Elephant Man has come out swinging at fellow dancehall artiste Beenie Man, following comments made by the veteran in an interview with United States-based Hot 97 FM, in which he referred to Ele and other dancehall artistes as ‘broken down’.
According to Elephant Man, Beenie Man’s comments are damaging to the progress of dancehall and reggae music. He said the veteran artiste is trying to brand himself as the face of dancehall music, even if it means undermining others.
During the interview, ‘The Doctor’ stated: “I am the balance in dancehall music. Every time the music goes apart, I got to bring it back. I am the King of Dancehall.”
When the host asked the deejay what he thought about Baby Cham and Mr Vegas, Beenie Man’s response was that Cham is not active enough, and Mr Vegas wasn’t consistent, and only makes hits after two and three-year breaks.
As it relates to the ‘Energy God’, Beenie Man said: “Elephant Man is not there (musically), I haven’t seen Elephant Man for like two years now, like seriously. Dancehall is not broken, some of the artistes are broken; I am still here, and I am still putting out hit songs.”
Yesterday, Elephant Man was quick to respond to Beenie’s comments.
“Beenie Man badmind until him teeth and the middle of him hair a drop out. He never has nothing good to say about other artistes,” he said.
The artiste known for songs such as Signal The Plane, said Beenie has also made disparaging comments about other artistes, such as Shabba.
He is all about himself. That’s why him in the music fi suh long and nuh buss no artiste, because him badmind,” Elephant said.
He said it’s ironic that Beenie Man should make comments about his career, when they both appear to be progressing at the same pace.
“I was booked for Best of The Best, but I had problems leaving my European tour. I performed at BET the same time with him, and him sey mi nuh have nuh hit song. Suh tell mi which hit song Beenie Man have? Beenie Man don’t have a hit song,” Elephant Man continued.
“Nobody cyah guh up a di hills and point pon Beenie Man house. Yu gone pon interview gone tell people sey a you alone a duh good inna music, after dem never ask yu bout yuself. When Vybz Kartel deh road, yu run bakka the man and talk bout Gaza yu sey, then yu same one gone pon interview gone bash di man. Mi deh Europe, and di bwoy know sey mi deh Europe, and gone tell people foolishness,” a seemingly upset Elephant Man said.
The deejay also called out Beenie Man for claiming to be the King of Dancehall, a title which was already given to Yellowman.
“Yu too badmind. Yu try offa Yellowman. Yu not even own a studio fi record yu song dem, bout yu live inna apartment with 300 man. Wicked people cyah pretend too long, ah yourself yu a trick because yu nah run no dancehall, go fix yu teeth dem wey a drop out,” Elephant Man said.


    1. Riches a mi husband u a disrespect????????????? it couldnt be oooooooooooo ele doe have no hair eeda a false hair him a walk wid. Mr nadinola ele fi go sidung is a hype him a look

      1. haylppppppppppppp no man da one deh connek it mek mi day! Beenie has to know how to be diplomatic though, his years of experience should afford him that

      2. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaay, teh, teh, teh!!!! Met, yuh done know sey me’d readup di almshouse wey dem people post pan yuh site but mi nuh really put up comments. Unless little positive things fi sey. So yuh must surprise when mi tell you sey dis one CAWNECK, right inna Beenie Man jawbone. And it seems, fitting. Afterall, is it di first time we are hearing these tings about Beenie? I use to defend him also but not after dis revelation “I am done”. I call upon the wisdom of the elders in situations like this(wooiiiiiee, LOL) and I trust you will find wisdom in it, too (although I suspect your are being tongue and cheek) LOL. Nonetheless, my granny use to say, “If a fish come and tell you, alligator pregnant believe it. Because, both of them come from the same place so he would know better than me”, or something to that affect. Ele naw luk no HYPE, I suspect he is talking de truth.

      3. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaay, teh, teh, teh!!!! Met, yuh done know sey me’d readup di almshouse wey dem people post pan yuh site but mi nuh really put up comments. Unless little positive things fi sey. So yuh must surprise when mi tell you sey dis one CAWNECK, right inna Beenie Man jawbone. And it seems, fitting. Afterall, is it di first time we are hearing these tings about Beenie? I use to defend him also but not after dis revelation “I am done”. I call upon the wisdom of the elders in situations like this(wooiiiiiee, LOL) and I trust you will find wisdom in it, too (although I suspect your are being tongue and cheek) LOL. Nonetheless, my granny use to say, “If a fish come and tell you, alligator pregnant believe it. Because, both of them come from the same place so he would know better than me”, or something to that affect. Ele naw luk no HYPE, I suspect he is talking de truth.

