1. Morning Met and Metters peepers and others, British people roll out, mi cyan say she dun Musso and Bam Bam, neatly or tidily, no maine, all me can say, she dun dem with aggravation and deadly assault dem with a weapon that created mass destructon, ma Chin murdered the with r mouth, we need a counter action, damage control, send fi the contracta, we need the water to out the fire 911 where is Musso and Bam Bam. wwoooiii morning noice!

  2. Morning met and Metters

    Why mi tink ah England she dey with har accent. She Bam Bam inna one slippers like she’s Jesus….an tell u.

  3. Nuff ppl who get deport a do betta dan some trash a farrin……maybe if dem get deport to dem will start be progressive

  4. Well mi ah 31 and mi frighten when she seh she ah my age, hard life ah hold on pon har. This Johncrow need fi find somewhere fi fold up and drop asleep. Talking about still birth and dem shit doh mek it. Who the rass talks about tings like dat and use fi trace people. Therefore but the Grace Of God go I cah it can happen to any woman weh ah tek buddy and can breed, kmrt.

    Gwaan go eat some dumplin and chicken back dutty deportee, yuh mawga like dawg. Oonu mek decent Jamaican look bad ah bombo. Bam Bam and the whole ah oonu ah di same ting, none ah oonu nuh better than di other. Boom!!!

  5. murdaaaaaaaaaaaaa she seh she a gwan like a jesus she nameeeeee… Met she say she a 30 wah? i r deadin

  6. In my lady saw voice.. A Wanda wah some gyal a study roun’ here a come a worry bout wah Bam Bam a wear a nuh see say dem wah fi dem hair… go do yuh hair. She say a hair me do an har hair look like it well want a visit to the shampoo chair and den talk up to di flat iron. hooch eva part bam bam and mussu deh dem betta mek a counter action cause me like dah war yah

    1. no man di hair look bad she say inna nice hot jamaica and look like one ah dem mongrel weh a search fi food inna trash can.. my girl go take you hair money and drink a suppligen. and while u deh inna di shop one ah di other stylist coulda do sumn to your hair before yu do the video. cho man

  7. oh my god that is sherone oakland we use to go to rosseau primary together she was always like that . funny as hell please dont talk about the girls baby not right

  8. Lawdd. Mi think he she wuz a man… Unu Memba d battyman whey was on here few munt bac. Taut it wuz she

  9. From cheese deh a London she look dirty she say she f**k fi breast and nuh get it weh inna dat fi proud for nasty hype that but musu and bam bam over due this dunnings

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