1. The web should ban u fi life from typing!

      “Captain Coco bread” is a rass missile of an insult :hammer :sup2: :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  1. Mi waah bruk a fight wid who eva siddung and sew dis costume. Unnu really igle eno look pon this big grey tone man a try be super hero and cant even save 2 shilling fi him coaster bus a pickney much less save smaddy else. Ele u either gi we some new tune, rent out couple a d dawg dem or put 2 car pon d road but u see this magglin ting weh u a try come wid no iyah. No mi serious no bredda NO. See Round Head a get conscious and a tun philosopher and a find himself tek a page mi bredda but the buffoonery stop when u reach certain age. Kmrt

  2. Ah boy, a yesterday me Yankee co-worker show me this. All I coulda seh is Ele is like little Wayne. You not sure what he will wear at any given time. I want to know if the Anaconda nah squeeze up inna the right pants.?

  3. Mi sey di man outfit tight su till. Wen him try go up on the speaker n couldnt reach due to how the outfit tight. Di man look like a fish a swim.

  4. Wid all dem contraptions deh dis must be him escape outfit fi escape him child support payments.

  5. English class second form, and mi still nuh done read dat book all now. I wonder if schools still use it.

    I actually like di costume.

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