  1. laawd god!!!
    murda murda murda!!!!
    met a laugh so till mi tink my teet dem did a drop out. mi did affi feel if dem still intact.
    beenie stop pon ele corn and ele wet up beenie wid some bath wata, him empty beenie man.
    ele why u dun mi awtis???? :mewek

  2. So Beenie Man soon start wear false teeth and no reach 45 yet? Beenie you fi brush you teeth dem….lol

      1. Met come on, stop blindly defend Beenie. He was dead wrong and he deserve to be be called out for his out of line statements…

      2. Met hush mi know it hurt fi hear even the truth about the ones we love so hush beenie nuh have nuh good teeth and a nuh drop him hai a drop out ya met a center part him a wear lol

  3. Met u know me naw tek dis lying dung..a really we boo Ele do so???? dwllll di man say Beenie fi go fix him teeth dem weh a jap out… a flat lineee!!!
    Beenie a me artist BUT him shudden say dat ina interview..i dow rate it..even doe Ele nave a hit song fi bout 5 yrs now fi chute lol

    1. hear u now_________________________________________________ ele know beenie doe really play ina real life …mi glad him lash him bout di teeth still dem look bad

  4. Beenie jus call mi and ask mi if mi nuh anyone weh do implant………..MI ASK HIM WHICH ONE …………………….HAIR OR TEETH….AND HIM HANG UP DI PHONE PON MI ….SO MI CALL HIM BACK AND TELL HM NUH RENK WID mi….cause mi cah point pon nuh hill top and seh da house deh belong to him ……………………a weak

      1. Ele a hype himself cause hab on the 10,001 copper silver n scrap metal ring dem pon him bleach out ugly finger dem all Beenie said was that him don’t have no hits IS IT A LIE R NAHHHH?????

        1. Ele a gwaan like him relevant and a nuh lie beenie a tell eno..a big talk a jamaica say ele pap dung so it hurt him because beenie lite mouth let it out. Di whole jamaica a laugh afa ele because not even gas him can buy good ..beenie say gas ova teet :tkp

        2. Come on people, a Beenie start di drama, this is just the beginning. Lots of other artiste ago knock him fi him commentary on Hot 97 radio…
          Him never really dis the Killa still but him fumble all over Killa name to…

    1. wat ele is saying is that at least him have some where tto bridge the light………………..beenie does not lmao :cool :cool

      1. is because ele doe know where beenie live because beenie doe have 5 million dog a bawk a night time

          1. u know ele really really outa order doe…I never see ele teet yet u eva see dem?

          2. Ele nuh responsible fi him teeth ………………………dem have a mind of them own some time him go pon tour and lef di teeth dem fi watch di place a dem tell him seh beenie teeth dem a drop dead one by one

    2. :ngakak :cystg yuh know seh yuh a gwaan from bad to worst :ngakak Tek time wid mi deh duh mi a beg yuh :ngakak

  5. Beenie man stay bad fi chue him teeth dem a drop out see mi the odds day and a call mi when mi see the hair mi just seh hi beenie and keep it moving met beenie man fi do betts him look stink

  6. mi seh mi laugh so till. wen dem artiste yah ready fi drop dem draws, clap dem hand a trace off dem one a nedda……its fu-cking priceless :ngakak
    beenie a mi artiste, but him chat too much sometime. him really ave some awful ways about him. but beenie neva did affi throw nobody unda di bus, u is r was will always be a pus-sy beenie.
    ele di truth hurts don’t? u go build house pon hill an feed dog wid kfc, yet u a bridge light and u naah mine u pickney dem

    1. Yes mi is? wha di problem? di whole a unno waa run come beat him..duz him badie look like it can tek suh much lick???????? :mewek
      all u a run come style mi man and ele stay bad like dem rejected sheet ..him dus a spread so and doe have no use..leave mi husband eno leave him

  7. Met so ele have di house pan di hill a bridge di light an Beenie dow have a house pan di hill fi point pan…so ppl still think when u live pan di hill dat mean u deh pan top….Ele betta go sell di house fi pay JPS…cuz a dow know whats di sense having di house an can maintain it smh

    1. wid di 5 million dog ina him balm yard……u nuh si a das y him go build fi him house a di cheapest part a di hill and put on dis whole heap a bright color because him want di whole jamaica see him

      1. a wandan if him get di kennel license yet …………..because di amount a dog ova dat deh yawd deh di neighba dem fraid fi lef dem dawg roun a di back cause dem seh ele a teef dawg

        1. not one pedigree eno..so so mongrel because ele know mongrel nyam all plastic when dem ready dat ole grazmite

