Do you know who shot ‘40’?
This time last month, Ricardo Hunter, aka ‘40’, was murdered at a private pool party in the Surrey hills.

A number of people who attended the party that evening (Sunday 24 July) in Headley have already come forward with information.

If you witnessed the events that evening, have any information or have any photos or video footage – you can submit this anonymously via the link below:

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1. Wow, they are still looking for the individual(s) who killed this young man but along with that they want anyone who took a picture of a video of the act… I thought people new who killed this young man, it was in front of 100 hundreds of people and by the photo up top it looks like the pool party was packed so how did these young men come in and was able to go shoot him without wounding anyone it truly must of been up close and personal when they did it shoot it doesn’t look like you can move around by the looks of the pictures… I wouldn’t put nothing pass the friends maybe they even told the people where they would be standing at and what time they will be there and was in close contact with the killers, I do not put nothing pass no one… People claim the barber shop guys weren’t truly his friends was just fake friends so with that being said I do not put nothing pass that they probably knew the guy was going to get killed that day… That’s why I say watch your friends closely because when they ready to get rid of you or be part of the plan they will jump at the chance.. I’m just saying….

  2. Your 100% right about this one it was his own frens that killed him and he was standing with sharp edge crew for what I don’t understand because him and them was no fren, so a trick them trick him and pretend so that they could get rid a him, so go and ask the sharp edge dirty crew a who kill 40!

  3. His fren set him up to get kill over dealings, sharp edge know the killer because they were all in contact and it was a plan to get him there that was the easiest way to get rid a him.

  4. Prip unnu from the story buss pon ya say the man so called fren dem fi get pree but ppl a jump up a say a this n person n that person bcuz dem drive off inna that car or this car. 40 a killer n 1 of the worse til all him fren dem pree him. The only person mi can compare him to a Ryder from Order. Just sick. Sure to ppl pon the out side a good ute but in the streets kmft.

  5. I do not know these men or know the man they killed and I do not even live out that way but from what I’ve read so far bout the incident I what I said earlier this man so call friends and worst to hear that the people he was with wasn’t no type of friends to him to begin with, he should of known something was up especially if you don’t even deal with dem man dem like that why go out with dem… The truth will set everyone free and someone conscious is going to get to dem and they going to spill the beans someone from that group that was there parring with him going to spill it and all who was involve along with the killer going to pay… I’ve heard that he torture people and kill people and if that is the truth that is so wrong and his death wasn’t nothing nice, thus how God set up but at the same time he was someone son and father, uncle etc… he was that type of man as everyone claimed he was then I feel sorry for the people he did that too but a killing is a killing it is wrong and they way it is done is just wrong…

  6. Go and get your information right you dum pussy! Okay so like how 40 was the biggest killer tell us who and who him kill? No day no time you can’t do that because him never kill a soul him might bad and do ppl things and set up ppl to get rob but him never take nobody life you fool, and all a him fren was fake and that’s why he ended up like this because it was all a set up! Don’t you all worry because you will all hear bout it.

  7. A long time kirk from sharp edge wah get rid a 40 kirk you is a informer because you same one went and give police info when you and him was suppose to be fren you feel like he didn’t know informer bwoy so now you fren back 40 trick him to go party and then set him to get kill so now you guys nuh stop party and a celebrate you better go and pray because if dem don’t catch you god ago deal with you pussy you wanna be bad man kmt

  8. My question to you all whomsoever know, this 40 person didn’t have no true friends? Why was he able to be tricked to go to a party with people that he wasn’t really and truly good friends with… He made a bad judgment call which caused him his life… And now the police is trying to find more evidence to get to the killer and the people involved and I hope that they catch each and everyone of them that played role in this man death, real talk… I do not know him per say but the way it was done was just from pure wickedness and hate by men that despised him that sh*t is truly crazy… You wake up every morning not knowing if that day will be your last day but just thanking God you woke up that day and everyday for someone to come around and decided it is time for you to leave this earth, playing the role of God… It’s a scary notion of that, that’s why men all over not just UK needs to really check the friends dem you keep because you don’t know who truly is for you and who red eye you real talk… Check the company you keep and that’s for woman as well… Jealousy is a real ting and people will do the upmost to get rid of you… That’s why you should do your ting and keep no friends, just business and that’s it nothing more nothing less… Party away from the elements go to white people spots they listen to the same music or party at home with the family… But I also feel that if they didn’t lure him to the club like everyone claims they would of gotten him another way, so they were going to make sure the man dead… smfh… And this is the world that we live in and we are trying to raise good children in…

  9. Some off you ppl need god in your life because I don’t understand why you can’t let this man rest in piece, ppl having so much bad things to say about him,him dead now so just stop the foolishness, all one a him ugly bby madda still a argue over this man and getting kids involved so what if there’s a next big son out there and he didn’t look at there’s no reason to be writing shit about it because he’s not here and it’s not nice for the kids are you going to be getting payed for your old pictures and stupid status? Your always trying to prove yourself and you look so stupid now the man not here you tryna make ppl think you was his woman loolll you are getting laughed at because we all know you wasn’t them old pictures you keep putting up ur crazy if you was his woman why don’t you have recent pictures off you and him together? We all know the recent pics off 40 and his son is from other ppl phone so you look so stupid you need help, you can’t cuss none a him bby mothers because 40 talk out him owna mouth say you wear out him trainers wen him did go jail and all you good to do is bun weed and don’t work lmao let me not say no more because it’s not necessary but the way u a talk like him did rate you he didn’t because tings him talk bout you I’m not even going to shame you but all I can say is stop the foolishness and leave the man let him rest in piece and stop tell lie man. Rip mi general

  10. Samjody why are you on 40 bby mother Facebook a write like you and her is fren? So if you both frens why did you and 40 use to f**k? Lmao i bet you didnt tell her that part ppl like you are wicked to be even commenting and liking the foolishness she puts up when you use to f**k the man please don’t let me talk Di tings dem kmt

  11. What is wrong with these people why are you all arguing over this man and him dead I’m confused? 40 is my friend and I know he was not in a relationship with none off his children mothers because he had his woman. Now him dead all these ppl a tell lie. life is so messed up I tell you

  12. Yh me believe say him part a it. True him love chat the man to ppl. Now him a Gwarn lickle boasy ya now. Bruk pocket man

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