Errice please go and take off the Likkle piece a batty rider shorts and go teach (Edited)… it’s way too early to be thotting and bopping….the entire world know you not going anywhere you just put on clothes fi tek picture…. from we see you start offer promotion we know u av a lot of free times on your hands.. from we hear ur little voice in the kartel song produce by good good productions we nuh see nothing more… are you zum still together because based off your recent posts it lead us to believe you guys are not…but anywho … you are a MOM now ….ppl don’t want to see u half naked over the gram anymore leave that to Rush Shanzi and Kadzi the younger generation…You look thirsty for attention…


  1. We love you Errice in all ur sexiness glory,u know what they say …if u got it,flaunt it! :kimpoi :peluk :alay

  2. Of course we still want to see her. She still hot. Body up deh.
    Stop trying to bully the woman because all though her looks look like she would be stush and bitchy- she is sweet and minds her own business hop offf har big batty.

    The promo is free btw as she stated. If I had her followers, that caan free. so her heart is in a good place. GTFOH

  3. I said the same thing when I saw the picture. She really go put on clothes and do full makeup just to take a picture and throw wud? Bout gal smell like earring back? Errice you bored or post partum a tek you?

    These girls will never learn. No matter how your body shape you will still get bun and disrespect and get lef. You shape so fat and fluffy a man will leave you for a gal weh mawga like thread.

  4. I like Errice. And if she’s doing promotions then I’m sure she is getting paid. Mek she live nuh ….lawd. I do believe that she’s talented and if she puts her mind, energy and soul into designing outfits and making them…..then I think she will go far. Everything takes practice …..but if she doesn’t practice she won’t get to the level she has the potential to be at. She needs to take it more seriously and she will definitely succeed and go far. Errice….. I’m rooting for you. You go gurl with yo’ bad self. Sexy nuh brutt (ina mi drunken old man voice)
    :2thumbup :2thumbup

  5. Sender please to leave Errice alone, mi neva hear seh she trouble nobady. And even if she did lowe har cause she does no wrong in my eyes. Go through mi gal, body look damn good 10 outta 10.

  6. Sender sym bout nobodi nuh want see Erice, If yuh nuh want see har guh wash yuh face wid acid, mi love si Erice more than all the lickle handicap looking gal dem weh yuh tag, how thirsty come een? Does having a child age yuh? Is she not still a young girl? Go sym again sender mi hate yuh like how yuh hate Erice.

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