Dear Met this is serious Elva a get pan me nerves now everybody post on IG she commenting from u insta famous she feel as thou u and her are best friends. The other day I see Elva comment on Aneka so call Wong pic talking bout it was funny chatting with u last night I loved the knowledge and intellect u brought forward now u tell me what kina intellectual convo can she slick and Elva have b*tch where? Aneka can’t even tie her Bridget’s properly much less have a thought provoking conversation. But Elva too much she run behind people too much she always want to be seen she all over Chris gayle IG, shanzi shamiele, price Nicole sasco liquid matalon Niki chromaz crime doll every body IG she deh pon comment dung to bounty killer she a stalk out I wouldn’t be surprised if she had on post notifications for all a them. She is an elderly woman and she need to retire that behavior and find a real man now



  1. BUH BUH BUT you need to stop stalking the woman tuh. How you know how much people page she comment on if yuh nah look pan fi dem page tuh and a watch har a look pan fi dem page tuh.

    Go to bed. :mahongintip


    Elva just down to earth, she talks to “nobodies” too.

  2. But sender, if you were not on all these people you mention Ig, you wouldn’t know Elva always like and comment on their post. And don’t judge a book by it’s cover. How do you know Aneka is not capable of having an intellectual conversation? Stop judging the girl by her stupid, repetitive Ig pose

  3. speaking of which met mi realize seh ever since NINO AND SHAMIELE LEFT she deh everywhere wid aneka not just dat d girl be looking so uncomfortable like she forcing the friendsip ! it obvious seh aneka jus use sham fi 3 sum n sellingzz not only dat but shamiele is swinging onto the lesbian side unu no see her new woman dem deh everyweh tgether saw them at maps last night i think d girl do hair she name Chelly .. mi never know shamiele a lesbian??? it obvious seh aneka is dem pimp all aneka do a sit n laugh at them everyday wid her bleach out friend .. met aneka need a work every minute she have pare diff gal in her bed she nuh fraid she ketch sumn? wa day mi see the likkle gal weh name chenellemcnamae inna aneka bed mi a wonder if aneka nuh have pride n shame .. low out d likkle girl dem u have a son everday him see bare diff lifestyle from u going out 24/7 to having a butch gal a grow him .. him never see him madda wid a man yet

  4. A so Elva nuff and annoying from long time. She loves gwan like she hot when she looks like a man. These people are so sad.

    1. so if that was the case why shamiele hitch up under aneka every time lmao it never fails aneka can draw fi r at any given time .. am i blind or wa?

  5. Shamiele is a TOP whore ok, it dont matter who she par wid she a dash out. A pure bun Nino use to get. Dem gyal deh all a do orgy.
    Mi use to think Elva was one a those nice respectable grown woman until mi ex waste gyal of a friend mek me know dem a good fren, that is when mi realize seh is a tete. And yes every body page she deh pan, and it don’t take a stalker to notice. Mabe your insta hasnt updated but no matter how big the post is if somebody popular or somebody u know comments its highlighted at the bottom.

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