28 thoughts on “ELAINE THOMPSON AGEN

  1. You know nbc should’ve hired me, mi say the order mi talk in mi house is how dem come, schippers dash dung har rass flag when she realized a silver she did get and tori neva had a chance poor usa, met gatlin nuh mek the 200m him come 3rd.

    1. Is har shoes man u sure is har flag? White girls finish last she neva know dat..Gatlin seh him knee dem give out but mi waa know how those who di a talk bout yohan faster dan bolt and how bolt fraid a yohan how dem feel yah now

  2. Mi luv dis one yah, everybody did a boots up di Dutch gyal and mi di hav mi doubts bout har but shi do it!
    Congrats Elaine.

  3. Congrats Elaine,many tonks on behalf of a grateful nation! :-).I must confess when me see the one slippaz a close een pon Elaine,me just puddung one piece a speaking in tounges prayer!me sey LORD plzzzz plzzzz do nuh mek Daphne dive out Elaine”s gold

  4. DWL @ Real , u neva find a betta line. Sooooo happy for her, from mi see how she serious at the start of the race me know she had a plan and and that gold was hers. The Dutchie fling down her shoes, I watched it back.

    1. Mi say ato bolden and di other commentators a chat say how elaine starting block did heist up in the air a true dem nuh know elaine did have a plan fi di whole a dem.

  5. Mi happy fi Elaine so till. I think Yohan Blake isn’t fully recovered from his injury but I’m proud of all of our athletes

  6. Yu have some moderator pon di wall a dash wud pon di bloggers dem. Yes YOU!!! Anyway, Mr Blake obviously has not fully recovered from injury. It proves even when Bolt is not at his best he is still two steps ahead of the competition. Congrats to Elaine. Mi was waving frantically and calling to you Elaine, yu head turn to my direction but mi nain know ef yu was looking at me suh mi nuh badda fling mi flag.

  7. Mi seh Met & Metters, I can’t tell yall how all Grace Jackson I start cuss last night that she must shut her mouth with all that repetitive ‘Elaine looks nervous because she’s not smiling talk like she thought Elaine was afraid of Schippers. And through my TV I said ‘Elaine run out pan Schippers because if she can’t win 100 she can’t win this!’ And she did just what I told her because I just know she heard me. Happy bag buss :selamat

  8. “Happy Bag”??!!!!!…..dwllllll….Good morning uptown girl. How di yute ? Him nuh bout 9 or 10 now? Time a draw near fi CXC. Uncle good?

    1. :ngakak Willie llow mi! Sometimes the pink wall need some stushing up man – especially after how I had to cuss last night.

      The boy good like gold. I’m here raising him to come marry a particular Jamaican singstress (yes I bracing to become mother-in-law to a cougar) because his love for her grows more every day lol. Which one of the uncles? You good?

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