          1. met di plastic ting mi cah manage dah one deh heavy ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………bad

          2. Nuh all mongrel eh nuh Metty. Cauz mi have 1 dog him a full blown mongrel, him nuh have a ounce a pedigree inna him and him nuh nyam bone weh ppl chew up, all if yuh bite d meat and gi him, him guh lie dung and look d next direction. All if yuh seh (chups chups chups (a suh dem call dog though? come puppy!!! Him not even look much less git up, him fiesty lakka chink!!!! Yuh affi gi him meat weh nobody nuh bite up bite up, mi affi seh watch yuh dutty kin too nuh, a galang like seh yuh a smaddy har yuh a poodle, damn brite, mi tired fi cuss mi dog seh is a rich owner hin want, cauz mi nah tap chew up bone and dash it gi him, him him nuh waan nyam it him mek it tan deh mek a next dog nyam it and him dead fi hungry him luddy!! lol

          3. Yuh laff???? Him pass brite, and when hungry start bruk him baxide and him cant tek it nuh more, yuh si him a look if nobody a watch him then him screechy guh nyam it. And yuh waan si him a lool look left and right if him si nobody too eh nuh, mi baby seh mommy come watch Stallin gone eat d meat weh him never want!!” lol A tired fi cuss him, mi son affi seh “mommy yuh dont know better than that yuh can a cuss d dog, leave him alone when him hungry him will eat it.” Him not even waan sleep out a door……..A mi fi tell yuh! when a night and him know its time to lock up, him gone hide under kitchen table, inna bathroom, in d closet, and when yuh duh find him its a tag-of-war match to get him out! and him know seh anyone my kitty stripey see him inna d house a war eh nuh, mi kitty nuh ramp fi buss him ass…lol Mi seh my dog is a real classic, my kids and I love him to death doah, he’s like family I wouldnt trade him fi d world but him have some pedigree attitude weh mi cant deal wid more while man, lol

  8. Mi sey mi just bus out a big laugh to ratid….. :ngakak :ngakak A so age catch up to Beenie till everyting a go down hill? Beenie u live with 300 man…dat no normal a tall.
    Met, wah happen to u husband house wey him did have up pan di hill? Doe tell me uno lose it because uno no pay de mortgage.

      1. Met, I didn’t know Mr. Lisp tongue had it in him lol…..but is Beenie fault, when it comes to the music fraternity don’t speak ill of other members, always say something good or take the high road. I am eagerly awaiting Beenie’s response lol

        1. u know mi nah go really ansa u bout u neva tink mr lisp did have it in him……..u nuh si God did a stop him why him tongue twist so why u neva tink it heena him? di tongue shudda tie mek mi :travel

  9. Met MI a sell u some rawww Jamaican castor oil fi u husband. And him can get him dental work done right yah a ny fi LIKKLE an nutting. Just mek MI know …u know how to find mi :maho

          1. MET …ele nah si mi nuh weh lol fi get dem ya teeth and obeah dem out like how him do beenie

    1. u know real doe easy…she tek set pan mi husband and ele have so much fault..ele whey bleach dus a reach and him a bleach fi 20 years..my husband dont bleach :nerd

      1. …….u lik di nail pon di head ….him need fi stop so strick pon di no bleach policy ……………..and go bleach di few teeth him have lef

        1. there would be no more lef fi ele ……….only di plastic bag dem fi feed him mongrel dem
          Real mi seh leave mi man! :travel

          1. yu a good oman ……stick by yu man …..cause all when di hair and how much teeth a lef him u deh roun

      2. Met a wah day dem keep a contest and a Ele win ……………….di contest did name BLACK CAH TUN BACK…….HARDIS MAN FI BLEACH

        1. and him have a nerves a count beenie drap out teet dem..when di bleach get outa control him face patchy feva liver spot

      3. suh met, one time yuh neva did a look feh divorce yuh husband? unno ded get back together? yuh see why people nuh feh get inna other people’s relationship?.

  10. met tell u on again off again husband seh, fi tek time talk wen him do di farrin intavue dem cuzin seh, fast movement causes tings to become dislodged and den flight neatly occurs.
    ele affi live pon di hill, cuz di hill closer to space, where him cometh from. him want to feel as clos to home as pus-sible

      1. in fact i do mrs “if it drop outta him mout i will tek it up, brush it off and say hunny, open wide, an teet find it home again.”
        u husband need fi talk bout di 300 man weh live a him yard, a desso di real tea deh, not who ave hit song, cuz di real hit song master cyaah drop no soap yah now, an di second in command love him juicey jogging bottoms dem. an none a dem is beenie nor ele.
        beenie why u live wid 300 man? is u afraid of sumbody so much, why u need so much male protection? or is a food for di poor ting u a run? mek mi know, cuz if is di latter, i would r is like to make a contribution.

