh dem want it… Hell n powda house caws when yuh have a Likkle hood man yuh can just turn back way and mek him enjoy himself, but when is a big hood man.. No such ting. Yuh affi mek sure yuh get wet fuss caw a bear pain and tearing

    1. Chocolate u r so righttttttttt girl n u know wat I hate like when I’ve been a bad girl n the big hood bredda decide discipline is in the form of cocky oh Lordy not ruff eno but him meck sure ever inch is given n every inch is felt lol oh lord mi a get carried away now let me recoup ya man

      1. _______________________________________________________________________________ bad people bad people
        im di only likkle body advocate angel around hay :angel

        1. Give Idris a chance so da halo de get tilted to de side and yu wing dem nu stop flap..lol
          Seriously,all if him neva did a pack like kong me would a tek him said way BLACK MEN like him is rare now a days. He is sexxxy in speech, appearance, mannerism and hehem….crotch.

          1. @10.38pm. I agree, this is nice, me like. nothing like a fine ass black man with the full package.

    1. yes mi dus nah encourage di big cocky taking :nohope:
      but mi nuh big like idris and if mi did know dis size was gwine reach mi i would resign before mi stawt di job but :nerd

      1. Den Metty me an yuh eena di same boat….an yuh hab mi oba suh ah explain tuh yuh an ah di same ting reach yuh. Metty mi ah mek ah executive decision right now an place yuh eena timeout till ah morning :ngakak

  6. Lawd help meh pan dis yah one yah…Mi seh mi did meet a likkle man one time and im did hab something lakkah dah,di fuss time wi decide fi do we ting u si Met mi yei almost drop outah mi head it tek mi a minute fi recovah and wen mi did mi hightail it outah dah house was would have been a suicide mission. Mi just kindly tek up mi clothes put it on tell im seh mi nuh hab no weh fi im put dat, him seh im wouldah be genkle but chile mi larn from mi a pickney fi pick and choose mi bakkle dem and dah war was not fi mi athaaaaallll no sar no in disyah here vjj, no sah,mi nuh believe di good lord bless mi wid nuh where fi dem deh pool cleaner pole.

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