ED REPORT PRESENTED BY JFJ TO CHILDREN’S HOMES- Reproductive Health Responsibility

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    1. The six facilities involved in the programme as announced were the Alpha Boys Home; St.
      John Bosco; Jamaica National Children’s Home; Sunbeam Children’s Home for Boys; Elsie
      Bemand Home for Girls and Best Care Foundation.

    2. No man this really serious though

      During our investigations, the six facilities involved indicated that they were contacted
      directly by Jamaicans for Justice representatives via telephone and later by email and letter.
      They were advised that the workshop was being held in other homes, and that they were
      selected to participate.

    3. Funds received from Jamaican For Justice
      Five Homes stated that they received $10,000 for the use of the premises to hold the training.
      While confirming that funds were received, one facility is yet to disclose the amount.
      The facilities also stated that refreshments were served to the children during the sessions.
      One home reported that bags containing pens, football and brochures were given to each
      child who participated in the programme

  1. a really 10000 Carolyn Godless organize and gi di ppl dem fi di pickney dem soul …right now a lock dem fi lock up da oman deh …….this is a breech of human rights

    1. It is and all a dem administrators deh fi lose dem work immediately , dem sell out di children fi 10,000 not even a night’s dinner

      1. yow u si dem ppl deh weh only love dem own pickney fi memba seh dem pickney a go have pickney and dem nuh know weh can happen….da oman deh good to rhatid…di director dem fi di home a try fi …accommodate any kind of plan that will help so shi use ar power and get pass fi ar foolishness ….dem fi carry go court

        1. as phantom say dem fi get lock up because dem all leave instructions fi di homes if children have questions …is like dem tek ova jamaica or a look fi breed a new set a batteyman

  2. Met yuh si how dem batty man deh vile?? Dem don’t want no human rights ah infiltrate dem waah infilterate the heterosexual population by starting with the impressionable minds. Free fii f**k batty will never be enough cuz dat is not their agenda.

    1. candy mi say mi vex mi a bite all parts a mi mouthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mi waa know how di hell dem shut up dem mouth so now whey di hell dem deh

  3. From dem mek Jezebel Carolyn Gomes voluntarily resign mi realize seh dem ah play wid di hole boatload ah germs dem. Lisa Hanna ah sleep ah di wheel from day one,….suh she, di administrators fi di homes dem, JFJ an all ah dem affiliates fi get ax effectively immediately. Plus dem fi get fine and jail time fi endanger di lives of minors. Odda countries tek care ah dem dawg an puss better than Jamaica tek care of dese children. Dis nuh right!!

    1. No man Lisa cannot get no blame because a dem did fi contact she..so far she a do di first set a good job..They need to close down the JFJ because that is not what their office is for..is really against police brutality dem work so mi waa know when dem mission statement change?

      1. If dem turn gay advocates dem fi seh dat but they cannot be operating as gay advocates under the guise of an office of justice for all jamaicans..they have to close and open whatever office dem want

        1. Di more mi read dem twitter di more mi get upset..the JFJ is not a government office so how di FFFFFFFFF dem fi talk bout dem have right fi implement system?

          1. Also they are Advocates they are not policy makers…Ive never seen anything so brazen in my life

  4. Metty mi agree wid yuh pon dis all di way. But yuh si tuh how mi bringle bout dis, mi dus waan ax ebry shegry weh inna di path. Lisa Hanna nuh wut har salt inna har capacity, but ah guess mi fi jus gi har ah chance fi handle this…..dem mi ax har claat outta di position.

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