Stay bad Tanya that look like she live in a dump stop chat people a river an go look a life you nuh see seh 13 not want you
Him nuh stop f*k pan you with the baga gal them
Tanya you need fi stay a England
Cause u nuh ready
Look how u hold dun the little boy him young an u make him look like old man Jesus Christ man
You mouth smell like shitpit
Stop do threesome cause that not going keep him an take better care a your kids them you nuh see how u bring the little girl for her birthday
You say u a hype pan we over river an keep party boy me sorry fi you
You stay bad u mash up the woman nice clean son why u nuh stay a England an f**k cause we all know u is a international f***r


  1. Sender Gweh and leave Tanya alone. She is no f**st plus she have a good heart. Guh tru Tanya Yuh duh mi a favour mi can never repay. Sender drink some bleach

  2. Keep ur head up Tan n keep it movin! Who kno u kno seh nuh’n no go so! U too kind and dat a yuh weakness! No mek NOBODY draw u out! Yuh kids dem ever clean! U don’t need to walk and beg fi a dyaaaam ting! Dem food, u buy dat! Dem clothes, u buy dat!

    No response is the best response to dis type a shit! After u got bigger n better tings to do in life than to response to this waaaaaaaaste arguement!

    U must be f**kin important fi someone to find the time to really go do this in the hope of embarrassing u!!! Shit backfire cah I can’t see one negative comment on here bout u!

    Do yuh ting ma! Dignity we seh!!!! Ur not a clown so don’t entertain eeeeeediats!!!!!

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