    1. wait deh just a likkle………..is whey mi husband have pan him fi ride? a doe shame because mi husband doe bleach him doe naked and him traveling

  11. Beg uno tek time wid Beenie, him is a veelly sick man, and yes is 300 man ina the house fi true, Beenie really was downing all the other artist fi true, them fi nail him up gainst the Liberty statue, US him deh a try style the ppl dem career him need fi guh bathe, and clean him teeth lol

  12. Beenie and Ele coulda both use some refurbishing..Ele, if Beenie fe fix im teeth dem, you worse need fe fix yuh bad speech and lisp tongue weh spit wata like when pressha buss pipe

  13. Bounty an Shabba was di only two Beenie spare inna dah interview deh lol …..everybody else get bullit lmaooo

    1. …and Beenie struggle fi spare Killa. He did not even know how to class Killa.
      Plus, the who Shabba ting a front; Beenie was the same one who denied Shabba’s greatness when he came to Jamaica a few years ago…
      When Beenie a clash Killa in 93 him talk bout him ina di industry at that time fi about 15 years and now him a seh him and Killa bus ina 92…

  14. Yes, Met, a your turn now. The other day u dash out mi ex files an throw him unda di bus, di bus ran ova him den all the jmger’s dem walk all ova him. Unu spare him no mercy. So your man turn now.
    :ngakak Eli sey “go fix u teeth dem wey drop out” Eli, u sure sey ano De Angel knock dem out?

  15. Yes Anony 7: 38 is only Shabba and Bounty was spared, I think he was very wrong for doing what he did to the other artists, Beenie act like is him hold up dancehall, and he actually believe that, because he has done nothing for any one, so that goes to show his dirty mind towards other people in the industry, I don’t blame Ele this time for answering him, he went as far as to say that Mr. Vegas only hit was bruck it dung, and he has done nothing in 2 years, what was all that for. He is wrong, him need to stop put on the very expensive clothes on the not so fresh body.

    1. But dancehall artists and dancehall promoters/patrons have to do whatever they can to be seen and stay relevant; it is a very cut throat industry/ lifestyle so they have to stay relevant by any means necessary…just imagining Ele ah trace Beenie got me laughing real hard :ngakak

  16. Mi drop right dung a grung. Mek I laugh before mi read the comments. Good evening Ms Metty, please to come and get yuh peel out head husband with haste.. Dedin!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  17. @CC u comment is soooo wrong, u need a beaten fi dat one dere!!!***tears how me a laff***…..Bennie outa-ada doe met, no lie..Fi a man wha have suh much flaws, him fi loww pple..Moses, u eva luk like u waan bade, i dont know how Michelle lie dung ina bed wid u…

      1. everybaddie run come in a beat it look like ele dash up some powder bout di place because dis nuh normal :mewek

      2. Metty yuh done know seh we hab mad lub fi yuh. But Metty, wid all due respect we kaint stan back an mek certain tings guh dung. We haffi pap dung dis husband ting weh yuh ah defend. Cah hear how it guh…..nyammings is ah must, but wid dem deh teets deh…nyammings is ah must NOT :ngakak :ngacir2

  18. good day met,metters,peepers nd others…..
    no tuh bloodclaat elephantiasis mi nuh tink a beenie yuh deh jus tap wid :ngakak
    luk who a call ppl badmind yuh eva tell bounty killa tonx yet?!?!?!
    which man beenie man eva tek round a new kingston?!?!?
    tell mi agen a wen beenie name call pon AIDS?!?!?
    huh much kids him hab nd nah mine dem?!?!?!?
    stay bading in bed bath nd beyond kus kus,raw nadinola,victory seceret draws extraordinaire wearee’, xtra munt a false hair wearing germs a which fowl beenie naam fi yuh agen..was it white?!?!?
    elephantiasis weh a feed him million nd wan mongerel dawgs dem kfc but nah give sidonkey de bone fi suck awf is who nd yuh agen?!?!
    tight pusc elephantiasis a seh is who nd youssssssssssssssssss :nerd

  19. How Beenie Man’s comment damaging to di progress a dancehall? Di heap a veterans wah caught up eena di criminal justice system dweeing more damage dan anyting Beenie coulda seh. Music is bout music, if u nah meck music u nuh get nuh talk, u caan live off a u past, is di moment counts in entertainment industry. I thought Beenie was fair in his statements, although sometimes it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself, Beenie fi know seh some topics him fi leff alone. Ele teck di ting to a next level, di immaturity of some of these artitste is unbelievable, dem wuss dan mawkit ooman, Ele truly lap him frack tail and tear out him batty, grow a pair dude, it’s not about you no more, you is of yesterday and there is an entire generation that do not have a clue who you are.
    Popcaan is one of the best younger dancehall artiste out dere imho, but I don’t know what is holding him back from international stardom. Dem yute fi leggo di bag a frens, ganja, alcohol, and di changing a ooman and focus pon dem craft, cause a dem a di fucha a dancehall and u haffi strike while di iron is hot.

  20. Believe mi Shani……a swear mi haffi lock mi phone screen an run go peepee. No maaayyynnnee. Mi laff till mi naily piss. Yuh is a reaaaal ride or die chick. Mi naw lie….mi did obsess wid Moses fi yeeeeaaarrs till Angel tunn him ina fool. Den ppl start say him mowly an nuh like bathe….den mi pum pum just dry right up. Not a nedda dream mi nuh dream bout him. Nopes. Him teet dem a tek flight fi true Shani????? Yuh must know cause is ur boo. A nuff hit song Moses have still. Hits songs by JA standard of hits…..mi naw talk bout Billboard. Mi a talk bout airplay and ina di Jamaican music world. Every song him do…..badddd. Mi naw tek dat from him…but mi nuh condone di dissing of odda artiste. Him musn do that. It’s unprofessional and screams “hold dung tek”. Ele wuk guzunguzeng fi true true??? Shame on you Helefant Mayne. Shani mi have 2 numbers fi yuh give yuh hubby. 1-800-ROGAINE and 1-866-FIXMITEET…… Doe beat mi…..I’m trying to help. Dwllllllll

      1. Doe walk pass man. Chro!!! Come ere mi putus. Muahhhhhh….Mrs Beenie. A nuh nutten. We all have to lose our teet an hair at some point. Mr Davis just start herrly. Lol

  21. :ngakak Metty yuh nuh have nuh pictorial a d teeth weh a drap out n waan fix ??!!?? :ngakak Cho mi nah lafffff!!!!! (buss out a big dutty laugh) :ngakak D Hey, 1 Ele him gi d “Doctor” a strang dose a him own medicine, mi nah lie!!! :ngakak On a serious note, no mi caan tap laugh :ngakak :ngakak Big man thing, Beenie man nuh seh not 1 positive thing bout d artiste dem fi true, only himself him a glorify, and thats not how u represent ur fellow artiste or ur homeland. He came across as being very self centered and that to me speaks volume about the kind of person he is. Im not discounting his impact on dancehall, but was putting himself on a pedestal and secretly belittling d other artiste, and therefore Ele was well within his right to do what he did. Beenie yuh a mi artiste still but that interview was too self serving.

      1. Yuh betta luk O! So when d poor likkle old man locks dem drap out weh unuh expect him fi guh do yah now??? Start put in false hair like elephant man??? And d teeth dem start to fall out too, A tell yuh when it rain it pours poor likkle rich man affi guh put een dentures, so how him a guh DJ wid dat inna him mouth. Oh God man d girls dem sugar a get ole, him soon affi tun d girls dem sugar daddy. Mi nah tell nuh lie him fling a big dutty……stone… dat a nuh stone dat a boulder inna d hog pen, and a d elephant eh ketch, but him know seh she is a big gal, inna har weave and fangle dangles and him mussi trovle har, cauz she wi lap har frack tail and trace, a dont sorry beenie none tall. But come to thing of it a ages Elephant man nuh have nuh hit fi true!!!! D truth hat fi true enuh, so wait deh wah him did waan beenie fi do, tell lie fi him seh him have hits a road, mi nah tell nuh lie, mi more a look fi chatty chatty Vegas weh have him tune dem a road fi run come trace off beenie, but Ele a long time yuh nuh release a hit fi true true man, mi nah tek up fi beenie, him wrong fi tear dung everybody else, but not bout u, him claat fi yuh nail right pan d head, lol!. Mi cant bother wid lisp tongue, and no teeth eh nuh a swear, cauz none out a d 2 a dem nah guh done yah now.

  22. Uuno ago ease up likkle bit outta de ppl dem husband mouth de man keep singing hits afta hit nd sum how dey have hit is teeth lowe de man teeth atleast him still hab tongue….:D

  23. lol————————————————————————–hush met but u fi tell u man she him wrong…………………………………………………………….a cyaannnn lafffffffffffffffffffff

    1. really now :maho
      everybaddie and dem madda madda riding beenie …..elephant man u obeah woman blind is not beenie she si

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